Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 13

The next day, however, Harry barely grinned once. Things started to go downhill from breakfast in the Great Hall.

The four longhouse tables were laden with tureens of porridge, plates of kippers, mountains of toast, and dishes of eggs and bacon, beneath the enchanted ceiling.

Today is a dull, cloudy day.

Harry and Ron sat down at the Gryffindor table next to Hermione, who had her copy of Voyages with Vampires propped open against a milk jug.

There was a slight stiffness in the way she said "Morning," which told Harry that she was still disapproving of the way they had arrived.

Key, Li, Makai, Qin, and Keni are eating a veggie breakfast.

Almond, Amija, Toni, Ishador, Shadow, Mountain, Midnight, and Flare are eating and talking.

Liza, Syria, Betty, Amy, and Devin are eating veggie breakfast as well separately from their own houses along with Key, Keni, Makai, Li, and Qin.

Alden is reading, while eating his veggie breakfast.

Neville Longbottom, on the other hand, greeted them cheerfully. Neville was a round-faced and accident-prone boy with the worst memory of anyone Harry had ever met.

"Mail's due any minute - I think Gran's sending a few things I forgot", said Neville.

Harry had only just started his porridge when, sure enough, there was a rushing sound overhead and a hundred or so owls streamed in, circling the hall and dropping letters and packages into the chattering crowd.

Toni sits down by Key.

"Well, how does it feel to be back?" Toni asks Key.

"It's okay, but I feel nervous", Key answers Toni's question.

"What is making you so nervous?" asked Toni.

"Easy, my vision of love, what happened that made Makai and I teleport here breaking the rules in-between and last about the fact that I didn't visit that place to find out more about my parents' whereabouts", Key pointed out.

"Well, I can solve one of those worries", said Toni, then whistled.

Keni appears with Betty, Li, Qin, and Devin.

"What's up?" asked Keni.

"Do you have the map?" asked Toni.

Keni gets the rolled map from her pocket.

"Great, Betty, how's your time spell?" Toni asks Betty.

Red aura comes from Betty and time along the people and objects around them froze except Keni, Li, Qin, Devin, Key, Makai, Toni, and Betty herself.

"No way!" Key gasped.

"Surprise!" Betty smiles.

"No time for that, let's go on our adventure, since we have plenty of time before the spell wears off", said Toni.

"Ready, Key?" asked Makai.

"Yup", said Key.

Makai teleports them all away.

They land in Qia Village.

Toni makes a key appear.

"The author we met in Danger Patt, told us that this place, Qia Village, was the last place they were before they entered another pocket dimension", said Li.

"Wasn't that place haunted?" asked Makai, looking nervous, while in Key's arms.

"That was just a rumor, the place was just abandoned, no ghosts, plus in Hogwarts would be among the ghosts all the time; so why are we scared", Toni pointed out.

"That is a good point, I never thought about that before", said Makai.

"Anyway, let's go", said Keni, holding a map.

"So, this place is 100% good?" asked Key.

Everybody shakes their heads.

"I'm afraid to ask, but what is there instead?" asked Makai, behind Key.

"There is a curse that summons a person's worst fear and if you can't face it, you will die, so the longer you take to face it, the quickly, your body weakens", said Li.

"That's worse", said Makai, back in Key's arms.

"Did you say that if we don't face our fears we die?" asked Key, looking nervous.

"Yup, but don't worry, we will all help you", said Betty.

"But, what about your fears?" asked Makai.

"I'm afraid of sharkkiers. It's a mix of a shark and bear with bee features", Betty admitted.

"That sounds freaky", said Key.

"I'm afraid of being alone", Makai admitted.

"I'm afraid of two things, losing all of you including my cousin Harry and never finding my parents", said Key.

Makai holds Key's hands and says "You will never lose us and we will help you find your parents, right everybody?"

"Of course", said The rest of the group.

"I'm afraid of being alone as well", said Toni.

"I think we are all afraid of being alone", said Li.

"I definitely am", said Qin.

A purple aura spreads around them.

"What's going on?" asked Makai, looking afraid.

"The magic around us, must sense our magic", said Keni.

The purple aura made a star splitting up the gang.

"Saw that happening", said Betty, then tried to fly away.

The purple aura pushed Betty back.

"Don't worry, we will be able to be reunited", said Toni.

"Okay", said The others.

Keni faced a person made of purple aura that was wearing a hood.

"You aren't cut out for being a leader", said the hooded figure.

"You think so", said Keni, as she slowly put her hands on the ground, while her eyes glows.

Blue aura comes from Keni's hands and runs to the hooded figure.

"I don't need to be a leader, I need to be a friend", said Keni, as she jumps in the air and releases her power.

The hooded figure gets destroyed.

Keni smiles.

Betty is running away from sharkkiers and is screaming.

"How can you be smart, but so naive?" echoed the shakkiers.

"Hey! I will have you know I am not naive", said Betty, looking angry.

"Then, why do you act fake around your friends, what are you afraid of?" asked the sharkkiers.

"Well, right now, you", said Betty, then her wings stopped flapping and fell down.

"Tell the truth, face your fear", said the sharkkiers.

"Alright, I'm afraid of my friends hating me", said Betty, as she got up and tears fell down from her eyes. "But, I don't need to be anymore".

Betty's tears turn into balls of energy and blasts the sharkkiers.

The Sharkkiers disappear.

Betty flies off.

Makai is walking around, looking nervous.

"Look at you, you are all alone", said A voice.

"Who said that? Come out!" asked Makai, trying to look brave, but she was shaking.

A mirror appears.

"A mirror?" Makai questioned.

"You aren't just afraid of being alone", the voice echoes from the mirror.

The mirror shows Key in a green mist and the Weasleys on the other side of the mirror.

"You are afraid that they don't really love you and they only pity you", said the voice. "I see the doubt in your eyes.

"It's true, I am afraid, after all who wouldn't be", Makai admitted. "But".

Makai has flashes of her friends hugging her, the visions she had with Makai, and the Weasleys making her apart of the family.

"But, I know I have no reason to doubt after all, they do love me, my friends, my new family", said Makai, then blushes."And Key".

The mirror breaks and the glass disappears.

Makai runs off and says "Key, I'm coming".

Key is surrounded by green mist, seeing Harry dead.

"It's not real, don't let my fear get to me", Key tells herself, and tries to run away.

Then, a poster appeared in front of saying her parents were never found and presumed dead.

"I'm not falling for it", said Key, then turned away.

Key sees a person in the cloak.

"You won't be able to save him", said The person.

"You're wrong, I will, I will never let anybody harm him", said Key.

"But if you are protecting him, what about your parents?" The person asked Key.

"You're right, I promised Harry that I would let him handle his own problems", said Key.

"You quiver because you know he will get in trouble", said the person.

"I do worry", said Key. "But, I know at the same time that he can handle his own problems and while I give him that freedom I will find my parents, so I have nothing to worry about".

"What about your feelings for her?" The person asks Key.

"She's just a friend", Key blushes.

"Are you sure?" The person asks Key.

"Well, I do have to be honest and face my feelings, I do care about her and maybe want to get into a relationship with her, but now I don't feel I'm ready to be in a relationship", Key admitted.

The person smiles and says "You truly are their daughter".

Key looked surprised, and says "So, my parents were here, that's great".

"So, they were right, you were going to come here", said The person. "I must send you this message 'Good job, getting this far, we can't meet each other yet it's much too dangerous, but we will send more clues. So, we can meet', that's it".

Tears start to come down Key's eyes and The person disappears.

Devin is being surrounded by people in the cloaks.

"What do you want? I know I won't live to my parents rep", said Devin.

"Do you truly believe that because you are just like them?" the cloaked person.

"No, I am not, I'm different", said Devin.

"Just because you are friends with a Gryffindor, that doesn't make a difference", said the cloaked person.

"That's not why I'm different, I'm different because I care about somebody, they may be my parents; but they don't care about me", said Devin.

Two cloaked people are revealed as Devin's parents.

"You finally said it", said Devin's mom.

"We knew something was wrong", said Devin's other mom.

"So, you admit it", said Devin.

"Yes, we do acknowledge you only a little, and we are sorry", said Devin's mom.

"I forgive you a little", said Devin.

"At least you forgive us, even if it's a little", said Devin's other mom.

The cloaked people mostly disappear except one.

"Those two, do have your parent's soul, just if you are wondering", said the last cloaked person.

"Oh well, I better find your friend", said Devin, then walks off.

The last cloaked person disappeared.

Li and Qin are alone on separate paths.

"You depend too much on your sibling", said The cloaked person to both Li and Qin.

"That may be true, but we work better together", said Li.

"We stick together like glue", said Qin.

"You can't stay together forever", said the cloaked person.

"I beg to differ, after all our blood and magic bind us, even if we are apart", said Li and Qin.

"You two are formidable", said The cloaked person.

"We are along with our friends", said Li and Qin.

"I guess, you are right", said The cloaked person.

The cloaked person disappeared along with the paths.

Li and Qin are reunited, then hug, and walk together.

Toni is walking around as a dark figure passes by.

"Come out, you coward", said Toni.

"Says the girl that seems to be crawling with the most fear", said The cloaked figure.

"Well, maybe I am a bit jumpy, but that's because this place could kill me", said Toni.

"Is that all?" The cloaked person asks Toni.

"Maybe I do feel I don't belong to Keni's little group", Toni admitted.

"You think so, why aren't you a fae, after all?" said The cloaked person.

"I may be, but each one of them is a special kind of fae", said Toni.

"But, you are special too", said the voice of a person behind Toni. "Which is why she fell in love with you".

"That is true", said Toni, then puts her hands on her heart.

The cloaked person disappeared.

Soon, they all reunited.

"So, how did it go?" Li asks everybody.

"Well, we are all here, so it seems we survived", said Devin.

"Key, were you crying?" Toni asks Key.

Makai hugs Key.

"One of the cloaked people had met my parents and I got a message about me coming here, my parents knew I would come, they said it's too dangerous for us to meet; so they will only leave clues", replied Key, looking sad.

"So, we didn't come for nothing", said Qin.

"Of course not, since you survived", said a mysterious person.

This mysterious person has long curly brown hair in a ponytail, brown skin, wearing a red dress and heels.

This person's name is Jayla Hunter.

"Hi, I'm Jayla Hunter, an author and only person that lives here", said Jayla.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Betty", said Betty.

"I'm Toni", said Toni, while shaking Jayla's hand and walks off.

"I'm Li", said Li, while shaking Jayla's hand.

"And I'm Qin", said Qin, while shaking Jayla's hand.

"I'm Keni", said Keni, while she shakes hands with Jayla.

"I'm Devin", said Devin, while standing by Key.

"I'm Makai", said Makai, while holding onto Key.

"And I'm guessing you are Key", said Jayla, while looking at Key.

Key looks at Jayla, then walks up to her, and says "So, by the article you know about pocket dimension".

"I do, and I did see your parents, which completely shocked me because I had believed they were gone like everybody else, but I should've known better", said Jayla.

"So, did they leave more hints or clues that could explain the message I got?" Key asks Jayla, looking interested.

"Oh, yes", said Jayla, then gives Key a box. "Don't open that unless it is absolutely necessary because that thing has lots of power, it would attract a bunch of dark magic users".

"I understand, so when can I open it?" Key asks Jayla.

"Because it is so powerful, you are only able to open it, when it is most important", said Jayla.

"Okay, so like if finding them is the only option to get us out of trouble?" Qin asks Jayla.

"Similar and if you are about to lose hope", said Jayla, while looking deeply at Key. "Will that time ever come?"

"Never, not now or ever", said Key, looking determined.

"Then, it will probably be only opened when you are in danger ", said Jayla, "Hold on to it with your life".

"I will", said Key. "And thank you".

"Of course, I love your parents and I see you have their good qualities and have good friends", said Jayla.

Key's friends smile.

"We should go", said Li.

"Oh, bye", said Key.

"Thank you for helping", said Makai.

All of them disappear and teleports back to Hogwarts in the dining room.