Harry, Key, and the Mystery of the Chamber of secrets

Chapter 18

Toni, Betty, Keni, Syria, and Makai sees a mysterious person named Amy.

"You are safe", said Makai, while hugging Amy.

"Of course, I am a fae, and I'm not the only one", said Amy.

Among the people in the robes, Devin, Lin, and Qin are revealed.

"Oh thank goodness", said Syria.

Makai look around and looks concerned.

Betty flies around and looks concerned.

"Where's Key?" Toni wondered.

"Ah! That fae that has a mysterious aura", said Zaleria.

"Where's our friend?" Makai asks, sounding concerned.

"Easy, Key is fine, but they may have locked in her up", said Amy.

"What? How is that fine?" Makai panicked.

"Don't worry, we only tested her magical abilities and we have figured out she is a seer which is a plague among us", said Zaleria.

"Please, she is completely harmless", said Qin.

"Yeah, she is just an ordinary fae", said Lin.

"Ah, friendship that will lead you down a fool's path", said Zaleria.

"Careful, Zaleria, I will let you know that friend of ours has saved us and all of Hogwarts", said Tomi.

The faes start chatting amongst each other.

"Hogwarts isn't the best place to judge because they brought many enemies that have attacked us", said Zaleria.

"Wait, I thought they didn't attack until our parents' time", Betty analyzed.

"You see in this world is enchanted outside of the timeline", said Zaleria.

"Okay, if I wasn't concerned about my friend, I would be impressed", said Makai. "Take me to Key".

Zaleria looks at Makai and says "You are the other seer connected to that first seer".

"Then what happens now", said Makai.

"Young love, a beautiful thing, and you are half fae; if you can free her, then she is truly pure, but if you don't she will be stuck here and we will send you back into your timeline", Zaleria decided.

"But, Zaleria, we can't do that, that will disrupt time", said Maddock. "Also, we will seize to exist".

"You are right, fine, I'll take you to her", said Zaleria.

Zaleria walks through a path of a red brick road.

Betty, Syria, Toni, Makai, Devin, Li, Qin, and Keni follow Zaleria.

On the road, there are roses with spikes, crows, and howls are heard.

"This place is really spooky", said Syria.

"Remember no fear", said Zaleria.

"Right", said Syria, looking brave.

(They all hide their fear, while walking)

"So, how did you come up with this place?" Li asks Zaleria.

"Easy, us faes want to protect ourselves and we also care for muggles unlike those witches and wizards", said Zaleria.

"Hey, I take offense to that", said Syria.

"Sorry, young witch, but your kind are not the best track record. You hide, lie, and have hurt muggles", Zaleria tells Syria.

Syria went silent as she thought about ancient times.

In a dark area in the grass, there is a giant triangle in the grass.

"Hang on", said Zaleria.

Zaleria stands on the triangle and says "Qua tri requel vada".

The triangle glows and parts of the ground open.

Key is lying in a cage unconscious.

"Key!" Everyone gasps and runs.

"She can't hear you", said Zaleria.

"You said she is alright", said Keni, angry.

"She is, you must give her magic and she will wake up", said Zaleria.

Syria, Amy, Li, Qin, Devin, Betty, Toni, Keni and Makai give out magical aura and says "Qua La La".

Key glows, then gets up and gasps.

"Key, you are awake", said Makai.

"Makai, Betty, Syria, Devin, Qin, Li, Toni, Keni, and Amy, it's good to see all of you", said Key.

Makai looks at Zaleria.

"You can try", said Zaleria.

"DestructQua", said Makai, then a destructive blast comes out and destroys the cage.

Makai runs to Key and hugs her.

"Girl, girl, It's okay, I am alright", said Key, while Makai is hugging her tightly.

"Seriously, have they never started dating?" Zaleria whispers to Keni.

"Nope, but a vision did foretold that", Keni whispers.

"Fascinating", Zaleria whispers.

Key moves off Makai and says "So, did you see all the other places?"

Everybody else nodded.

"Great", said Key. "And".

"Let me tell you it was enchanting beauty, UnaYan was", said Li.

"I loved it and we met so many fascinating creatures and people", said Qin.

"That's amazing", said Key, smiling. "Seeing this place makes me more in tuned with my heritage".

"I agree, I'm only half fae so I never realize how much of its history is truly amazing", said Makai, while smiling at Key.

"And even if I'm only a witch and even I can tell this is a place, the places we visit is a part of history, a part of history that I am glad that I got to know about", said Syria.

"Such a heartwarming moment, fine a deal is a deal", said Zaleria.

Everybody else turn around to look at Zaleria.

"You have proven you are all pure hearted, so", said Zaleria, then flies into the air.

In the air, Zaleria says "Tequa".

A portal opens.

"Thank you", said Makai.

"Just stay true to each young faes and witch, and live long lives; represent your ancestors", said Zaleria.

Everybody walks into the portal one by one.

"It was nice to visit this place", said Key.

The portal immediately closes as the last person Key goes.

The portal makes Syria, Key, Makai, Betty, Devin, Toni, Keni, Li, Qin, and Amy land in the library through the book.

The book evaporates.

Key gasped as she sees the book turned to dust.

"It turned to dust", said Makai, in disbelief.

"Wow, I mean I thought something weird and magical would happen, but that was different from what I was expecting", said Devin.

"I agree, though I heard some books are so ancient and hold many secrets that after you read them it erases itself from existence", said Toni. "But, I thought they were exaggerating".

"Well, it seems not, sorry Key", said Keni, then puts her hand on Key's shoulder.

"It's okay, after all I still remember everything, in fact how much do you remember when you went to the other worlds?" said Key, as she feels an idea rising in her head.

"Yeah", said Everybody else.

"Quickly, cast the paint spell", said Key. "Mixed with the memory spell".

"Got it", said Everyone else.

"We better hurry before time starts up again", said Makai.

"I will never get used that", said Syria.

"You won't have to, my pocket dimension spells can't be used that many times in this timeline or by anybody else in this timeline for long", said Makai.

"You mean you didn't teach us that spell from a regular magical textbook?" Li questioned, looking shocked and worried.

"Yeah, now let's hurry", said Makai.

Everybody held hands and balls of energy spread around.

In the balls are memories of everything they saw in the other worlds the faes used to live in.

The balls of energy connect, they becomes pages of a book with pictures as well as words, the pages gather together become a textbook with a brown cover and the title "The great worlds of Faes".

Everybody looked amazed.

"Key look, it's the book you have asked for", said Makai, looking amazed.

"And it was made by our memories", said Betty, looking at it with glittery eyes and flying.

"Truly one of kind", said Toni.

"Which is why, Key should have it", said Keni.

"But, it was made with all your memories, not just mine", said Key, feeling guilty.

"Yeah, but this was your idea except the part about us getting stuck into the world of the past, that happened completely by accident", said Qin.

"Yeah, should we tell anybody about this?" Li wonders.

"Nah", said Everyone.

"But, I have to at least tell Harry, he'll find it bonkers, heck I find it bonkers", said Key.

Key was about to run off, when Makai stopped her, and says "Key, wait when they captured you what happened?"

"They went through my memories to see what could be the origin of being a seer, but it was incomplete because of their scanning I saw another vision", said Key.

"A vision without Makai, but how I thought you had to together", said Syria.

"I thought that too, but I don't know it must've been protecting me because it was more like a magical spell since all I saw was white, pure white and a bridge", said Key, looking slightly terrified and confused.

"Anything else?" Toni asked, feeling like Key is leaving something out.

"No, can I leave?" Key asks Makai, waiting for her to let go.

"Okay", said Makai, letting go of Key's arm.

"Thanks", said Key, then goes off.

"Something was bothering her", Syria noticed.

"Definitely", said Devin.

"Why didn't she tell us?" Betty wondered.

"She didn't want to burden us", said Makai.

Everybody else turns to Makai.

"Whatever she saw had her heart, sweating all over, and crying, all mixed into one", said Makai.

"But, what could be so bad?" Li wondered.

Then, Li and everybody else realizes what this vision could be about.