• Lelouch vs Giovanni

    Lelouch accidentally transports himself into a crossover with Pokemon. He teams with Ash to bring down Giovanni.

  • At The Movies With Joker And Penguin

    When Joker and Penguin decide to become film reviewers, Batman and Catwoman work together to stop them.

  • The Mistakes Of The Caribbean

    Henry Turner has a crush on Carina, but he's very awkward and cowardly. Because of that, Will hires Jack Sparrow to give his son advice on how to impress Carina.

  • The Hero That Everybody In Gotham Can Depend On

    Bruce Wayne wants to save Gotham's orphans, by building an orphanage. However, an evil gentleman wants to stop that from happening, so Batman gets some help, from Catwoman and Two-Face.

  • The Truth Comes Out

    Komari is about to go away to college, so Hotaru finally tells her that she loves her.

  • Crush Trouble

    Discord has had trouble impressing Fluttershy, so he goes to Twilight Sparkle for help. However, unexpected feelings start developing between Twilight and Discord.

  • Can A Couple Of Bats Outsmart A Penguin?

    The Penguin starts to suspect that Bruce Wayne is Batman and Barbara Gordon is Batgirl, so Batman and Batgirl will have to challenge his intelligence.

  • Harry Potter's Wedding

    Harry's planning on getting married to Luna. However, Ron decides to sabotage the wedding.

  • The Vampires Of Hogwarts

    Selene tries to protect Hogwarts from Viktor's master plan. Meanwhile, Hermione tries to remind Harry and Ron about the magic of Hogwarts.

  • The New Master Of Castle Grayskull

    Evil-Lyn comes up with a plan that allows Skeletor to pose a bigger threat to Eternia than ever before. Due to defeating Skeletor hundreds of times, He-Man fails to prepare for the danger that awaits him.

  • Does Lelouch Have The Power?

    Skeletor finds the universe's most powerful amulet and uses it to defeat He-Man. Will Lelouch be able to stop Skeletor and save He-Man?

  • The Fairy Tail Guild's Prom

    Makarov announces that the guild is having a major prom. Jellal is Erza's one and only choice to be her prom date. Juvia feels the same way about Gray, although Gray's not sure. Meanwhile, both Natsu and Loke want to be Lucy's prom date.

  • From Gotham To Hogwarts

    Batman tries to save the students of Hogwarts from the new Professor of the Dark Arts. Meanwhile, Hermione gets a new best friend.

  • Don't Embarrass Batman

    Deep down, Batman cares about Batgirl, but he's been hiding his true feelings. It's up to Batman and Batgirl to stop Mr. Freeze.

  • Lelouch vs Cassandra

    Lelouch Lamperouge is tricked into battling Cassandra Pentaghast.

  • Lelouch Visting Gotham

    Lelouch and C. C. take a trip to Gotham. While there, they see the Joker, Penguin and Riddler attempting to rob a bank.

  • Lelouch's New Mentor

    Lelouch feels his life needs guidance, so he plans on getting a new advisor. However, he ends up getting a shady mentor.

  • Super Trouble

    As if things hadn't been hard enough for Supergirl, Winn takes Superman's superpowers.

  • Twilight's Birthday

    Twilight Sparkle's boyfriend, Discord helps Twilight's friends get ready for Twilight's birthday party.

  • Genuine Love Beats The Most Expensive Presents

    Nina and Forte have a Valentine's Day date, but Forte's worried about not having enough money.