• Trixie's Great And Powerful Birthday

    When it comes to birthday parties, there's a lot that Trixie wants. Thankfully, Starlight Glimmer is there to make her party feel special.

  • The Great And Powerful Bond Of Trixie And Starlight Glimmer

    Trixie is quick to judge her new classmate, Starlight Glimmer. However, Starlight proves herself to be the type of person that Trixie likes. In fact, a magical bond quickly grows between the two of them.

  • Hermione Meets Grindelwald

    Grindelwald comes to Hogwarts, so Hermione tries to protect the place from his wrath.

  • A World Hermione Could Never Understand

    Hermione was hoping for a nice, pleasant day, but her classmates give her a chaotic day.

  • The Mistakes Of Love

    Hinata thinks that she heard Naruto saying that he loves her, so she says that she loves him. However, things aren't so simple.

  • A New Relationship

    Ayano used to consider Kyoko her rival. Now that school's over, Ayano sees Kyoko as something else.

  • Natsuki's Caribbean Adventure

    Natsuki tries to save the Caribbean from a money-loving crook.

  • The Prank That Endangered Sonic

    Sonic has played a prank on Dr. Eggman, so Dr. Eggman decides to play a prank of his own. When the prank hurts Sonic, he comes to Blaze for help.

  • The Real Natsuki

    Natsuki's a tough, but shy person who often hides her true feelings. However, her anger towards her enemies and her love for Shizuru start becoming clearer.

  • Trying To Be Friends

    Maon's a kind, shy girl who has trouble socializing. She attempts to befriend a group of girls, but she fears that it won't be so easy.

  • Fantastic Star And Where To Find Her

    Grindelwald finds out about Star Butterfly's wand and decides to try to find it.

  • Star's Birthday

    Star's birthday is coming up, but most of her family and friends don't seem to notice and her enemies want to steal her wand.

  • Who Batman Really Is

    Carmine Falcone gets out of prison and wants to get rid of Batman. His scheme involves a situation where Batman will have to tell Catwoman who he really is.

  • Princess, Will You Be My Valentine?

    Kuroyukihime gets a special valentine from someone who has the biggest crush on her.

  • Star vs the Forces of Dr Claw

    Toffee hires Dr. Claw to steal Star Butterfly's wand. Star and Marco team up with Inspector Gadget to get the wand back.

  • Natsuki, Put That Frown Away And Give Me A Smile

    Natsuki has a crummy day that involves her car getting stolen. However, Shizuru is determined, to bring happiness to Natsuki's day. Will she be able to accomplish that?

  • Natsuki And Shizuru's Eternal Love

    People judge Natsuki and Shizuru, but nobody can stop Natsuki and Shizuru from being together.

  • It's Time For Squid Girl To Be Important

    Squid Girl starts feeling like she's not a good protector of the ocean, but the ocean has a big problem that requires her help.

  • The Girl Who Was Kicked Out Of Your Amazing World

    Rachel Wilson was a normal classmate of Gumball and Darwin, before her family abandoned her. Rachel has to move to a new home, while Gumball gets the sense that one of his classmates is gone. Rob (Dr. Wrecker) has plans for Rachel, in order to get revenge.

  • Gotham's New Ruler

    Ra's al Ghul has trapped Batman and has freed Arkham Asylum's inmates. He is promising that whichever criminals wins a fighting contest will be receiving Batman, along with the city. Talia enters the contest and forms an alliance with the other female villains.