• Mad, Sick Alice

    Princess Alice hasn't been feeling well, but she gets a special visit from some old friends.

  • Lelouch's Destiny Date

    Lelouch has been feeling a little lonely, so he asks Kallen out. They go to a restaurant, that a lonely woman, named C. C., is also at.

  • Two Thumbs Up For Hermione

    Hermione Granger is put in charge of supervising and judging short films that were made by their classmates. She is worried about losing her friendship with Harry and Ron, if they fail the assignment.

  • It's Time For Our Reunion Bruce Wayne AKA Batman

    On the night Bruce Wayne lost his parents, a young girl also lost her parents. The two kids form a quick bond, before being separated for several years. As time goes on, Bruce Wayne becomes the Batman. His identity is a secret, but his childhood friend can tell who he really is.

  • Hermione's Reaction And Review

    Hermione Granger is smart enough to notice the flaws of her classmates and teachers. She used to be afraid of giving them advice, in order to avoid seeming like Ms. Know It All, but she can tell that her advice is needed.

  • The Two-Sided Woman

    Karen Cent is a supermodel. Due to forming a rivalry with the wrong person, Karen ends up losing her career and her face gets damaged. She becomes a female version of Two-Face.

  • Crazy Trouble Or Crazy Fun?

    Star and Janna accidentally get Marco in trouble. Meanwhile, Ludo wants the wand.

  • Lelouch: The World's Most Clumsy Gentleman

    Lelouch tries to be a heroic gentleman to C. C. However, his immaturity and lack of carefulness get in the way, making him question if he's a hopeless case.

  • Rarity And Rouge's Makeover

    Rarity has big plans for her evening, but the chaos of friendship gets in the way.

  • The True Hero Of The City

    Natsuki's life is often far from easy, but she is eager to be a hero for her girlfriend, Shizuru, and her city.

  • The Flaws Of Geass

    Lelouch has the power of geass, but that doesn't mean that the power always works. The side effects lead to unexpected results.

  • C C, It's Time We Tie the Knot

    Lelouch tells C. C. that he wants to tie the knot with her. C. C. is excited about this, but things aren't so simple.

  • Twilight Sparkle And Discord, The Duo Of Magical Chaos

    When Twilight Sparkle needs someone to spend time with, Discord shows up. To Twilight's surprise, she starts enjoying having Discord around.

  • The Joker's Hero

    Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn have hired Anarky to get rid of the Joker, so it's up to Batman to save him.

  • Zero's Secret Identity

    Zero doesn't want people to find out that he's Lelouch Lamperouge. Diethard is trying to figure out who Zero is, so Lelouch will need C. C.'s help.

  • Trixie And Starlight: Besties Are Magic

    Trixie leads an eccentric lifestyle that can be hard to deal with, but her bestie, Starlight Glimmer is there to help her with everything she needs.

  • Star's Play Date

    Star and Janna are planning on going on a date. Ludo wants to get Star Butterfly's wand, so he hangs out with them.

  • The Princess Of Puzzlers

    An obsessive Batman fangirl tries to get Batman's attention by becoming the Riddler, the princess of puzzlers.

  • Not The Same Old Joker

    The Joker tries to do a new master plan, but an unexpected detour messes up his criminal mind.

  • Lelouch And C C's Wedding

    Lelouch decides that the time has finally come for him to propose to the love of his life.