• Perfectly Perfect in Every Way

    In which George is shocked to discover that Cedric Diggory, on top of being beautiful and good at Quidditch and smart and kind, might even be funny. Merlin help him. Oneshot.

  • On Borrowed Time and Borrowing More

    With a marital contract to Lucius Malfoy looming over Andromeda's horizon, she and Ted are going to have to get more creative than ever to stretch out the borrowed time on which they've built their relationship.

  • In the Backyard or on the Moon

    In the rush to get married before they lose their parents, James wants to make sure that Lily has the beautiful day that she deserves. Lily has no time for his doubt and a healthy fear of her maid of honour's wrath. Oneshot.

  • That Time James Potter Flipped A Coin

    Remus and Peter are happy to laugh at Sirius for how smitten by his godson he is until they find out that they're next. Oneshot.

  • Made From Scratch

    When St. Mungo's bans werewolves from its premises during the war and Molly's most stubborn—and most pregnant—friend turns to her for help, she comes out of her retirement as a midwife. Oneshot.

  • As Much As I Could Find

    When Teddy turns eleven years old Harry, inspired by Hagrid, decides to give him something to remember his parents by—but he decides that Remus and Tonks cannot be contained in the pages of a photo album. Oneshot.

  • A Bit Late For a Visit

    Percy did not want to meet his new neighbours by starting an argument, but the fireworks at one o'clock in the morning leave him with little choice. Oneshot.

  • Gone With So Many Traces

    Salazar has been gone for months now and the Chamber of Secrets has not been found. The Founders need to seriously discuss whether or not the rumours were true after all or whether Salazar's departure was a horrible mistake. Oneshot.

  • Here Now

    Unlike Sirius, Kingsley has never been with Remus the day after a full moon but he's eager to make things better now that he is. Oneshot.

  • When the Walls Close In

    Sirius talks down an antsy and confined James long before he himself is caught between four walls. Oneshot.

  • Off to Trial

    There was no set of circumstances under which Dolores Umbridge would have been excited to go to trial, but the Auror escorting her there is not helping. Oneshot.

  • Anything To Get Through Late Nights

    In which Hermione finds herself a study partner and an endless supply of sweetness. Oneshot.

  • Recognizable Voices

    In which James' very pregnant wife finds out how old babies are when they develop hearing and puts him in charge of giving the baby something familiar to be born into. Oneshot. Deaf Lily.

  • My Skin Will Betray Us

    Horace receives an out of the ordinary question from one of his students, but perhaps Andromeda Black has an extraordinary destiny and soul. Oneshot. Soulmark!AU

  • Just Us And The Sky

    Katie Bell is a nervous mess on the morning of her first Quidditch team but the entire Gryffindor team, and her fellow Chasers especially, are too in love with her to let her go through it alone. Oneshot.

  • Who Are You When I'm Not Looking

    They've been playing at being in love since they were children, but it's getting harder and harder for Mary to get so much as a dance from him as the world darkens. Oneshot.

  • The First Step Home

    Kingsley had promised that this was a pardon hearing, not a trial, but Sirius can't quite believe that he's free.

  • How Far Can We Walk Back

    When all is said and done at the Shrieking Shack, Remus and Sirius see just how close they can get to each other before it hurts and just how far they can walk back the last decade of hurt. Oneshot.

  • Everything Perfectly Mapped

    Helga knows Salazar better than she knows herself and better than she will know anybody in this life—or at least she thinks so until rumours of a monster and a secret room start coursing through the student body. Oneshot.

  • Practise Makes Perfect

    Harry and Ron don't have dates to the Yule Ball yet, nor do they know how to dance properly, but they do have each other and an empty dormitory. Oneshot.