• Straight Through the Shadows

    While Harry has greeted death like an old friend, he finds himself at a loss when his child inexplicably starts seeing Thestrals. Oneshot.

  • Where You End And I Begin

    Sirius would grow up to tell his godson how much he looked like his father as often as he could, but it was the thing Sirius hated to hear the most about himself growing up. Any familiar resemblance was a nightmare that he did his very best to run away from, by any and all means available to him. Oneshot.

  • The First Apology

    Ron spends the summer with an apology to Remus on his lips, and it isn't because of all the chess he's beating him at. Oneshot.

  • What The Foundling Found

    When Lily Luna Potter is six years old, a bowtruckle falls from a tree and into her arms. The bowtruckle recognizes Lily as a friend, but Ollivander thinks there may be more to this friendship than the young girl thinks. Oneshot.

  • If We Could Run

    As an Auror, Kingsley Shacklebolt is steady and level-headed and practical. But in Sirius Black's bed, he's a different man. Oneshot.

  • The Glass Between Us Is Cold

    For the first time since her husband went to Azkaban, Kendra has managed to find childcare and visit him. Oneshot.

  • Made New For You

    The best revenge, Kingsley thinks as he watches Sirius tear down the old house brick by brick, is being happy. Oneshot.

  • The Kindest Smile

    In which Hermione is about to do something rash to fix her teeth after Malfoy hexed her, but an unlikely (and surprisingly pretty) hero saves her in the bathroom. Oneshot.

  • Alternative Ways to Celebrate Yule

    Draco worries when his son choses not to stay at the castle for the Yule Ball, but finds that there's nothing to worry about on a snowy day. Oneshot. Acephobes not welcome.

  • As The Kite Flies

    It has been over a year since Lily's husband died protecting her son from Voldemort, and in a cold meadow she finally manages her living tribute to him. Oneshot. Lily Lives!AU

  • All I Want I Want For You

    Lily Evans Potter is a very organized woman. It's no real surprise that when she finds out about the baby she'll bring into a war-torn world, she makes a list that will transcend time and prophecies. Oneshot.

  • Stupid Doesn't Break Family

    This is by far the worst thing Sirius has ever done and ever will do. He does not expect a hug. Oneshot.

  • Graduation Gifts

    To celebrate Dean's graduation from art school, Seamus got him a canvas that was immediately put to use. Little did he know that Dean got him something too. Oneshot.

  • While In Gretna Green

    The stars are bright, the location is perfect, and Dora is saying all the right things to ease him into forever. Oneshot.

  • Five Times Bellatrix Lestrange Tried to Kill Nymphadora Tonks

    And the one time she did. Oneshot.

  • Make Believe No More

    Yes, their puppy love was cute when Teddy and Victoire were just kids—but now they're real adults who really have to figure out what they're going to do about this baby they may or may not have just made. Oneshot.

  • Like A Ghost Town

    Hermione knew what she had signed up for when she chose to return to the castle and finish her seventh year, but she had never associated being alone or all this emptiness with Hogwarts. Oneshot.

  • Early Morning Songs

    Sharing bathrooms at Grimmauld Place wouldn't be an issue at all if Tonks could just shut up and stop singing in the shower. But if she did, where would Remus learn about the newest hits? Oneshot.

  • The Day the Quiche Burnt

    In which Remus is trying hard to be a good husband and remembers to put a timer on, but Dora comes home from work sore. Oneshot.

  • A Pair of First Loves

    In which Bill feels the pressure to make Fleur's little sister love him while Gabrielle does her very best not to. Oneshot.