The Path Continues

Chapter 1

A/N: So there were many requests for a scene to be added to the end of the last story, A New Path. Well, it inspired me to write this story instead. It is indeed a sequel to, A New Path. My FIRST sequel at that. I hope you enjoy.

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Without further A-do

Three months had passed since Harry and Draco had brought down Ginny Weasley. Three months since she attempted to kill Luna just to break Harry's heart. Here it finally was. The moment they had waited for. Harry, Luna and Neville, were sitting in the seats across from behind Ginny that faced Kingsley Shackelbolt. The case was in it's final day in front of the Wizengamot, waiting for Kinglsey to pass down Ginny's sentence.

Kingsley turned to her and exhaled. "Ginerva Weasley, in regards to the charges brought against you for trading on the Wizarding Black Market, using Polyjuice Potion to impersonate an employee of the Ministry Of Magic, stalking, destruction of property, attempting to use an Unforgivable Curse and resisting arrest..." Kinglsey began.

Time suddenly slowed down for Harry. He held his breath and felt his anxiety escalate. Even Luna squeezing his hand did not help calm him down in that moment. He knew there was still the possibility that she could be found innocent due to little physical evidence and only the testimonies of those who were there. His other hand gripped the arm of his seat with a death grip as he leaned forward and waited intently for the Minister to finish.

"The Wizengamot finds you... Guilty on all charges! You are hear by sentenced to thirty years in Azkaban!" he shouted and slammed down the gavel.

Harry released his breath while Luna and Neville let out relieved sighs. Still holding Harry's hand, Luna interlocked their fingers as they stood up to leave the room. When they got to the hallway, Kingsley got their attention to follow him. He then kindly accompanied them to a side door where the Daily Prophet and other newspapers were restricted from. When they stepped outside, they also saw Draco and his noticeably pregnant wife, Astoria. Draco looked over at them and bowed his head.

Luna looked at Harry and shifted her gaze to Draco. Harry nodded before she kissed him and let go of his hand. She slowly approached Draco. She waited for Astoria to tell him that she was standing there. He turned around and stood silent and still. Luna took a breath as she took another step closer to him.

"I just wanted to thank you for helping to save my life three months ago. I never got to tell you how grateful I am."

Draco grinned, "You need not thank me. I should thank you. On that day, you gave me the greatest gift of all. You allowed me to clear my conscience of what happened to you at my parents home."

He held his hand to shake hers. Instead, to everyone's surprise, she hugged him. When it registered what she was doing, he returned her hug. Harry smiled at the sight. Seeing Luna's ability to forgive three months ago and again in the recent moment reminded him why he was in love with her. Moments later, Luna and Draco separated.

He looked as if he were about to cry when he looked at Harry and nodded. He turned with Astoria and they disappeared down the hill. Luna returned to Harry's side and he put his arm around her shoulders. He gave her a kiss before looking at Neville. They stood in a calm silence for a little bit.

"As much as I wish we could stay just a while longer, unfortunately we must return to Norway. Before having to come here, we discovered a subspecies of Thestrals that appear to be preparing for a migration," Harry told him.

Neville exhaled, "I understand. Just please don't be strangers. You're gonna be God Parents to Kelsey in three more months," Neville replied.

"Oh Neville, we'll be back for that joyous occasion. We wouldn't dream of missing it," Luna added.

Harry shook Neville's hand and Luna gave him a hug before they disapparated. They appeared at their hotel room. It didn't take them long to pack up the few belongings they brought with them during the trial. They held hands and stepped up to the tin cup that was on the dresser. They both touched it, felt the tug behind their navels and within moments, were touching down at their campsite in Norway.

Luna held Harry close to her and laid he head against his chest and let out a relieved exhale.

"I am so glad that all of that unpleasantness is over."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and took a step back so he could look into her gray eyes that reflected the early afternoon sun. She looked back up at him and smiled at Harry and wrapped her arms around his neck while his green eyes glistened. Her smiled conveyed all of the emotions she was feeling at that moment. Seeing that in her smile made Harry's heart skip. He gave her a genuine smile and looked into her eyes.

"I too am glad that's over. But you want to know what I am happier about?" he asked with a raise of his eyebrows.

Luna cocked her head to the side and turned slightly waiting for the answer.

"I'm glad that it's just you and me again. It's quite nice to be alone with you again," he answered.

Her smile broadened as they leaned into each other. Their lips came together in a moment of bliss. Their kiss became more passionate. Before either of them realized it, they were in a snogging session. Luna began to pull him towards the tent when they heard the shuffling of leaves.

Harry raised his wand and instinctively stepped in front of Luna. She had her wand at the ready. Suddenly a man stepped into their sight and raised his hands up. He was slightly taller than Harry, pale skin, brown hair, brown eyes and appeared to be just a little bit older than them. He also had a camping backpack on indicating he too was a traveler.

"Apologies. I meant not to startle the two of you," he said calmly.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Harry asked. He then noticed Luna had lowered her wand and was smiling as if she were star struck.

The man lowered his arms a little bit and leaned forward. "My name is Rolf. Rolf Scamander."