The Path Continues

Chapter 9

A/N: Yes. I suffered a terrible block on the story and regretfully neglected it for too many years. Now my muses are back in full swing so here I am. Here we are. Hopefully the action will make up for the lack of updates.

Harry returned to the camp to find Rolf facing and leaning against a tree while cursing under his breath. Rolf's present behavior and not seeing Luna unnerved him almost immediately. All of his senses put him on alert. He carefully reached for his wand and remained where he stood. It wasn't long before Rolf turned around and glared at him. Harry swore there was fire in his eyes.

"I have wanted to be with her since I met her and got to know her just mere months after she got into the field. You only wanted her around six months ago. You really do use your status to take what you want!"

Harry resisted rolling his eyes. "Then you don't know Luna at all. If you did, you would know that things like status don't matter to her. She fancies people for who they are. Not where they stand."

Rolf stepped closer with his wand clutched in his hand. "You're in no position to speak to me that way."

"You sound exactly like my ex girlfriend right now."

"She promised I would have her and that I would get you out of the way. She can't be wrong. She's proven to be a Divination expert with her ability to see the future."

Harry looked at him befuddled. "You seriously have gone to great lengths to believe you would get with Luna. She isn't interested in you. Get over it. We need your help to save our friends and their incoming children," he tried to reason.

Rolf shook his head and holstered his wand. "You know what? I'll do this myself. The muggle way!"

Before Harry could respond, he felt something impact into his jaw and stumbled back just in time to see Rolf's fist coming at him again. He felt another impact. This one against his mouth. This time he fell to the ground. He shook his head and looked up to see Rolf had holstered his wand holstered and was waiting with his fists raised and his feet squared.

Harry spit out some blood before he bared his teeth and stood up. He felt an anger he had not felt in a long time and he was ready to let it out. This man was already trying to not only get between him and Luna but was trying to steal her away. Even worse, he was trying harder and was now acting under the influence of Ginny. Harry felt all of his anger and all of his emotions built up and without thinking, he ran forward and punched Rolf in the temple. When Rolf spun back around, Harry punched him again.

As quickly as he hit the ground Harry was standing over him gripping his collar with his fist raised. Rolf just stared at him and Harry let him go.

"Forget it. You lost already and you're going to lose again. Just spare yourself any further embarrassment and get the hell out of here. Apparate and don't come back."

Harry stood up and turned to go look for Luna and realized he made a mistake. He quickly turned around to see Rolf on his feet and pointing his wand at him.

"You're wrong. Like my grandfather, I refuse to give up and I always have a backup plan," he with a very unfriendly smile. "You underestimated me Harry Potter. You should have just gotten out of my way. If you had done that, I never would have accepted Ginny Weasley's help. Now, Luna can forget she's with you."

Harry's entire body stiffened in both fear and anger. His eyes locked onto Rolf. He didn't even realize what he was doing. In a fluid motion he gripped his wand and in the blink of an eye pointed it at Rolf and shouted, "EXPELIARMUS!" Everything moved in slow motion as he watched the red flash shoot at Rolf. Then Rolf threw his arms out as he was instead hit in the chest and flung him backwards.

Rolf was surprisingly back on his feet and running at him. Harry charged back at him with a war cry. When Rolf lunged at him, Harry side stepped him and cast another spell. "STUPEFY!" The spell hit Rolf in the back. To make sure he didn't get back up this time Harry followed up with another spell. "PETRIFCUS TOTALUS!" Rolfs arms forcefully moved to his sides. With that, Harry hurried away from him and looked for Luna.

"Luna! Where are you?" he shouted

He heard rustling somewhere around him and followed it. He then heard voices and began to run. He saw a black bird again. It appeared to be a Crow or Raven. Despite how much it baffled him, he kept running. He suddenly heard Ginny's voice. Just as he got to where he heard the voices, he saw Ginny pointing a wand at his fiance. He froze in his tracks when he couldn't his wand out in time as he heard Ginny mutter the words that Rolf just told him were going to happen.