The Path Continues

Chapter 4

To answer a question I have been repeatedly asked, yes, the perspectives will go back and forth again like the last story, it has just taken a little bit to get there. Lol. Next chapter will be Luna's*

Harry was getting dressed and was slamming items into his pack due to being irritated with Rolf. He tried to tell himself that Rolf was not used to working with others outside of his own family. A family that was used to being on the go all the time, day or night. That Rolf just didn't understand the concept of boundaries with other people because of that. He hoped that reasoning would keep himself from over reacting and hexing the man.

He looked over at Luna and quickly calmed down. He looked forward to spending the rest of his life figuring out how she was able to have that affect on him. He watched her while she got dressed. She had just pulled her tanned shorts up without pulling them over her platinum blond hair. He admired how it was so long that it covered her back all the way to her waist but did not ever get in her way. He smiled and felt excitement when she put it up into bun and kept it in place with her wand. Mostly because that gave him a view of her exposed her bare back. When she looked back at him and smiled, he smiled back and raised his eyebrows to let her know he enjoyed what he was looking at.

He figured she was teasing him by not turning around to give him a better view. He saw her smile grow when she looked down seemingly to admiration. She then brought up and put on a light blue button up shirt. Once it was buttoned up to the point of her liking, Harry hurried up and got dressed himself. Once again Rolf disturbed the silence when he yelled for Luna to hurry up. Harry rolled his eyes and sighed. Luna replied, "I'll be right there Rolf," before walking over to Harry with her calm and spacy expression.

Luna wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "I'm proud of how well you're handling this Harry. I know it's hard, but it's only temporary. Don't let the Nargles and Wrackspurts come back and take over again. Just breath."

Harry sighed and wrapped his arms around her waist. "I'm trying. I didn't think he would be so demanding is all. It's a hard adjustment knowing I only get so little time with you until you're done. I despise being an Auror again and having to take orders. Temporary or not."

"I'm going to speak with him about that. He should be putting in his equal part and at least putting up protection and tracing charms. Even he could unshrink or set up the campsite himself."

"Thank you love."

She smiled and kissed him passionately before backing away to get out of the tent before Rolf could disturb them again. Once he left the tent, Luna gave him a quick peck on the lips before running to catch up with a very annoyed, Rolf Scamander. He had taken off as soon as she was out of the tent. Harry saw Rolf look back and he responded with a glare. Once they were out of site, Harry shrunk the camp and packed it up in a bag of holding that Hermione gave him. He began walking the same eastbound path they went while kicking and throwing rocks.

He began thinking about his feelings and admitted to himself that he was in fact, just being jealous of Rolf. He felt justified in his feelings because his duties required him to be present and out of the way, while they were together. While this celebrity researcher got to spend more time with his fiance than he did. He had never been so jealous when he was dating another woman. Not even Cho Chang in his fifth year. He tried figuring out a way to handle and suppress it. He knew he had to though for Luna's sake even though a part of him really didn't want to.

"For now, just let this go and let them do what they need to do. Stop being crazy and over thinking Harry. He's Luna's co-worker. He's not trying to steal her away. She wouldn't let him anyhow," he said to himself.

Suddenly another lone crow flew past him and perched on the tree above. He looked at it taken aback. It seemed to be staring at him. He shook his head and continued on. It was just a crow to him. At the same time, that crow staring at him, annoyed him. He picked up and threw a rock at it. He returned to his thoughts, once it flew away. He needed to sort himself out.

Harry got close enough that he was still down the path a ways but could clearly see Luna and Rolf. He couldn't help but get close enough to stare at his fiances backside. It kept him focused on something that wasn't his recent wave of emotions. It kept him from wondering about Rolfs intentions. He saw Luna glance back and giggle at one point. Her smiled when her giggle reminded him why he fell in love with her.

When they turned and started to trek up a hill, Harry went the opposite direction and set up camp not far off the path. Once everything was maximized, he sat down and felt like he had taken a major step back due to his feelings toward Rolf. He wondered how Hermione would handle it and wished she was there to help him. Then he decided how to go about things from here. He knew it was to be cordial with Rolf and enjoy the time he got with Luna. He would however, still be wary if Rolf was to try to come between him and Luna. If he did, then Harry would deal with the situation. If he didn't then he would apologize. For now, he needed to let them work and make best of his time that he did get with Luna. With that, he went to go find them and secure the perimeter.

Sorry it's short. Won't happen very often