The Path Continues

Chapter 6

A/N: Once again, I am sorry it's been so long since last posting. I suffered a severe case of writers block on this story. This chapter is to clear something up based on a review by Saissa. This is the set up for the rest of the events in the story.
When Luna was out of ear shot, Rolf looked at Harry after processing what he and Luna had told him about the situation with Ginny. Harry looked at him confused when Rolf shook is head. Harry held his arms out and waited for an answer.


Rolf scoffed, "You should be ashamed Mr. Potter."

"I beg your pardon?" Harry asked offended.

"The way you handled that situation with Miss Ginny Weasley, lead to you willingly bringing Luna into a situation that was clearly full of danger. For that, you should be ashamed."
"Were you listening at all Rolf? I told her to leave. She chose to stay."

"I did listen, Mr. Potter. Luna would not have shown up, had you not requested her presence in the first place. Was having her so closely involved in the Second Wizarding War not enough?"

Harry stepped closer with his shoulders tense. "Just say what it is you're getting at Rolf!"

"That's Mr. Scamander, to you. And bringing her into the dangerous situation to get her emotionally attached to you was an exceptionally nice touch. Bravo," Rolf replied with a sarcastic, slow hand clap.

"Stop stalling and say it Scamander."

Rolf leaned forward. "You do not deserve to be with Luna. She deserves someone better. Someone who won't put her in that kind of danger on several occasions. Someone who would be with her by not having manipulated her emotions and repeatedly put her in danger first."

Harry chuckled. "I guess you don't know. Luna and I are getting married. So you keep thinking that but nothing will ever come of it. You know nothing of our friendship before getting together."

Rolf turned around expressionless. Both of them stood stiff. Harry with his fists clenched and a grin on his face. Rolf stood with the corner of his mouth twitching. Whether it was in anger or amusement, Harry couldn't tell nor did he care.

"That can change. Once a different perspective is given. It's not a coincidence that I'm here Potter."

At that moment, Harry wanted to handle Rolf the muggle way, in a fist fight. The standoff was halted when Luna shouted from the campsite. "Come down here. Dinners prepared!" Harry walked to the campsite. Keeping a close eye on Rolf. When he got there, she smiled her dreamy smile, gave him a kiss and handed him his plate. He took at moment to admire and stroke her hand with his thumb. He then gave her a smile of his own and took the plate. He glanced over to see Rolf glare at him as he walked up.

Rolf quietly took his plate and kissed Luna on the cheek so he could see Harry's face turn red. They ate in silence. Luna smiled and took seconds. Harry kept glancing between her and Rolf. Rolf seemed to be lost in thought. Which made Harry nervous.

Rolf suddenly set down his plate and looked at Luna. He intentionally kept his eyes off of Harry. "Luna, I'm curious, how long have you been with Harry now?"

She smiled wide. "I don't really kept count. Time is merely numbers. I just know it's been long enough to know that I love him dearly and I very much will enjoy him being my husband."

Harry grinned when Rolf tried to hide that he grimaced. Harry discreetly put his wand in his hand and cast a curse revealing spell that Bill taught him. It would reveal to Harry any curses used in the vicinity of the area or anyone under the influence of one. Within a minute the spell showed that there were no curses in the area and that Rolf was not under any either. Though there was something that came back irregular. He wasn't sure what it was the spell picked up on. He became both frustrated and disappointed that Rolf was not under the Imperius Curse. It meant that he really was just another Gilderoy Lockhart with a dash of Lucius Malfoy. He didn't get to think any further when Rolf's next question derailed all thoughts.

"Things can change if proven enough that they should Luna. What if someone else came around and maybe caught your fancy. Would that change it for you? Say they were like natured and believed in the same things you did. Perhaps had more similar interest..."

Harry cut him off. "You mean someone like you, Rolf?"

He didn't answer right away. After a moment longer, he stammered out an answer.

"Well not me per say... perhaps a gentleman like myself."

Now Rolf's true intentions were exposed to Harry. He hoped Luna realized what Rolf was doing. She didn't get to give her answer when a Barn Owl flew passed and dropped off a letter to Harry and left. He broke the seal to read it. He became angry and walked away from the camp site. Luna quickly followed him.

He kicked a tree stump when he was a few yards away from camp. When Luna got closer, she put her hand on Harry's shoulder. He glanced back and handed her the parchment. When she read it, Harry noticed that for the first time ever, since he had met her, that she was not only upset but slightly offended. Despite how well she was hiding it. She read it out loud in disbelief the second time she read it.

"Harry Potter, it has been brought to our attention that during your assistance with the task of guarding Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander during their assignment of researching a newly discovered breed of magical creatures, that you and Miss Lovegood have been sharing a tent. Though the Minister Of Magic reinstated you as an Auror you must still abide by Auror protocol. Therefore you are not nor have you been permitted to be within the vicinity of their campsite unless requested. As of reading this you shall begin setting up your own camp and keeping a distance of no less than ten yards from Miss Lovegood and Mr. Scamander and their camp. Someone from our department will pass by to monitor and report back that you are abiding. We can ill afford to have you not following protocol nor can the Ministry ill afford to have the researcher's distracted during this assignment.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Thomas Alderman

Head Of The Department Of Magical Law Enforcement."

She looked up at him. "How would they know about that Harry? Why does it matter to them?" she asked with her voice more curious than anything else.

"They said in the letter why it matters. It's the Ministries reason. The only reason they know is because someone had to have reported it," Harry replied. "Otherwise there's no way they'd have known. There's only one other person with us who would know!"

She rubbed the back of his neck. "I know you have been having some trouble getting along with Rolf. It's hard when when Dabberblimps are in the area and nesting. It is unfair to accuse him of doing this though."

She then cupped his cheek. "For all you know, they could have come to check on us one of the times you forgot to check in and found out. You must explore the possibilities my love. Don't let the Wrackspurts allow you to think irrationally. Now come and get your things. I will help you set up your camp," she said and kissed him. "I promise, I'll do what I can to hurry up and finish this research on the Celestals so that you and I can return to doing our own research. Our way."

He took a deep breath and nodded before he kissed her. He found a spot ten yards passed Luna's campsite. Luna brought and started setting up his tent and sent him off to gather his belongings. He ignored Rolf for the most part. Until he was walking away with his backpack when Rold was smirking at him.

"Now time shall prove what I told you is right. When it happens, I'll have my chance. I have fancied and kept up on her since she discovered Binski's. I'll be able to connect with her and make it so."

Now Rolf's true intentions were exposed. Harry's suspicions about the letter were confirmed. He remained looking forward and muttered, "You won't be able to split us up Rolf. You'll have to kill me to make it happen. Then of course, that would be counterproductive to what you're trying to do. Wouldn't it?"

Rolf just looked away and Harry added, "Expected different from you Rolf. So does she. You disappoint. Must be used to it though."

He walked off with a small victorious smile. He told himself that he was not going to allow anyone, not even a celebrities relative derail his new path he had began traveling with Luna. As he got closer to his new campsite, he saw what looked as if, someone was grabbing and attacking Luna. He ran towards them as quickly as he could with his wand in his hand. When he got close enough, he stopped dead in his tracks. Luna wasn't being attacked. She was hugging whoever it was. When Harry got a better look, he realized who it was. "Neville? What are you doing here? How'd you find us?"

Neville turned around and his face showed distress and tears covered his cheeks. Luna was also crying. A cold feeling took over hi stomach. Something was not right. Something was about to be added to his list of worries. Especially sinc Neville took the time to track them down.

"Neville what's wrong?" Harry asked after Luna wrapped her arms around him crying.

Neville composed himself long enough to answer. "It's Hermione. Something happened to her."

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