The Path Continues

Chapter 10

Luna looked up and for the second time in three or four months, she was staring at the tip of Ginny's wand. Everything slowed down for a moment. Instead of feeling afraid, Luna was angry and in a defensive mode. Her eyebrows furrowed and her mind focused. She was no longer the same person she was in their last encounter a few months ago. Especially now as she knew how much she has to lose this time around. The moment she heard Ginny say, Obli-, Luna quickly grabbed and waved her wand in a Z shape and then in a circle all around herself and chanted, "Circumdate obice ad muros," just as Ginny finished saying the memory removal spell.

As quickly as Luna cast that spell, they all heard something shoot up out of the ground and it knocked Ginny backwards. Luna looked up to see a floating mark from where Ginny's spell hit. She felt around herself and both sighed in relief and smiled when she saw a glowing red aura around herself going at least six feet tall around her. She was glad that she remembered what Harry taught her that first couple of days after they bumped into each other back in Sweden when they first met back up after Harry left Ginny. Ginny was quickly to her feet and cast two more spells Luna did not hear. They hit and left black marks on the red aura. Ginny looked around angrily when Luna smirked at her again.

"My fiance has taught me some very useful protection spells. Especially this one. I have an invisible wall around me. I'm glad I learned it," she said more observantly than anything and then she looked at Ginny sadly. "I hate that you came to this Ginny. It wasn't necessary. You need to take responsibility for what you've done."

Ginny glared at her at her with fire in her eyes. "It can't save you, Looney! You're going to suffer! I'll see to it before I die or back to Azkaban!" she screamed and raised her wand again.

Luna noticed that the wand was not hers and that it could work to her advantage. Her eyes grew wide again when she realized what curse Ginny was going to try and cast on her again. She was scared because she didn't know if the walls would hold. She swore she saw a blue aura appear around the red one. All she could do was back up when when Ginny screamed the curse, "AVADA KADAVARA!"

Luna flinched but nothing happened. The wand did not cast the spell. Now Luna felt an emotion she did not like feeling. She was not sure she ever felt it in her life. She was angry. She capitalized on the moment Ginny started looking at and berating the wand she had. Luna waved her wand in the same motion again and chanted, Tolle muros. The walls disappeared and Luna stepped through them. This feeling of anger grew within her. She held her stomach for a moment and raised her wand.

Ginny glanced up at the moment Luna raised her wand up. Ginny had a look of shock and surprise. Luna never showed any aggression before. She did not expect what happened next. Luna angrily stared at her. Ginny thought of the first hex should could think of tried to sue the Bat Bogey Hex. Thinking back to the D.A. day luna was quick to to counter. "Protego!" Ginny managed to avoid being hit by the deflected hex. As she tried to cast something else, Luna aggressively chanted, "Stupefy!" Ginny tried to use Protego as well but her wand failed again and she was then blown backward and slammed back first into a tree that was behind her before hitting the ground. Luna stood over Ginny and lowered her arm.

"You just tried to kill me again and tried to make me forget the man I love! I've never felt this way Ginny and I don't like it. I brought an end to it. I hope I never feel this way again," she said to Ginny's unconscious body with some anger.

She turned when she heard a rustling and breathed another sigh relief when she saw it was Harry. She quickly embraced him when he came up to her. They remained embraced until she pulled back saw Harry's swollen and blood covered face. Her focus quickly shifted to him.

"Oh Harry, you're hurt. What happened? Did Ginny do that or was it the Nargles?" she asked concerned.

Harry chuckled at how quickly she shifted focus. "I'm alright. Rolf started a fight with me. I managed to come out as the one standing. He's presently petrified by where our campsite is," he said and looked around. "I see you handled Ginny. I don't I've ever seen you angry before. That was a tad frightening," he joked.

Luna just shrugged and seemed to have gone back to her airy self. "Even I had to learn my limits. Attempting to take away those I love from my life and trying to kill me twice was that limit. You once said, there comes a time when it's fight or die. This was it," she replied and then looked at Harry. "Do you plan to have Rolf arrested?"

Harry shook his head. "I think he's learned his lesson. I'm sorry you won't be working with him anymore."

Luna cupped Harry's cheek. "It's okay my love. But you were jealous for no reason. We'll discuss it further another time. We need to make sure she will be sent back to Azkaban."

With a sigh Harry nodded. "We do. I'll get that taken care of. I am just glad that you remembered the walls and that mine gave an extra measure just in case."

Luna smiled and kissed him. "Thank you."

He smiled and kissed her in return. "You're welcome. I shall return. I love you"

Luna smiled. "I love you Harry"

She remained still as Harry apparated to get the Aurors.

Circumdate obice ad muros- Barrier Walls Surround

Tolle muros- Walls Away