The Path Continues

Chapter 3

I apologize for the lack of updates. I suffered a serious case of writers block on this story so I continued my other stories. The inspiration is back. Enjoy and reviews are always welcome. Now here... we... go!

Once Harry was sworn back in as a temporary Auror, the three of them apparated back back to the campsite in Norway. Rolf simply set down his pack and asked for Luna's research notes on the subspecies of Thestrals. Harry gave his notes and research to Luna and made her promise that she would be the only one to handle it. It was nothing against Rolf, he didn't know him so Luna was the one he trusted with it. After that, for the next two days, Rolf occupied Luna's time by going over all of the research and notes. They even went over the research while eating.

This left Harry pretty much excluded from the conversation due to his lack of experience. Unlike his Fiance and the grandson of the man who wrote one of his schools text books. He patrolled the perimeter a couple of times and spent the rest of the time being bored and reading books about looking for magical creatures and Quidditch. The only time Harry got to spend with Luna was for an hour after Rolf would retire for the night and for the twenty some off minutes in their tent as she fell asleep. His solace was knowing that despite the Ministries request, he and Luna remained sleeping in the same tent. Thankfully, Rolf had no objections either or at least, did not voice his opinion on it.

Luna made it a point to snuggle and cuddle with Harry every night as she fell asleep. That Friday, Harry's irritation with Rolf truly began. He and Luna were having their morning coffee and talking about their initial findings of the Thestral specie when Rolf emerged and stood next to the fire. Harry looked up at Rolf and greeted him. Rolf nodded and stepped forward.

"I understand that you and your lovely Fiance discovered them, however the Ministry did assign her and I to do the research. It would be best that you remain with your assigned task by the ministry and leave the research to us. As we were assigned."

Harry took a deep breath to keep calm. "Forgive me Mr. Scamander. We were just talking about the first time we saw them. I'm merely spending time with her before you two head off to do more research."

"I think it's best you don't talk about the subspecies. It's best you not provide her any further distractions."

Luna placed her hand on Harry's back. He set down his coffee and gave her a kiss. "I love you. Have fun with watching the migration begin. I'll be sure leave you be so you can remain ,focused,"

he said sarcastically and glanced at Rolf. Luna looked at him unsure of how he meant that. She seemed unaware of the pissing contest that just took place. To her, Rolf was just remaining a leader and following the Ministries orders a little too closely.

Harry knew that Rolf was trying to be dominant. He tried his best to ignore it. Once they left, he had to admit that he was feeling very jealous of Rolf. What he couldn't figure out was why he did not trust this man. Other than he had more in common with her than he did. He sighed realizing that he was worried that this semi-celebrity might try to steal Luna from him.

At that moment he looked at a nearby tree and saw a white owl. He couldn't help but notice just how much like Hedwig it looked. He wanted to shout that name but couldn't. He was brought out of his thoughts when he thought he saw crow fly past. He looked back and the owl was gone. He shook his head and went back to the campsite.

He packed it up and shrunk it down for when they were going to definitely move. When he was packing away the food, he noticed that Luna's portions were somewhat eaten or not at all. He didn't get to give it another thought because Luna and Rolf were returning. He checked his watch and was surprised that the whole day had already passed by. "Need to stay out my head. That is a dangerous place to be it seems." He thought to himself.

"The Thestrals are moving. Let's go love," Luna said and began walking east.

"Mind carrying everything mate?" Rolf asked. "Shrunk down or not, it's best we don't have too much to slow us down."

Harry rolled his eyes and reluctantly agreed. Luna had not heard the question. After four hours, they stopped when the creatures stopped. After they got the camp set up, Rolf retired. Luna wrapped her arm around Harry's and rested her head on his shoulder. They remained silent and watch the fire after he rested his cheek against her head. A while later, Luna unexpectedly kissed him under the jawline and raised her eyebrows when he looked ta her. Without hesitation, he followed her into the tent.

A while later, Harry and Luna were covered up with only their sleeping bag that they were both under. Luna laid with the back of her head on Harry's chest and with her left hand, held his with their fingers interlocked. A satisfied smile was on her face as Harry cast a small warming charm.

"That was amazing as always Harry."

"Glad to hear it," he replied and gently stroked her air. "It's always great when it's been a while. Up until recently, you haven't really seemed to want to and I am not one to push it."

"And I appreciate and love you for it."

"I love you too."

Luna looked up and gazed into his eyes. "Harry, I know we have only been together and engaged for a short time but I have been thinking about our wedding."

Harry nodded. "That's great. It's never too soon to plan. What are you thinking."

She smiled and her voice became more dreamy. "First is that I want to have the wedding next fall and have it out door. No tents or awnings. Just the sky and nature. Everyone will be in bright colors. Including you and me. We keep up happy charms and everyone will wear a necklace I make to keep the Nargles and Wrackspurts from ruining the day."

"That sounds wonderful my love," he said almost euphoric.

"I hope Norbert will show up. I made sure he knows I made sure to let him know he's invited."

Harry chuckled. "So you want to have the wedding in Australia then?"

"It's beautiful there Harry. I loved it there almost as much as I do here in Norway. Besides, I like the idea that where you first vocalized your feelings me and where we shared our first kiss being the place where we become husband and wife."

"I like that thinking Luna."

"I want to leave Norway as our special place. I know what it means to you, so this will be our special place where no one would think to come looking for us."

Tears threatened to spill from Harry's eyes when he heard that. He tilted Luna's head up by her chin.

"Thank you love. The fact you remember that means more than you know. More so, that you made it here in Norway."

"Our fondest memories are here in Norway. Memories tat are only for us. Like this is where we first made love."

Harry blushed a little bit at her bluntness. He didn't have a chance to think on it when she turned over and kissed him before cupping his cheek in her palm. Her face reflected a serious question about to be asked. Her gray eyes reflecting his emerald eyes. Though her eyes were piercing his.

"I must have an honest answer Harry. Do you believe that marriage requires some type of a ceremony? Or could it be a spiritual connection. Could knowing two souls are connected, the vessels bonding as one in mind, body and spirit be considered marriage? Thus not needing rings or a ceremony? Knowing love is enough?

He stared deeply into her gray eyes. Her question setting in. He needed a moment to really think about it. It didn't take him long to have an answer. He had her sit up so he could give her the answer.

As he opened his mouth to answer her, the side of their tent was ruffled from the outside followed by Rolf's voice.

"Luna,the Thestrals are on the move. We must follow them. Have Harry shrink and pack up the campsite. He can catch up shortly after."

"Don't worry my love," she said airily. "It only means that we'll be finished sooner and go back to just you and me," she finished and kissed him passionately.

After she got up, Harry could only sit up and try his best not to be irritated by Rolf. Which was beginning to prove to be difficult.