The Path Continues

Chapter 8

Back again with an update after losing motivation due to a horrible case of writers block. Here we are though. Here we go*

Luna walked back into Hermione's room where Neville was talking to his unconscious fiance. Luna knocked so that Neville would know she was there. Without turning around, Neville waved her in. She walked in and stood next to him. She handed him a quarter vile full of something purple. He looked at it in shock and then looked back at Luna and at the healer that followed her into the room.

"I thought you were going to get the root? Doesn't this need to ferment?" Neville asked confused.

She shook her head. "No. Not when it is being used to cure a level of Opichka poisoning that is this severe. Pour this in her mouth. It will do the rest," she instructed and looked around. "Where is Harry?"

Neville ignored her at that moment as he opened the vial. Luna helped him by propping her up at the right angle and looked on anxiously. He gently opened Hermione's mouth and poured in the liquid. Once it went down her throat, Luna laid her back down and took a step back. A purple aura formed around Hermione, expanded before it turned into a stream and flowed into her stomach. Hermione's eyes opened wide and she let out a long gasp that sounded as if it was bot painful, shocked and relief.

Neville wrapped his arms around her and cried. Luna smiled at the site while the healer was in disbelief. Neville was heard sobbing into Hermione's shoulder. She looked around still confused as to where she was and how she got there. When Hermione realized she was at St. Mungo's she held Neville tighter and closer.

"How?" she asked.

Neville pulled back and wiped his eyes. He tried to speak through his sobs. Hermione wiped the tears away from his eyes with her thumbs. She rested her forehead against his. She smiled and repeated her question. "How?"

He took a deep breath to compose himself. "How were somehow slipped a large dose of Opichka. Luna managed to make Alan Potion to counteract it. She was bloody brilliant!"

Hermione looked down at her protruded stomach anxiously. Neville lifted her head by her chin with his fingers so that she was looking at him. "Kelsey is fine. The Opichka potion only affected your magical core."

Hermione looked at Luna and held her arms out. Luna happily accepted by accepting her hug."

"Thank you Luna. Thank you so much."

Luna took a step back and blinked back her tears. "You don't need to. You would have figured out how to help if it were me. Anything to save you and my God Daughter," she replied and set down a small brown leather sack. "There's three more days of Alan Potion. You'll need to take it once a day."

"Thank you Luna. Everyone was always wrong about you," Neville whispered as he hugged her.

She smiled and looked him in the eye. "Where is Harry?"

Neville thought for a moment. "He said he was going to the campsite. He turned right when he left the room."

Luna looked at the door way and back at the couple. She kissed Neville on the cheek and quickly said, "Never hesitate for to ask for my help Neville. I am glad you will feel better 'Mione. I'll see you both when Kelsey is born."

She quickly left the room and turned right again. As she left, she saw Draco resting his head on his wife's unconscious body and was crying while he spoke to the other person in the room who turned out to be the Slytherin girl, Daphne Greengrass. She heard him describing the symptoms that happened to Astoria. They were the same as Hermiones. She then called over the Healer Evanna. "You saw how to make the Alan Potion?" Healer Evanna nodded. "Please make another four day supply and make sure that it is given to Lady Malfoy. Make sure Draco has her take it for every day she is supplied. If you need to replace ingredients please send a receipt to my fathers home. And tell Draco who sent it and to not thank me. Just enjoy his life."

Luna headed off again to the entrance way. She decided to risk Apparating because the nearest Floo was too far away. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and exhaled while visualizing the campsite with a flick of her wand. She retched a couple of times after appearing at the camp site. Once Luna composed herself, she looked around for Harry. Then something in the trees caught her attention. A black bird that flew into the heavily treed area.

She found herself in the middle of the area. Panicked, she looked around for the way out when a familiar voice began taunting her.

"Stuck in the middle of something again Looney? Seems the typical position of your life anymore huh Looney?"

Luna's eyes grew wide in panic and she drew her wand. "Ginny! Let me out of here and we will settle this. I must find Harry."

She cackled. "No dear. Harry is rather occupied and I am seeing to it that it doesn't. You get to stay here and maybe watch it happen."

Luna gasped. "Did you cause all of this to happen with Rolf and Harry?"

Ginny laughed again. "No I did not. Rolf always wanted to be with you. Just like I always will be with Harry. I merely gave him the encouragement to stand up to Harry and get the woman he wants."

Luna glared. "It won't happen Ginny! I am not at all interested in Rolf. I love and am engaged to Harry."

"You don't know love. You don't know Harry."

"I know more about both than you ever will Ginny. You are obsessed with the Boy Who Lived. I am going to marry, Harry Potter."

The trees suddenly split apart just enough that Luna could see Harry and Rolf. Harry said something that she couldn't hear but was definitely angry. Rolf made a motion and Harry cast a red spell that blew him backward. She gasped when they charged each other. The next thing she knew, she was calling on every magical creature she could think of to help her.

"That won't help you Looney home wrecker! I'm taking him away from you!" Ginny shouted.

Luna still couldn't see Ginny when she looked around. She kept looking for a way out. Luna swore she saw a gaggle of Nargles and ran towards them. There she found a way out. As she ran to it, a black bird flew at her. Causing her to fall over. When Luna stood up, she saw the tip of a wand and heard someone shout, "Obliviate!"