The Path Continues

Chapter 7

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Harry and Luna grabbed onto each other and Neville to apparate to St. Mungo's. Just before they did, Harry saw Rolf looking up and he appeared to be talking to a black mass. They apparated and quickly arrived to the St. Mungos entrance in the mannequin shop with Neville. Luna stood still for a moment as if more nauseous than usual after apparating. Once through the entrance, they followed Neville to St. Mungo's, Intensive Care Unit room number 0415. When they entered the room, a healer was waving her wand over Hermione's unconscious body. Keeping the focus mostly on her stomach and pelvic area. She didn't seem to notice their presence. Neville immediately sat down and held Hermione's hand. Harry took a couple more steps forward and his emotions got the better of him. His legs started to give out when Luna grabbed him and helped him sit down on the floor.

He held Luna and whispered in her ear with his voice cracking. "I caused this. I know it."

Luna held him tighter and whispered back. "Don't say that. It's not your fault."

Harry stared at Hermione with tears streaming down his cheeks. The healer finished and looked at Neville. "Has her condition changed at all Bonnie?" Neville asked with his voice filled with anxiety.

"We've done what we can for now Mr. Longbottom. Your fiance is alive. However it's uncertain if or when she'll wake up. It could be in a tic or several days or even months."

Neville looked down until the healer got his attention again. "The baby is alive and unharmed. I'll spare the details but you know what will happen if your she doesn't make it. We'll keep working on reversing this," she finished and left the room.

Neville blinked back his tears. Harry looked over at him while Luna looked over Hermione. Harry turned towards Neville and crossed his legs. He took a deep breath before asking his question. One that would be hard for Neville to discuss at that time. Regardless, Harry needed to know what happened.

"Neville... I know that it's hard to talk about right now, but what happened to her?"

He took a deep breath and slowly turned his head towards Harry. "We went to the local wizarding village, Geerdes Village, after her check up with our healer. We were enjoying tea at Markel's when Katie Belle and Susan Bones happened across us. Katie told us they were in Australia on their honeymoon. Hermione came and stood next to me while Katie told us how she's trying out for the Australian National Quadditch team and Susan is going to start training with the Auror's when they get home. After they left, Hermione sat down finished her tea and suddenly felt ill. Next thing I know, her eyes turned bright white and and she collapsed," he explained with his voice shaking.

"Her body was glowing. I didn't know what to do, so I apparated from Australia to the entrance outside the mannequin shop. The healers aren't sure how it happened but they said that..." he was cut off by Luna.

"Her magical core got overloaded and she is now suffering Magic Poisoning."

Both men looked at her taken aback. She looked at them as if they should know she would know.

"Do you know how?" Neville asked with a pleading tone.

"As you know, my mother tested many potions when she was alive. She also suffered from Magical Poising many times because of it," she said in a matter of fact tone. "You mentioned poor Hermione was glowing white is a potion called Opichka," she finished.

"Opichka?" Neville asked. "What is that? I've never heard of it."

"That's strange. Most Herbologists know about Opichka since they help make it. Opichka is a potion primarily made of the ground up leaves of Shaded Kilms. It's used in small doses to strengthen the magical cores for wizards and witches that had theirs weakened by war, illness, curses or came in contact with Dabberblimps," she trailed off and became lost in thought or a memory.

Harry walked over to her and held her. He kissed her on top of her head as a tear formed and rolled down her face. "I, had to take Opichka, after... I had to take it for some time," she said almost forced and wiped the tears away from her eyes. "Though I never took a dosage that was as high or as strong as this."

"She's not on any potions though nor did she drink any?" Neville argued.

Luna pulled her wand out from her hair tie and waved it over Hermione while chanting an incantation that neither Neville nor Harry had ever heard. Hermione's body briefly glowed white and was outlined with a red and yellowish tint before it went away. Luna shook her head and looked back them.

"Definitely Magical Poisoning induced by an over dosage of Opichka. If the healers decide to let it go naturally, it could take at most two month for her to wake up. Full recovery can take two years."

"Can the healers fix it instead of waiting this out?" Neville asked anxiously.

"How did it not affect the baby?" Harry added.

"Opichka does not travel through the blood. Just goes strait to the magical core," Luna explained. "And there is an antidote. You need to get or make Alan potion. A quarter of a vile will wake her up. Then one vial twice a month for three months after she wakes up. That's what always worked when this happened to my mother."
Neville shook his head. "Alan potion? Blimey. That'll take me two months alone to find the correct ingredients. Alan potion requires Saliva of a Garden Gnome, Flitterbloom pod and the root of Dunsilen plants. Dunsilen plants are only found in Sweden and they're not in blooming season for another five months."

Harry sighed. He felt the calming sensation that he always got from being so close to Luna for the first time since her and Rolf's assignment began. It also made him feel bad for Neville. He was trying to figure out how he could and why it had to be Hermione. Too many questions were in his mind. All he could do at that moment was probe some more and see what else he could find out. Such as, how it happened.

"Neville, did you notice anyone or anything suspicious before Katie and Susan bumped into you?"

Neville shook his head. "Just a strange bird in the distance but I couldn't tell what it was. It had a black tail. That's all I know."

Harry sighed again as Luna spoke up. "I know who will be guaranteed to have that root."

"Who?" both men asked.

"Rolf," she answered indifferently.

Harry looked away and shook his head again. "Luna, he'll want something in return."

"Harry, if there was ever a time to trust him, it is now. He'll give it to me without question because he respects me and will respect my reasons for needing it. If he does ask a question, I'll use the Nargles to help me get it from him. If he wants something in return, then we'll discuss it at the end of the assignment."

She walked up to him and kissed him. "I'll be back. I promise."

"I trust you Luna. I just don't," she stopped him.

"Stop it, Harry. Please. I do not wish to hear any more about it," she snapped. "We need to talk after I get back. I promise. Just you and me. It is very important," she said and kissed him again. "I love you, Harry."

He wrapped his arms around her held her close. "I love you, Luna. I'll count the minutes until you're back."

She left the room with Harry's gaze not leaving her until she turned right after stepping out the door. He looked back over and saw Neville looking on with a further saddened expression on his face. Harry winced and apologized to Neville.

Neville waved it off. "No, it's okay mate. Really. It was good you did that. Always tell her, remind, make sure she knows you love her. I know Once Hermione pulls through, I'm going to let her know every, bloody, day."

Harry just patted him on the shoulder. Neville then looked around. Once he was certain that there was no one else in the room he turned to Harry a concerned look on his face. Harry looked at him intently. Nervous about what was going to be said. He leaned forward and waited.

"Harry, how are things with you and Luna right now?" he asked with a serious tone.

"They're fine between us. Despite our current circumstance. Why?"

"She seems a little less... well... Like Luna," Neville pointed out.

Harry sighed. "They are a tad tense lately because I can no longer stand nor do I trust Rolf. It's become quite a bit rough, especially for her seeing as to how she has to work with him and balance out our engagement. It's obviously he and I don't care for one another."

Neville's tone dropped. "You shouldn't bloody trust him. He and I were at a lecture last year about how studying and caring for Magical Creatures and Herbology go hand in hand. Luna was there to discuss the eating habits of creatures and reveal her discoveries. Rolf fancied her right away. Asked her to dinner too but she didn't seem to notice or care. He told me he would do anything it took to get her. He wouldn't get my arse until I told him what I knew about her. I even told 'im that I thought she had a boyfriend at the time. He said that was nothing potions and his sway with the Ministry couldn't take care of."

Harry exhaled. "He's already made that perfectly clear.


Harry filled Neville in on the confrontation that took place after they told him about the events leading to them capturing Ginny and about the curse check that showed negative and no signs of of potions. Neville was in disbelief. He was also proud of his friend. He thought about something and the gave a slight nod. Harry listened for Neville's response.

"Odd, I know he said he wants her but I' never guess he'd get so aggressive about it," he said and stopped for a moment then an odd look took over his face. "Then again he might. He's a bit crazy y'know. When I arrived at your camp, he was talking to himself. Or possibly someone, I didn't see. Seemed a heated conversation too."

Harry thought about what Neville just said. Instead he asked the question that baffled him. "How did you find me and Luna to bring us here? We were all three on assignment and no one knows we were there except for the the ministry."

"Did you forget already? The Department for the Management and Documentation of Magical Creatures works closely with Hermione's department, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. There's members from both assigned to assist with Luna and Rolf's task. Hermione mentioned to me about where you guys were last week."

Harry looked towards the door and back at Neville. Neville looked at his pocket watch.

"Luna's been gone for quit a bit."

Harry looked back at the door. "Yea well, she's preferred to use the floo as often as she can lately and apparating when she feels it's necessary. It has been a bit though. I'm gonna go look for her. Are you gonna be alright?"

"Yea," he answered and held Hermione's hand again. "Do what ya need to to do mate. We're not going anywhere."

"If you see Luna tell her I went to the campsite and if I'm not there, she'll find me at these coordinates," Harry said and handed Neville a piece of parchment that had, 0213 written on it.

Once Harry was out of the room and in the hallway, he turned right like Luna did. He began to take long strides towards the exit that was that way. He needed to apparate back to the camp and not allow Luna to remain with Rolf. Rolf would definitely be making his move or worse, use potions or a spell on her. Or make her give him something in return for the Dunslien root/ His strides became faster, fueled by his love and concern for Luna and his dislike for Rolf.

Out of nowhere, something moved him off of his feet and against the wall. He looked straight ahead to see bared teeth surrounded by a blonde beard. When he felt the wand tip pressed into his chest, Harry knew he had to keep his impulses in control and think rationally. He focused on staying completely calm. He raised his head to speak clearly.

"Draco, what is the meaning of this?" he asked as calmly as he could.

Draco pressed his wand further into Harry's chest. "You Potter! You drug me into this and now it may have cost me my wife and child! You're going to feel my pain!"

"What are you talking about? What happened?"

Draco leered at him a moment longer and then lowered his wand. "You really don't know?" he asked and let go of Harry. "I know Ginny Weasley escaped with a wand. I also know that she is the one who attacked my wife!"

Harry's eyes grew wide while his knee's nearly buckled. "What? She attacked Astoria?"

"Yes! We were sitting outside when, I know it, we were first attacked with the Cruciatus Curse follow by a Bombarda. When I finally managed to get up and tried to run to where I heard the voice, I saw a raven flying away and there was this parchment," he explained and handed it to Harry.

It said, "Draco Malfoy helped stand in the way of getting back my love and getting rid of the traitor who was in my way. Draco stood in my way and kept someone from me, so I'm taking someone away."

Harry dropped it and looked at Draco again. "What have the healers said?"

Draco stifled his tears. "Astoria has to remain in a magical coma until she heals. The baby was hurt but is being healed. Part of the reason for the coma. I won't have update until around nine twenty two," he answered and then glared at Harry. "You need to bring an end to this."

"I will Draco," then something clicked for Harry. "Wait, you said you saw a raven?"

"Yea why?" Draco answered with a hint of curiosity.

"Hermione was attacked too. She was slipped a large dose of Opichka. This is not a coincidence," Harry informed Draco with a sigh. "Well, Neville said he saw a black bird tail just as Hermione became affected. When Neville was bringing me and Luna here, I saw... Bloody hell!" he trailed off in a tone that said he should have known all along. "I got to go. May your wife recover quickly." Harry ran to the nearest exit and apparated back to the camp.