The Path Continues

Chapter 2

Harry stood taken aback by the man standing in front of him and and Luna. The grandson of Newt Scamander. Harry shook his head and lowered his wand. Luna remained awestruck. Harry patted her arm and approached Rolf with his hand extended.

"Apologies Mr. Scamander. You startled us."

Rolf shook his hand, "The apologies are on my end Mr. Potter. I should announced myself as I approached. And please, call me Rolf."

"And please, call me Harry."

Rolph then looked at Luna. "I know you. You're the daughter of Xenophilius Lovegood," he said before taking her hand and giving her hand, "Rolf Scamander. I'm a big fan of the Quibbler." he finished and kissed her hand.

Luna blushed and covered her face with her hair and shyly replied, "Luna."

Harry felt himself fuming when he saw Rolf kiss his fiance's hand. He was put slightly when when Luna walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his waist. He put is arm around her shoulders and gave her a kiss. He took notice to Rolf who was looking at them in admiration. Harry tried to not to give him too strange of a look.

Rolf seemed to look at them in admiration, "So it is true?" he said and nodded his head, "Wonderful. The two of you are a bloody wonderful pairing."

Luna smiled, "Thank you. My fiance is very good to me and I love him very much."

He kissed her cheek, "And you are my Golden Snitch. I love you with all the magic that burns within me."

Rolf cleared his throat, "I hate to interrupt, however I must inform you as to the reason I am here. It did not happen by accident. I was sent here actually. By Minister Kinglsey. He wishes to see the three of us at his office as soon as you can get there. I'm certain he means immediately."

"In regards to what?" Harry asked.

"They didn't say," Rolf answered. "However we need to be there as soon as possible. I'll see you there," Rolf said and apparated away.

Harry looked at Luna and asked if she wanted to do the honors.

"No, I'd rather go to the hotel and use the floo. It'll be a nice change of pace," Luna answered.

"Why not?" Harry responded thinking nothing of it as he preferred it over apparating.

With that, they went to the nearest hotel and Floo'd to the Ministry Of Magic. They walked hand in hand to the nearest elevator. Luna looked down ever so often with smile and then at Harry but remained silent. When they got into the elevator she stood in front of him as wrapped his arms under hers. She put his hands on her stomach and put her hands over his. They stayed silent all the way to the floor level of the Ministers Office.

They exited the elevator and walked the rest of the way to Kingsley's office holding hands. Rolf was sitting in an oak chair outside of the Minister's office. He stood up and shook Harry's hand and once again kissed Luna's hand. Making her blush again. Harry glared at him until the office door opened. Harry and Luna entered first, followed by Rolf and they all three sat down.

Kingsley closed the or with his wand and smiled at them. "Thank you for finding them and delivering my message Rolf."

"How did you know where we were?" Harry asked.

Kingsley chuckled, "Mr. Longbottom."

"Of course," Harry replied smiling.

"Now the reason I asked to see the three of you," Kingsley began with his tone more serious. "I understand that you and Miss Lovegood have discovered a subspecies of the creatures known as Thestrals. A grand find indeed."

Luna smiled airily while Rolf looked at them with his eyes wide. Harry waited for Kingsley to continue. Waiting for him ton continue his sentence. He couldn't help but feel he was not going to like what was going to be said next. He gently held Luna's hand and remained attentive.

"The thing is, we know nothing about these new creatures. Before we announce their existence to the Wizarding World, we need to know whether or not they pose a threat to humans and being alike. We also need to know about their habitats, behaviors and everything else essential so that the Ministry can protect them."

"Minister, if I may ask, why am I here? They discovered the creatures," Rolf asked unsure.

"I was getting that. As much as I respect Mr. Potter and his time on his path as a researcher, the Ministry will have a hard time backing the research of an armature. You and Miss Lovegood are respected researchers in your field. Therefore, on behalf of the Ministry Of Magic, I am tasking you and Miss Lovegood to partner up to do this research for the next couple of months."

Upon hearing this, Harry tensed up and squeezed Luna's hand. The irrational side of him was certain that he was going to be told he could not be with Luna during this Ministry assignment. Despite her reassuring look that told him he should not worry. He got lost in her eyes and smile. It calmed him down a little bit until Kingsley got his attention.

"You're not being excluded from this assignment either Harry," he began and made Harry's head snap in his direction. "Assignments like this require as much discretion as possible. Therefore we need someone with our researchers. That no one would expect is an Auror. That is why I am for you to allow me to reinstate you as an Auror for the duration of their research. No one I trust more to keep these two protected than you."

Without a thought, Harry answered, "Of course."

Kingsley nodded, "Thank you. I am glad I was not wrong in this decision. Let's get you reinstated. The sooner we do that, the sooner the three of you back to where you were."

"How soon are we being sent?" Rolf asked.

"Immediately," Kinglsey answered.

Rolf nodded at the prospect. Harry exhaled at the suddenness of it all. Luna's smile broadened now that she was going back to what she loved with the man she loved and the man she looked up to. Harry kissed Luna and followed the Minister. Rolf looked at Luna and smiled.

"Looking forward to working with you lovely," Rolf said to her and she nodded.