Veela et Ange

Chapter 1

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Fleur POV

September 25, 1979

I was so excited as I stood next to maman. We were on our way to visit some friends of hers in England. They'd just had a bébé. It was weird that maman's friend wasn't pregnant, but now had a bébé. Even at the at the age of two, I understood a lot more than most kids. Ma Grand-mère is always saying that the Veela helped our minds develop faster than normal magic folk.

I was pulled out of my thoughts by papa picking me up as we apparated into an alley. Walking out and down a short pathway, we stopped at a house.

"Sommes-nous ici papa?" (Are we here, papa?) I asked as we walked to the door.

"Oui, mon trésor." (Yes, my treasure.) My papa, M. Delacour, answered as we made our way to the door. Before maman could raise her hand to knock, the door swung open to reveal a man as tall as my papa with that furry stuff on his face that papa complains about sometime and a smile that made it seem like he couldn't contain his excitement.

"Edmund!" Ma maman, Apolline, exclaimed in joy.

"Apolline, M. Delacour, Fleur! I'm so glad you could make it. I know Leila will be so glad to see you. Come in!" He added as he stepped back to allow us in.

We all walked into the house and were immediately lead to the parlor where a woman sat holding the petite bébé.

"Polli!" Leila said with joy. This woman I had seen before. She often came for dinner and sometimes spent lunch with maman and I.

"Le! I'm so happy for you." Maman said as she moved forward to hug the sitting woman before joining her and looking at the bébé in her arms. "Oh! A petite fille like my Fleur. What's her name?" Maman asked as she moved some of the bébé's blanket to see her better.

It was at that moment I felt something urging me forward. I walked over to stand in front of them, but kept a distance, and looked at the bébé. Cheeks pink and flush. She was looking at ma mère and hers until she seemed to sense me and turned to look at me with the prettiest brown eyes and had a small smile. Her little hand coming up and reaching towards me.

"Her name is Hermione." Leila replied to maman and turned her towards me seeing that I held her attention. "Would you like to come closer, Fleur?" She asked in the sweet voice I was used to greeting me.

I merely stepped closer instead of answering as I felt the pull inside me grow stronger as Hermione looked at me. She was still reaching towards me with her little hand and I couldn't resist reaching towards her.

As soon as my hand was close enough, she latched onto one of my fingers and the biggest smile crossed her face and she started to giggle. I smiled back. She almost seemed to take that as an invitation as she started to lean towards me, using her grip on my finger as leverage.

But as quickly as she moved, her maman stopped her with a hand moving around her petite frame to hold her in place. She didn't seem to like that as she started to cry. Leila looked at her unsure as to what was happening and I moved closer as I could not stand to see anything, but that cute smile on her face. Leila started to fuss over her, cooing to try calm her down. It did not work. Maman brushed the brown locks on her tiny head and she started to calm, but not enough. I know maman was using her veela to try and soothe the bébé, but still she fussed. I still seemed to be her focus even as they worked to calm her.

With my free hand, I reached out to touch her angelic cheek and she immediately calmed down. The pull I had been feeling eased and I felt something swell inside me and I made contact with her. The smile returning to her face and I mine reappeared as she looked at me.

"Fleur?" Maman questioned as she moved to pick me up. I resisted, thinking she was going to move me away from the angel I'd found, but instead she pulled me closer.

"Je pense qu'elle est la mienne, maman." (I think she's mine, mother.) I answered as I moved closer to her. Hermione giggled again and leaned towards me again, her mère not stopping her this time.

"Apolline, what's happening?" Leila asked.

Maman continued to look at us before she replied, "I think Fleur just found her mate."

"What?" My papa, Edmund and Leila said in unison.

Maman simply nodded as she watched us. "I must call my mother." She said as she stood. "May I use your floo? I know it's connected to my home. I think my mother may still be there." She asked as she moved over stand in front of their fireplace.

"Of course, Polli." Leila said as she looked back to Hermione and me. As they'd talked, I moved closer and Hermione had one of her hands in my hair as the other still gripped my finger. I had wrapped the remaining fingers around her hand as best as I could as I listened to grumble as if trying to speak with me.

Her maman went to move her hand from my hair, but I quickly stopped her, "Non c'est bon." (No, it's fine.)

"D'accord. Si vous êtes sûr, chérie." (Okay. If you're sure, sweetie.) She said as she just watched us. I was content to simply to be next to Hermione, but I heard ma Grand-mère's voice.

"Êtes-vous sûr?" (Are you certain?) Ma Grand-mère asked maman firmly.

"Non, c'est pourquoi vous devez venir. Pour confirmer si elle a trouvé son compagnon." (No, that is why you must come. To confirm if she has found her mate.) Maman replied with urgency.

"Je suis en chemin. Est-ce que je peux flotter?" (I am on my way. Can I floo in?) Ma Grand-mère asked.

"Oui, nous avons besoin de vous ici dès que possible." (Yes, we need you here as soon as possible.) Maman replied and continued, "Dites simplement l'appartement de Granger." (Just say the Granger's flat.)

Maman walked back over and sat next to me. A few minutes later, ma Grand-mère stepped out of the floo.

As soon as she looked at Hermione and me, she gasped. "Qu'est-ce que c'est, ma mère?" (What is it, mother?) Maman asked as she placed a hand on my head.

"Nothing, dear. Just a bit surprised to see that it's happened to one this young. It is nearly unheard of for a Veela to mate at such a young age." Ma Grand-mère answered quickly.

I could tell by the way she was looking at us, there was more she knew, but was not telling us. Ma Grand-mère often did this, so I was not overly concerned.

"This seems to be the case though. Fleur and this petite bébé are indeed mates." Ma Grand- mère said with a smile.

I had been resisting the urge to hold Hermione, but I couldn't anymore. Looking at Leila, I asked, "Puis-je la retenir, s'il vous plaît?" (May I hold her, please?)

"Bien sûr, petit." (Of course, little one.) She cooed as she shifted Hermione in my arms, before directing, "Maintenant, assurez-vous de soutenir sa tête." (Now be sure to support her head.)

Nodding my head back, to show my understanding, I made sure to keep her head supported as directed and smiled as she settled against me. Her eyes closing to show her enjoyment and that adorable smile still on her face. I had done the right thing. My petite mate was happy and the soothing feeling that I usually only feel around maman set over me. I could stay like this for the rest of the night.

Isabelle POV

I wasn't sure how it's possible is the only thing I've been thinking since I arrived and saw my petite fille smiling at a bébé ange.


There were nearly none that remained, let alone one in our realm. Yet, as I talk and observe, there she sits in her mère's arms with my petite fille, literally wrapped around her finger. It was truly a sight to behold. These two would be the most powerful couple in a century.

I rejoiced in knowing that they had found each other after the ultimate downfall of Voldermort, but the havoc these two could cause to anyone who stood in their way was frightening. Without the proper guidance, they could destroy the world.

No, I'm not exaggerating.

Imagine if someone like Voldermort learned that an angel, who are natural warriors and a Veela, who if provoked would demolish anything to avenge a wrong done to those they hold dear, were mated. They could try and cause considerable harm to either of them in order to get the other.

Nonetheless, after the war, it is not something that they have to worry about, but darkness always lurks.

My fille and her friends came to stand beside me as we all watched our treasures bond. At least the initial stages.

"Mother, what will we do? Trying to keep Fleur and Hermione apart would certainly do more harm than good, right?" Apolline asked quietly.

"Yes, it would, but due to this Fleur's Veela will develop quicker than normal." I answered.

"I'm sorry. I'm not really up to speed on all of this." Edmund started as he wrapped an arm around his wife and continued, "What exactly is happening?"

I sighed because it really was a long story, especially because I couldn't tell them everything about Hermione. "I'll start from the beginning." I finally said as we moved to sit around the girls, still leaving them seated on the couch and in front of us. "Apolline, Fleur, and myself are a magically creature known as a Veela. We are a private race, but you've heard of us, right?"

When he nodded, I pressed on, "Well, as Veela, we have a mate. The one person who is destined to complete us. Apolline and Mousier are mates as am I with my wife. Now typically the Veela training starts when we reach the age of 5 and we begin to feel the pull towards our mates. So you can imagine our shock at only two, Fleur has found hers."

The two halfblood magic folk looked at me in shock. I knew Leila knew some of this as she's been friends with my fille since they were at university, but some is only shared with family.

"So what happens now?" Leila asked as she looked at her petite bébé in the arms of my petite fille.

"They must not be separated. Due to Hermione being so young, she will not handle the pain it would cause her small heart. They must spend time together each day until Fleur begins her Veela training. At which time, the strength of her Veela will be passed to Hermione and they can spend time apart." I paused as I thought of the time I knew they would spend apart so that could each grow into their own.

"Even with Fleur knowing her mate, they must each grow without the other's interference. They will find there way back to each other, but we cannot interfere." I stressed as I knew Hermione's angel will not allow it be lead to another as they have begun the bond.

"You will have to get her trained as well. Hand to hand combat, archery, kickboxing and muay thai. She will be able to defend herself and the training will keep the pain of their separation to a minimum. I do want to let you know, she will advance quickly in everything she does. Walking, talking, reading will happen in rapid succession, so you must dedicate the time to helping her flourish otherwise, the boredom will cause her to act out." I voiced as I remember some of my angel friends growing up.

The Veela are an advanced race, but an angels mind knows no bounds and if not stimulated, they become very mischievous.

Her parents looked at each other and then back to me with a nod understanding my directions.

"I know Apolline has been teaching Fleur until she begins her magical schooling. Hermione should begin as soon as you notice her beginning to speak." I urged.

"We've both wanted a baby for so long. We'll do whatever is needed to help her develop. I have already requested leave from work to raise her, so I will help her until she begins to talk, then I'll work with Polli to keep her engaged." Leila replied as she took Apolline's hand.

My fille squeezed her hand in solidarity.

They had grow as sisters in the years they'd known each other and now we would all be forever tied. Looking at Hermione asleep in Fleur's arms, I knew she must be the last of her kind if she is with, essentially, us mortals. Her parents would not allow her to be in this realm at such an age if they were still around. I mourned the loss as I have for all my friends I'd lost in this war.

I would find out who her birth parents were and gather as much information as I could. I knew there would come a time when I'd have to give it to her adoptive parents to advice, just like I would have to explain it to my own family.

Thankfully, that would be a few years away.

Time Skip …

September 18, 1980

Fleur POV

It a mere five days before my Hermione turns one. She has come so far from when I first met her as a bébé. She is so smart. She is talking in full sentences, and I know she is sometimes frustrated that she cannot say something they way she wants to.

Today, we finished our lessons early and maman said we could play outside. We were only a few feet away from them, but I enjoyed spending time with her alone.

"Fleur! Come watch me slide." I heard my mate exclaim as she climbed the stairs of the small slide in her backyard.

Obediently following her command, I walked over to stand next to bottom of slide. As she came silding down, I saw she'd somehow gained more speed than what seemed possible and she flew off the end and landed a few feet away.

Upon landing, she seemed stunned before the pain set in and she began to wail. Running over, I gathered her in my arms and saw she had scrapped her arm on a rock and was bleeding. At the sight of the blood, she began to become more upset.

"Hermione!" I said frightfully, "You're okay. It is a petite cut. Maman will fix it. She is a doctor." I urged on as I saw how upset she was.

Both our mère's came over and as her's tried to remove her from my arms, she clung to me. I began to sing the lullaby my mère always sung when I was upset and she began to calm down. Rubbing her back as I sang, she became quiet. Soothed by the song as I always am.

Looking up at me, she smiled and said, "Thank you."

"It is no problem, mon doux ange." (my sweet angel) I replied and continued, "Now, let's get your arm cleaned okay?"

She nodded and looked at her arm. To our surprise, the scrap was gone and only a little blood remained. I looked at maman in confusion. I know it had been there. Before anyone could say anything, upon seeing the scrap was gone, Hermione wiped her arm on shirt to remove the blood and ran back towards the slide to see if she could fly again with a better landing.

Maman looked at her as if she knew something, but said nothing as she walked over to my petite amour to keep a eye on her. I stood and walked over as well. There was something about my mate. I knew it and I was going to find out what it was.

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