Veela et Ange

Chapter 8

A/N: I know some of you were slightly disappointed with the last chapter. I left it purposely vague because of the descriptions within this chapter. Hopefully, you will see what I intended and understand the thoughtfulness behind that choice. Anyways, two updates in two days?! Unheard of! I hope you guys are having a good weekend. I have to actually get some sleep now.

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Hermione POV

I awoke to a beam of light streaming through one of the windows in my room. Sitting up, I stretched and really took in my quarters for the first time. The first thing I noticed were the walls; They were blue covered in silver damask angel wings. There were several portraits on the walls as well. I would have to take a closer look at those later. In the corner of room there was a spiral staircase that lead to a second level. From my bed, I could not see much of the area, but I recognized bookshelves lining the walls and two large desks.

As I moved to get up, I looked towards the fireplace that held the portrait of my birth parents. They were both there looking at me. Artemis sitting on her throne. I really took her in. Chestnut hair falling in waves over her shoulder and the blue tunic that was embroidered with the same silver damask wings that lined my walls. Gabriella sat in her spot on the arm chair. Her auburn hair was pulled back in a bun and her blue grey eyes seemed to be taking in my every breath. Like Artemis she wore a blue tunic, but the wings covering her were a light green color.

I wondered if the wings were a symbol of some kind and why they wore tunics instead of the dress robes I'd grown accustomed to seeing on the adult witches and wizards.

As soon as my feet touched the floor, I heard a pop and Lucy appeared in the same spot she was in last night, to the right of the fireplace.

"Morning, Mistress. How was your rests?" She asked as she walked towards me.

"I slept fine, Lucy. I believe I was more exhausted than I believed." I replied as I stood.

She came to a stop in front of me and nodded, "Yes, Mistress was asleep very soon. Lucy is happy her Mistress was able to get much needed sleep. Is Mistress ready for her first day of classes?"

"I am, yes. I have to get my things together before I head down to breakfast." I replied as I rested a hand on her head for moment in greeting and stepping around her to overlook the rest of the room.

In the corner underneath the stairwell, was a open door and I could see the a mirror so I assumed it was the bathroom. I looked past the door of the room to see a set of double doors.

Taking a step towards them, Lucy moved to open them first.

"Lucy has put away all of her Mistress' things and organized her clothes. Lucy has always gathered her Mistress' books in her rucksack so that her Mistress is ready for classes." She replied as she picked up my school bag and levitated it to the hook right near the rooms door.

"Um, I thank you, Lucy. You didn't have to do that, though." I replied.

"Oh, it is fine, Mistress. Lucy was happy to help get everything ready." She responded in kind and smiled up at me.

"Okay. I don't have anything else as of right now and I need to shower and get down to the Great Hall before breakfast ends." I stated as I stepped into the closet for the first time. Last night, my pajamas were on the bed already so I didn't come into this space.

I saw it was a larger space than I had anticipated. The closet was divided into four sections. Directly ahead of me was a made of two; Shoes on the lower section and above it was designated for my sleep attire. Divided into matching long sleeved pajamas and bottoms, shorts and a combination of tank tops and boxers like I wore at home during the summer.

To the right were all of my regular clothes; T-shirts, shorts, jeans, long sleeve shirts, tank tops, and sweaters. All organized by color and season. I also noticed there was a variety of tunics like my birth moms were wearing and wondered where they came from. I didn't dwell on my questions though. To my left were all of my school uniforms. Organized again by type, all of my pants were hanging at the end, my sweaters before that, buttons up all together and appeared to have been ironed or pressed. My school robes were on hangers at the front. It appeared my ties were given a shelf directly in the middle and had also been pressed.

Smiling, I took a step towards the left side and selected my clothes for the day. Walking out, I made my way to the bathroom and saw it was also bigger than I imagined. There was a separate bathtub and shower stall, both were large enough to comfortably fit two people. There was a double sink and a mirror that stretched over both. I smiled again as I could clearly see my birth parents co-existing within this space as clearly as I could imagine Fleur and I.

My smile faded as I thought of my mate. I wondered if Isabelle had already told her about me and my heritage. I reached and grabbed the necklace that had been my constant link to her and the cold metal was a reminder that I still had not felt the warmth of her hug in over 10 years. I had not seen the light of her smile outside of my dreams or heard her twinkling laugh as she raced around with me.

"Soon, my love. I will find you, my flower and we shall never be separated again." I said to myself as I stepped towards the shower.

Turning on the water, I undressed and walked in. The water flowing over me and swept away some of the pain I felt as I promised myself I would find her. Letting my head fall forward, I rested it against the wall before I took a deep breath and began to shower and prepare for the day.

After I finished my morning routine, I walked back into my room and saw Lucy had made my bed and left my socks and shoes near the small table and chair to the left of the fireplace. I sent a silent thank you through the bond I had felt since my acceptance of her and sat to put on my socks and shoes.

As I stood to leave, I heard a voice behind me say my name.

Turning, I saw Artemis and Gabriella standing together at the edge of the portrait.

"Yes?" I asked as I turned towards them.

"Before you leave, there is something we'd like you to have a congratulations on your first day." Artemis answered before continuing, "If you go upstairs, there is a still painting of the sky. Touch the edge of the frame and it will reveal a door. After opening it, you'll see a few things. Take out the lavender case and the hunter green one, please.

Come back down before you open them. We have a portrait up there as well, but I know you don't have a lot of time before you need to get downstairs for your breakfast."

In lieu of replying, I simply moved to do as requested. As I reached the top step, I was in awe as I realized this second level extended to cover the same area as my room below. The floor was enchanted to seem like it did not exist from below, but standing here, I could see it was a complete second floor and designed as my own personal library. Before I could get caught up in all the different books that filled the shelves around me, I remembered what I came up here for.

Just like downstairs, there was a fireplace and a portrait of Gabriella and Artemis. Directly next to it, was the painting Artemis mentioned. Following her instructions, I touched the frame and a small door appeared. There were several cases stacked instead, but in front was the lavender and hunter green cases. Picking them up, I went back downstairs and set them on the mantle in front of my birth parents.

"Open the lavender one first please." Gabriella asked in her accented voice.

Again, I did as requested and found a beautiful watch inside. My adopted father wore one as a matter of pride after the war Voldemort wagged on the muggles.

"I was given that many years ago, by a dear friend and would be honored if you were to wear it. I shall tell you the story of how it came to me when you have more time." Gabriella stated.

"I would love to. Thank you." I replied as I put on the watch.

Looking back at the portrait, I saw them both smiling. Artemis nodded towards the hunter green case. This one was slimmer, but longer.

Opening it up, I saw it was a long chain with the same damask wings embedded into some sort crest. Lifting it out of the box, I felt the same familiar magic as last night when the door opened. I did not know why I seemed to know this magic, it wasn't originating from within me and it was different than I remembered Fleur's to feel like.

Looking back to my birth parents, I raised an eyebrow in question.

Artemis chuckled, "Gabriella has given me that look many time. This is the crest of our people. It is only worn by the royal family and as you are the last of us, unfortunately, we figured it was time you had it back. We removed it and sent it here when we placed you in this realm so that you could have it when you were ready. It is key to getting back to our realm and when you have begun your training, we will be there to assist you in coming into your wings."

I held it reverently. This was the last link to my people. The last item I had of my parents. I slipped it around my neck without a word and walked to retrieve my bag.

Opening the door, I looked over my shoulder at the two women who gave me life and gave theirs so that I could continue in this world safely, "I'll see you both later."

With a final nod, I walked out of my room. The door closing behind me as spelled. I took a deep breath and started towards the door of the common room when suddenly, two sets of arms enveloped me.

"Hermione!" Twin voices shouted in unison.

Startled, I started to shrug them off before I saw the platinum hair of one of them and instead turned into the embrace. Their familiar excitement I could deal with after the information overload of last night.

"We were concerned when we did not see you in the dorms before the fairies assured us that you were safe." Luna said as they stepped back.

"Yeah, I have my own room and that is just one of the things I have to tell you both, but first … Breakfast!" I said as I linked arms with them both and lead them out of the common room to start our first official day at Hogwarts.