Veela et Ange

Chapter 11

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Hermione POV

I can recall sitting my parents down and explaining to them everything that was to take place as well as the signs to watch out for. Even expecting it to happen, when the transformation first began, I was scared.

Flashback … First Saturday of Summer Break between First & Second Year

My body had we begun to heat up and I began to sweat profusely. My mum sensing the change immediately rushed to my side with a dish towel in hand.

"It's time, isn't it? Your change has begun." She stated really rather than asked me as she set the cool towel across my head.

The pain began to rise within me instantaneously and I was unable to much other than nod. While I still was able to think clearly, I reached into my pocket and pulled both boxes given to me the week before.

Taking the feather in my hand and the key gripped in my other, I exhaled as I felt a pull within my stomach as it seemed to encompass me until I was no longer in the living room of my childhood home and instead I was before a large set of French doors.

Seeing the place for the key in the center of one of the doors, I pushed the key into the slot and turned it slightly. As soon as it clicked, the key vanished and the doors opened. Stumbling through the entryway, I was all at once surrounded by the spirits of my ancestors. Looking around, I saw many familiar faces from the portraits in my room at Hogwarts. Before I could speak, I doubled over in pain and fell to the floor.

"Do not try and fight it, lass. Just breathe and allow it to follow through you." Gabriella urged as she stepped forward. Kneeling next to me, she continued, "You'll feel it like a thick liquid moving over you. Starting in your core and spreading outwards. Just allow it to envelop you."

Her voice became the anchor I could focus on as I breathed and did as she directed. As I stopped trying to fight against the pain, it spread and moved until I felt like I was within a tub of goo except I was able to breathe.

Taking deep breaths, I was able to see my surroundings clearly for the first time. My ancestors were all around me and seemed to be glowing. It was then I realized I was glowing as well. Looking down at my hands, I could see that it was more than just a glow. Colors were swirling around me and through me. Finally, they settled on a shade of lilac and I was able to sit up.

"What exactly just happened ?" I asked as the pain that had been so intensely ebbing through my system stopped and I was able to stand.

As I did, I realized that I was face to face with one of my mothers and reached out as if to touch her, but as quickly as I had, I stopped myself when I saw the sad look cross her face.

Shaking her head, she answered my unspoken question, "We are all here, but you are not able to touch us. As to what happened, your body was being attuned to the magic of our home as it sought the angel within you. Searching and confirming you are of royal blood. The lilac glow is one of the royal family only."

"Alright then. What is next?" I asked as I felt my magic begin seeping into my bones and a different pain began.

My face must have expressed my general discomfort as Artemis spoke, "Yes, you feel it starting already. Your body is changing rapidly. Beginning on a micro level with your very bones and over the next 24 hours, your outwardly appearance will change as well." She directed me to a alter that I had not paid attention to until now.

As I walked up the step, I heard a pop and Lucy appeared next to me.

"Lucy is here to care for her Mistress as she begins the final stages." The little creature stated proudly.

Reaching forward, she took a bowl filled with a achromatic liquid. Turning towards me she placed the bowl in my hands.

"Lucy prepared this just as Valentine specified. Valentine prepared for your mum, just as Lucy prepared for her Mistress."

Looking back at my mothers, the both nodded.

"It's' a potion that will allow you to sleep as the changes occur and you will only wake once the changes have been completed." Artemis advised gently.

Bringing the bowl to my lips, I drank the tasteless, odorless liquid. Almost immediately, I began to feel tired.

Lucy took my hand and guided me to the bed sitting just behind the table.

As I laid there, I could only think of all the members of my bloodline going through this change with all the ancestors around and resting on this very bed.


I was uncertain how long I had been asleep, but as I awoke, I could feel my body was different. Laying there, I felt the muscles in my body more prominently than I ever had. Sitting up, I saw that I had been changed from my jeans and jumper into a blue tunic similar to the ones my mothers always wore. My feet were bare.

Turing to the edge of bed and moving to stand, I felt the muscles in my arms tense suddenly and then I was able to sense more than anything that there was something behind me. Looking over my shoulder, I saw the edges of feathers.

Hesitantly, I reached back, as I did, the air was displaced as a wing was suddenly in front of me. In shock, I reached forward with my other hand and felt the downy feathers at the top of wing.

As I stood, Lucy appeared next to me a large mirror levitating in front of her and for the first time, I was able to see the full extent of my transformation.

I no longer stood at my 4'5" eleven year old self, in place of my previous reflection, I now stood at 5'6". I saw each of my features were more defined. Looking at my face, I saw that my previously rounded cheeks had evened out and came to a point at my chin. My tamed chestnut hair had once stopped my shoulders, but as I shifted more, I saw was now midway down my back and had highlights of amber, auburn and even some hints of blonde.

Due my position, I was able to fully take in my wings for the first time. The tops were just slightly above my shoulders and extended outwards for several feet. I was amazed by their coloring. The wingspan directly across were ultramarine, moving down to french navy, azure, cornflower, baby blue and the tiniest ones at the bottom were the lightest shade of powder blue. The all seemed to sparkle as if they'd been sprinkled with luster dust.

"I see you are taking to your new appearance well." I heard the heavy accented voice of my mother, Gabriella, state, her voice was even more clear than previously.

Turning to face my ancestors, my mothers standing proudly in front. The glow they'd had even more prominent and the colors of the various tunics popped more.

"Yes, I was just admiring my new wings." I confirmed. As I spoke, I raised a hand to my throat I confusion. My voice had changed as well; No longer did hold the rasp it previously did.

Artemis stepped forward and stated, "Your body did not just undergo physical changes. As the angel manifested with you and you became attuned to the full power of the royal blood, many characteristics about you have been altered. This is your true appearance. As you age, you will continue to grow taller and your physique will become even more defined."

I nodded to show I understood.

"Good. Now all we have to do is teach you just how to use all your new powers and of course the most important lesson … How to fly." Artemis said with a smile.

All my ancestors broke into laughter at the look of abject terror that crossed my face.

Flashback end …

I spent almost two years in the angel realm learning everything my mothers and ancestors felt I needed to know at that point. Returning to the wizard of realm, I was more mature and had deeper understanding of myself. It took some adjustment on my part after having spent so much time away to grasp that I had been gone for two months time here.

My adopted parents were thrilled to see me after having only been given updates as to my well being from Lucy. We spent the last month of my summer vacation in muggle Ireland with the Lovegoods enjoying being a tourist. I couldn't have asked for much else aside from having Fleur with me.

During my time at my home in the angel realm, I learned that for my kind, finding our mate at such a young age isn't unheard of and Isabelle had been right to separate us. My ancestors had told me stories of the other angels who had been mated and allowed to remain together. Their full potential was never recognized as they were so dependent on each other that key life moments weren't able to have the same effect. Knowing this, I was able to let go of much anger I been carrying since the beginning of the term.

My second year at Hogwarts began and ended without much occurring. The student body seemed to be even more enamoured with me; All of my mothers warned that this. Artemis and Gabriella in particular warned that now the angel had arisen, people would try and flock to me. They were correct. Last year, I was the freak because of my penis, but I seemed to be sought after that year. I was more than happy for it to end.

During the last week, Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall has come to see. I was relieved to say the least.

Flashback … Last week of Second Year

"Hermione." I heard call as I was leaving the Great Hall.

Looking toward the voice, I saw Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall walking to me.

"Yes, Headmaster?" I questioned.

"We were hoping to speak with you before you left for break." Headmaster Dumbledore answered.

"Of course, sir." I moved it of the doorway as more students began to leave.

"Perhaps we could take a walk and discuss something rare with you." Professor McGonagall suggested.

I nodded and the three of us made our way out the main doors. We walked in relative silence towards the quidditch pitch.

"Hermione," Professor McGonagall started, "A few of your professors were talking and it seems this year, as was the case last year, you finished the majority of your school work within the first month of term and the remainder prior to the second month. Is that correct?"

"Yes, professor. When given my school books over the summer, I had read all of the material before term started. Once classes began, I was given the syllabus and since the assignments and when they were due were outlined, I began to complete them early. One of the fourth years noticed and gave me some of her books from third year and I begun to read it. It was all very simple actually." I answered honestly as we came to a stop on the sidelines of the quidditch pitch.

"Just as I suspected." Headmaster Dumbledore muttered before continuing, "It is indeed very rare that we have a student with your overwhelming aptitude; Only two since I began my tenure as Headmaster and even they were not at your level. Hermione, we wish for you to be able to flourish and be challenged here at Hogwarts.

With that in mind, we would like to test you to see if you can be placed in one of the higher years. Due to your age, we were considering allowing you to skip at least two years. If you can successfully pass all the tests given, next year instead of beginning your third year, you would begin your fifth."

I was shocked to say the least. If I began my fifth year, I'd just be turning 13. I would graduate when I was 15. In my state, I expressed those thoughts out loud.

Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall laughed at my utterance.

"That's right!" Headmaster Dumbledore exclaimed clearly excited.

Professor McGonagall having gotten control of herself asked seriously, "Do you think you can do it?"

Looking at the both of them, I answered confidently, "Absolutely!"

Flashback end …

We arranged a time for my adopted parents and I to come back to Hogwarts within the first month of summer break so that I could meet with each of my professors and take whatever test they designed for me covering the material from the third and fourth year material. I was happy I had always loved to read as most of the material I had read and I would have enough time to learn what I didn't before I was to be tested.

Almost exactly a month later, I sat with each of my professors and took each test with confidence in my independent study. It took all day to complete all of the tests, but by the end of the day, I stood in front of the head table in the Great Hall with parents. Standing there, it seemed like forever before Headmaster Dumbledore congratulated me and announced that in the upcoming term, I would indeed be a fifth year student.

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