Veela et Ange

Chapter 6

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Hermione POV

Time skip …

I stood with my parents at platform 9 ¾ and thought about the journey I was about to embark on. There was something telling me that I was finally taking the steps to be truly happy again. The conversation with Isabelle still fresh in my mind.

Flashback … Three weeks ago ...

"I'm not human, am I?" I asked directly.

"What? Of course, you are, sweetie." Leila replied as she wrapped an arm around me.

"No, I don't think so." Hermione replied softly.

"You are correct in your thinking. You aren't human. You are something that until I saw you that first night in this very room eleven years ago, I believed to be extinct, through no small feat, I assure you. You, my dear Hermione, are an angel." Isabelle claimed.

My mum and I were silent for awhile and then I stood and walked to the back door. Not opening it, but simply looking out.

"I think I've always known. I mean, I dream of the clouds and the world as if everything was upside down, so I'm not really shocked." I stated still looking out the back door. Without turning, she continued, "Does Fleur know?"

My mum gasped. I looked at her questioningly, but she shook her head not wanting to really interrupt.

Looking back at me, Isabelle answered, "She has always known you weren't human, but no, I haven't explained to her what you are yet. I knew I would have to explain it to you and then give the option to explain yourself or I could do so. There is a lot to tell you and I wanted you to have this information before you went to Hogwarts and through puberty because your body and your abilities will be triggered."

"I've thought of her every minute for the last 8 years. Not really able to show the grief because it is so crippling that I'd do nothing else aside from what I've had to if it were really up to me, but I couldn't because I knew it would make my parents relocate. To move away from the one place that I can still see her in, because of the memories we shared in this house, in that yard.

I've thought of what I would say to her if I was to see her again, and I can't ever get words out. So I think if you explain to her this, it may be better so she knows." I said as she leaned against the back door with her arms crossed, though it seemed she was talking to herself for the most part.

"I don't have a problem with that Hermione. I hope you know that what you are isn't important to her. As long as she has you, she will always love you. That is our way. I'll leave you some books so that you understand the Veela and some on Angels, though text on your kind is very scarce." Isabelle stated.

I finally turned and looked at them, taking in what Isabelle said before nodding for her to continue.

"Over the years, I've spent a great deal of time trying to find information for you, about you, your birth parents and how it is that you came to be here." Isabelle paused and looked at me.

"What did you find out? Are they, any of them, still alive?" I asked quietly.

Isabelle sighed, "I have found out a great deal and unfortunately, not a lot of good. There are a few still around. Slowly coming out of hiding after the purge that caused the death of so many of your people. Among the ones who are still in hiding include your uncle; No one else in your family has survived and even he is still considered among the missing as no one has seen him in decades.

You, however, my dear Hermione, are the last of the royal family. Angels were the guardians wizarding world. Over the years they helped guide and motivate the wizarding world during the war against Grinwald and later against Voldemort. Providing witches and wizards with the strength they did not believe they had in order to defeat those who wanted power without being directly involved unless needed.

Due to their abilities to influence, Voldemort and his followers began killing the angels. A difficult task, but with very dark magic that many were too frightened to use, he was able to cause massive killings until there were only a few that remained and without being able to help the wizarding world nearly succeeded in his quest. However, your parents, the Queens sacrificed themselves in order to stop him once and for all.

That night I came and Apolline stated Fleur had found her mate, I knew you had to be someone remarkable to jump start the bond so early. When I saw you, I knew you were an angel. I knew you were likely the last of your kind and I knew you two would surpass us all in everything you attempted." Isabelle stated with conviction.

I nodded again taking in all the information she provided.

"That's why you had my parents train me, isn't it? The self defense, kickboxing, Muay Thai, archery. That's what I would have learned had I grew up with my birth parents." I asked as I processed everything.

"Yes, that's correct. The training and disciple will come in handy once you grow your wings." Isabelle answered.

"Wings?!" My mum exclaimed.

Isabelle chuckled, "Yes, she will develop wings as her powers grow. Likely this time next year, from the research I've done, but she is more advanced, so that's really a guess on my part."

"Is that why I have a …" I trailed off as I looked at my pants.

My mum laughed at that and supplied, "A penis, dear."

I blushed slightly and replied, "Yes! Okay. Is that something that's normal in my family?"

Isabelle laughed too, before she replied, "I'm not entirely certain. I know that it wasn't uncommon for female angels to have them. Depending on who their mate would be, whether or not their were siblings to carry on for the family. Children are the most sacred to angels so the body developed in order the continue on the race and for the continuation of the family line."

I nodded and continued on to change the subject, "So what happens now? I mean, I'm seeing you for the first time that I can actually remember. Does this mean I can see Fleur now?"

Isabelle sighed and I knew I would not like her answer, "You can, yes, but we cannot bring you together. You must find and reconnect with each other without our influence."

I was a little upset seeing as we had been separated by their influence, but I just turned and looked out the back door where I'd spent so much time with my mate. I could hear Isabelle and my mum talking, but I tuned them out as I thought about Fleur and knowing that when we reconnected, nothing could separate us.

Present time …

"Are you alright, dear?" My dad asked as I stopped near my trolley.

"I'm fine, dad. Just ready to start school. " I answered. My parents laughed and nodded.

We'd gone to Diagon Alley the same day Isabelle came and gotten everything I needed for school, including a pet. I wanted a ferret, but my parents thought I should get an owl instead and I found Star, an intelligent owl who was from a French hatchery. I was able to keep up with my French over the last few years and Star was apparently trained and responded to only French so I was glad to be able to keep up with it. I looked as she sat in her cage with my other luggage and smiled. She was my constant companion over the last few weeks and I knew we'd always have a special bond.

As I crossed through the barrier and immediately heard my name being called. I looked up and saw the two girls who had become my best friends since I met them all those years ago. Luna and Kiyoko came running up to me with Xeno trailing behind him with his wife Harley.

I opened my arms knowing that they would wrap me up in a twin hug that I had grown accustomed to after months of telling them not to touch me. Right on cue, the both fell into my arms and squeezed me before stepping back and hugging my parents and I hugged theirs.

"So glad to see you, Hermione." Harley said as she pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"Same to you." I replied.

She and my mom had become great friends and had together taught me to tame my previous lion mane into the graceful curls they were now.

"Ready for your sorting ceremony?" Xeno asked as his daughters stepped back in front of him and his wife and my parents came to stand behind me.

"Yes, sir. As long as I don't get stuck with that Ronald boy, it'll be a success." I replied with a scowl. Remembering it was his and his friend, Harry, who teased me into wanting to cut my hair before mum and Harley stepped in.

"I'm sure that whatever house you get in, you'll be amazing." My dad stated.

I agreed silently and pledged to stay away from those kids. I could see them with their families up the platform. Before anyone could say anything else, the horn blew signalling that the train would be leaving shortly.

Turning to my parents, I hugged them, then the Lovegoods' and started to board the train.

Kiyoko and Luna flanked me as we walked down the narrow passageway and into the first empty compartment we found. They took the seat across from me and I leaned against the window. The pain of my separation being worse than ever today.

"It'll be okay, Hermione. The fairies just have to settle once we get to Hogwarts." Luna said as she looked at Kiyoko who smiled in agreement.

"Thanks, you guys." I replied. Luna and Kiyoko always said the weirdest things. More Luna as she talked more, but Kiyoko was the level head between the two of them. Often guiding Luna when she would be lost in her world of creatures.

We sat in silence as was the norm for us as the train moved down the tracks and into the open countryside. Our peace was interrupted by the compartment door opening. There stood the very people who I had come to dislike the most; Harry, Ronald, Draco and a truly idiot, Seamus. Great.

"Look what we have here, boys. The airhead twins and the know it all." Ronald stated as he stepped into the compartment and his stupid gang of boys laughed as if he said the funniest thing.

"Why don't you find a different car, Ronald? This one is full." I stated without sparing him another glance.

"I don't think we will. What do you say, boys? We like this car, don't we?" He replied.

They all made some noise of agreement. Sighing, I just waved my hand and they were pushed back out into the hallway. With a flick of my wrist, the door closed in their faces and locked.

Kiyoko laughed lightly, "You really need to cool it with the wandless, non verbal magic. I told you, that's not something that is common for an 11 year old."

"Whatever. I can't deal with them today." I replied.

They both shook their heads with a smile.

The rest of the train ride and the boat ride to grounds was thankfully without incident. The older kids walked ahead of us, as the giant guy, Hagrid, gathered all the first years together to walk in together once everyone was settled. From Hogwarts: A History, I knew that we would be standing together until the Sorting Hat assigned our house for the next 7 years.

Finally, Professor McGonagall gathered us and opened the double doors. I stepped into the Great Hall for the first time and was immediately in awe. The ceiling reflected the night sky outside and the floating candles provided the most illustrious image. The room was filled with four rows of long tables, and one that sat at the back on a raised platform filled with the professors and in front sat a single table, scroll, stool and the Sorting Hat.

"I will call your name one at a time and you will take a seat on the stool. The Sorting Hat will decide which house you belong to and you will go to your new house." Professor McGonagall explained as she lead us to the front of the room and to a space just right of the Sorting Hat.

I knew with all of the kids, this would not be a fast process so I stood next to Kiyoko and Luna and tuned out most of the ceremony waiting for my name to be called.

One by one, each kid was called and sorted.

"Harry Potter" … "Gryffindor"

"Draco Malfoy" … "Slytherin"

"Seamus Finnigan" … "Gryffindor"

I tuned in when I heard, "Kiyoko Lovegood" … "Ravenclaw"

I smiled knowing that she was happy and then I heard, "Luna Lovegood" … "Ravenclaw"

At least they'd be together. I hoped I was sorted into Ravenclaw too. My only friends were there.

"Ronald Weasley" ... "Gryffindor"

Now I really wanted to stay away from there.

Slowly but surely, the kids around me dwindled down until finally, "Hermione Granger" was called.

Walking up, I sat on the stool and the Sorting Hat was placed on my head.

"Hmm … The long lost one has finally come out in public. With your lineage, you could go into any house. Gryffindor, the house of the brave, daring, nerve and chivalry. No? Are you sure? You could do great things there. Okay, how about Hufflepuff, the house of the loyal, dedicated and hard working? Yes, all those qualities you have in spades, but there is something else here. A thirst for something more. Slytherin would value your resourcefulness and ambition, but I know you have your heart set on the house of intelligence, knowledge and wit, so it'll have to be … Ravenclaw!"

"Thank you." I said with a smile as the Sorting Hat was removed and I made my way to Kiyoko and Luna.

"You were up there forever compared to the rest of us." Kiyoko said as I slide in between her and Luna and continued, "I thought you were going to Gryffindor the way that thing was acting."

"Yeah, me too for a minute there." I replied as I leaned against her.

The rest of the hall looked at us for awhile before watching the last of the sorting. Finally everyone was sorted and Dumbledore stood up and made a speech. Honestly, I was drained after the traveling and the pain in my heart to really listen. I passed through dinner in a blur, not really paying attention to anyone or anything. I think not being around my parents, the mask I kept up is fading.

Dinner came to an end and the prefects stood and announced that the first years should follow them. I stood to go as well but then I heard my name being called and turned to see Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall and Flitwick standing there.

"Yes, Professors." I replied.

"We'd actually like to speak with you about your housing for the next few years here with us." Headmaster Dumbledore stated.

I just got here so I knew there was nothing I could have done to get into trouble so I nodded and followed as they lead me to the Ravenclaw dormitories, but instead of heading up the stairs where I saw the girls going, they lead me to a door.

"What are we doing here, Professors?" I asked as we all stood there.

"This door leads to the rooms your mother held when she attended Hogwarts and it is warded for only you to be able to enter." Headmaster Dumbledore replied.

I looked at the door and them in shock.

"My mother went here?" I asked in a whisper.