Veela et Ange

Chapter 14

A/N: This is a bit shorter than I've written in awhile, but I wanted to give you guys something. I've been promoted (Yay!), but it sucks as I'm not going to have as much time to write anymore. My schedule is being reworked so this will have to tide you guys over for a little while until everything settles.

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Hermione POV

Previously in Veela et Ange:

The connection between us allowed my focus to shift to her completely and I lost control of the spell causing my wings to lose their transparency.

"Fleur! We must go inside." Madame Maxime called from just inside the doorway.

Fleur nodded her understanding and took my hand as she pulled me within the semi-circle that had formed around her. As soon as I was within it, they all began to move into the school.

Well Hogwarts just got that more problematic, I thought as I fought for control over my magic in order to hide my wings again. The issue was that my magic was flowing through me and seemed to be centered in my hand linked with Fleur's. I could not bring myself to break the connection now that she was standing right next to me.

As soon as we made it into the Great Hall, Fleur seemed to tense beside me.

Looking at her, I asked, "What's wrong?"

Shaking her head, she answered, "Not really wrong, but I must take part in the welcoming performance."

"So we have to let go." I stated as I looked down at our still joined hands.

She merely nodded. Taking a deep breath, I raised our connected hands and placed a kiss on her knuckles right above where the ring I'd given her rests and let go.

My magic immediately shimmered around me and I could tell my wings were no longer visible.

I stepped back just as the Hogwarts' students and professors began to file in. The Durmstrang lot as standing near the far wall behind the Slytherin table and the majority of the Beauxbatons were just off to the side near the main entrance.

"I'll save you a seat then." I stated and moved to the Ravenclaw table keeping my eyes on her the whole way.

She gave me a quick smile before she reluctantly turned and began to speak rapidly to Madame Maxime.

I turned and found that the entire student body was still focused on me. I took a seat next to Kiyoko and Luna as I waited anxiously for the welcoming of schools so that Fleur could be back by my side.

"You really are a freak." I heard from down the table.

Looking up, I saw Lavender sneering at me.

"Am I really?" I asked unfazed by her comment.

"Yes! First the penis, then you skip the normal third year classes, even though you're only 13, and now you've somehow sprouted wings." She exclaimed.

"I was born with gifted and with my sodding penis, just as you were born with little to no brain cells that causes you to speak before you think. As a gifted individual and been focused on my studies, I was able to accelerate my education in order to actually be somewhat challenged. My wings are the birthright of my people and I'm bloody proud to have them." I stated dismissively and turned to look at Fleur.

I heard Lavender sputtering, but before she could respond, Dumbledore was addressing us and welcoming the visiting schools for the luncheon and TriWizard tournament.

I watched in awe as the Beauxbatons performed their opening and with disinterest as the Durmstrang lot did.

Finally, Dumbledore was welcoming the guests to sit. Fleur made a beeline to me and the rest of her delegation followed. As they settled at the Ravenclaw table, the Durmstrang took their seat at the Gryffindor table next to us.

As Fleur was situated inbetween Luna and I, the Durmstrang boy, the one that stared at me when he arrived, sat next to Ronald. He'd picked a seat that allowed him to continue to stare at me. My gaze was diverted from him quickly as Fleur grabbed by hand and she became my focus.

I was still a bit in shock that she was here. She was even more breathtaking than I remembered. She had always been the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, I can remember thinking so as far back as my memory allowed, but I was glad my memories of her did her justice. She was thinner than I remembered and part of me was concerned, but I knew now this year and every other would come, I would be able to take care of her.

I'm not certain how long we spent just holding hands and looking at each other, but a throat clearing had us breaking eye contact.

Fleur slid closer to me and the hand that wasn't holding hers moved around her waist and pulled her even closer. I loved how she fit next to me; Her head nestled into my shoulder. I could imagine us clearly 10 years from now in this same position only without the audience.

"I'm sure you two would like to go back to your staring, but maybe you guys should actually eat." The African American girl across from me stated.

She was one of the Beauxbatons and she'd stayed close to Fleur when we separated.

Raising an eyebrow, I didn't respond and continued to look at her.

I wasn't quite sure what to make of her. There was an magic emitting from her that I recognized, but could not really place. I couldn't remember seeing her before and she spoke in a British accent rather in a French one as Fleur did.

"Have we met before?" I asked as the magic radiating around her seemed to settle; so familiar, yet not at the same time.

"No, I don't believe so and I would remember." She answered.

I hummed in response and still watched her as I tried to place why she seemed so familiar. Like I should know instantly who she is, but keep drawing a blank.

"This is my best friend, mon ange, Arabella Wellington." Fleur introduced, "Bella, this is my love, Hermione Granger."

I nodded appropriately in greeting.

"I know. You act as if she hasn't been all you've talked about these last few years." Arabella exacerbated.

Before either of us could respond, I felt someone settle on the either side of me.

Looking over, I didn't see anyone, but I felt a tug on my shirt so I glanced down and it was like looking 11 years in the past.

I was looking into the face of Fleur as I remembered her all those years ago. Confused, I glanced at my mate and saw she was wearing a smile.

"Mon ange, this is my baby sister, Gabriella." She stated proudly.

A smile stretched across my face as I looked at her again. Letting go of Fleur, I turned and opened my arms.

Gabriella squealed as she pushed forward to burrow into my arms. I laughed as I gathered her as close to me as possible.

My inner angel recognized my mate's family; I felt my wings begin to vibrate and began laughing even more.

Easing Gabriella back, I cupped her small cheek and delighted in being able to meet her. I told her as such and had to smile as she blushed beautifully.

"Seems you've charmed the whole family." Arabella stated as she continued to eat and watch us.

I wasn't certain what to make of her so I didn't respond aside from a shrug.

Gabriella settled back next to me and I noticed that a great deal of students were watching us and trying to act like they weren't.

Sighing, I advised Fleur we should eat so we could leave and be away from them as soon as possible. Agreeing with me, the three of us began to pull food onto our plates and eat lunch.