Veela et Ange

Chapter 4

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Hermione POV

I had just made it home after all my lessons for the day. The books that we'd picked up from the library sit untouched on the corner desk in my room. I laid down and felt the ache of the missing part of me. All day, I spend not thinking about it. Trying to keep up the façade of everything being okay because I knew my parents are watching for any sign of separation. Just waiting for a reason to get me away from Wizarding London and into the muggle world. I remember that conversation from right after she left me.

Flashback … March 5th, 1982

"Edmund, I'm concerned. She hasn't said anything in days." Leila said as she glanced at Hermione who was sitting in front of the back door.

"I know. She's eating and doing what she usually does with her workbooks, but she didn't even reply when she got the new book." Edmund replied as he wrapped an arm around his wife.

"Maybe we should take her away from here. I imagine she sees Fleur everywhere and it's like she's just waiting for her reappear. You know, going through the motions, but not actually living in them or enjoying them."

"Where could we go? Isabelle stated they would always feel the loss until they were back together. Is there truly anywhere we could go that she would be who she was without Fleur there?"

"I don't know. I don't, but we must try something."

"I think it would be worse. If something doesn't change soon, we'll talk seriously about it, but I cannot think to take her away from the one place that holds the most memories for her. They met and spent so much time here. We'll give her more time to adjust before we take that away from her."

"You're right. Okay. Okay."

They trailed off and just watched as their daughter watched nothing outside. The safe haven that was created for her and the one who loved her in a way they never could.

Pulling back from the memory of that talk hurt, but I knew then that I would have to put up a front. I couldn't allow them to see the crippling hole that was left inside of me by her leaving. I slowly, but surely let things go back to way they were. Making it seem like my love was an afterthought. Even as I changed and grew, the face of my love never left my mind's eye.

I was bidding time. I knew once I was able to go to school I'd meet her again. I didn't know how, but I knew it would be the key back to her.

Time Skip … September 16th, 1989

Fleur POV

It's been almost 9 years to the date since I've seen my mate. In those 9 years, a lot has happened. I began and have excelled at my Veela training. My Veela and I were so deeply connected, that I was able to produce magic that shouldn't be possible for one of my eleven years should have only ever heard of in the whispers of the elders. I was given a baby sister four years ago and I'm reminded that I was her age when I met my Hermione. It was due to that fact, that every time I looked at her, I saw flashbacks of my Hermione. No matter that Gabrielle was a blonde and Hermione had been a bronze haired cherub.

My Grandmere and maman have been trying to get me out of somber solitude to no avail. The years of separation had flown by and I was thankful as one of the shining moments I've been waiting for is finally here. I would start Beauxbaton's this week and my Veela had told me this would be the first step to getting our mate back.