Veela et Ange

Chapter 12

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Fleur POV

Sitting at the table I was still floored by the news my Papa had just announced. The TriWizard tournament was something that I had read about in a sporting book when I was teaching Gabrielle to ride a broom for the first time, but from the text, it seemed like it was not something that would ever take place.

I was sketching yet another charcoal picture of Hermione as I remembered the conversation that had taken place this morning.

Flashback …

"Fleur! Gabrielle! Could you both come down here, please?" I heard my Papa call as I was playing with Gabrielle in her room.

"Did you do something I should know about?" I asked as I looked seriously at the miniature version of myself.

"Non. Well, nothing that they would be able to pin on either of us." She replied as she made her way to the door.

"That is not actually reassuring, Gabby!" I hissed as I moved to catch up with her.

As we made it to the parlor, Papa was standing there with a wide smile on his face. It was rare that he was this happy when he came home. Papa was head of the Magical Creatures Rights and Protection at the French Ministry and often said his job involved more politics than protection.

Stopping in front of him, I looked down at Gabrielle as she leaned into my side. She was going to start Beauxbaton soon. The 7 years age difference between us had not been a deterrent for our bond to grow stronger. Aside from her, Arabella was the only person I actively spoke to. I could not wait for those two to get together more than the few hours over the summer.

Looking back at Papa, I asked, "What has you so excited?"

The smile on his face seemed to stretch even further as he answered, "You will not be spending this year at Beauxbaton!"

"What? Why not?" I asked confused.

Instead of answering, he simply handed me an envelope. I glanced at it and saw it had my name embossed on the front. Looking back at him, he nodded in indication that I should open it.

Breaking the seal, the envelope began to float in front of me and the card slide out. Reaching out, I read:

Fleur Isabelle Delacour!

It is of great privilege and honor that I, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster

of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry,

do invite you and guest of your choosing to experience and participate in the renewal

of a time honored competition and exchange

program, the TriWizard tournament.

Should you choose to accept, note that only a

select few of your classmates have been invited to participate in the exchange program and have

the opportunity to submit their name for a

chance to be one of the TriWizard champions.

Your Headmistress has selected you as one

of the worthy few to be included this year.

Note: Your guest may be anyone of your choosing so long as you have a way to contact them

in time to board the Beauxbaton carriage

on the 1st of September.

In the event of an issue, or you wish to

decline participation, you only need to send an

owl to myself or your Headmistress.

I do hope to see you amongst the congregation

come September and wish you a happy

summer vacation.

I wasn't sure how to react. I simply handed the invitation to Gabby who had been trying to lower my arm in order to read it and made my way back upstairs.

Flashback end …

The Veela within me was overjoyed at reading the invitation, shouting at me that this is what we had been waiting for. This was the event that would lead us back to our Hermione.

For that reason only, I would be ready for the trip come September 1st and for good measure, I would bring Gabrielle along. She had spent more moments than I could count asking me about her.

I remember the first time on her birthday all those years ago and since I spoke of her, Gabrielle had made sure to ask of her at every turn. Since her Veela awoke, she seemed to sense when her questions were becoming too much and would seize. I was grateful that I did not have to speak at such times.

As I waited for my Papa to bring the last of mine and Gabrielle's bags down and watched as my Maman gave Gabrielle some last minute warnings, I pulled the muggle device Arabella had given me for my 14th birthday. She called it an iPod. I was fascinated with it ever since she gave it to me.

Flashback …

I had just begun my 4th year at Beauxbaton and my birthday was rapidly approaching. It was no longer a day I really looked forward to since starting school.

I had not made any real friends, even having full control of my thrall, the Veela drew people to me. Most of the time, I could ignore them, but since I had received a birthday present from Gabrielle a few years ago, the boys and even some girls had taken to asking me out as if they were doing me a favor so that I did not spend my birthday alone.

This year, I had hopes to avoid most of the student body by locking myself in my room as soon as classes ended.

I was walking towards the kitchens in order to get a snack so that I would be able to tide myself over until breakfast when a hand suddenly grasped my arm and pulled me into a empty classroom.

My wand was immediately in my hand and in the face of my attacker. I was preparing to attack, when I recognized the person and let out a loud sigh.

"I almost petrified you! What would you have done then?" I hissed as Arabella looked at me with wide eyes.

"Uh … I might have broken your gift. I've been trying to find you all day and had to ask like 15 different students to get a lead on you. If I didn't know any better, I would swear you were avoiding me!" She replied.

"No, not you. Just the rest of the student body. Wait! Gift? What gift?"

"Well, a little bird told me it was your birthday. What kind of best friend would I be if I didn't get you something."

"A bad one, I suppose."


She dug into one of her cargo pockets and handed me a thin box.

Looking at it, I asked, "What is is?"

She chuckled and replied, "Open it and see, you goof!"

Raising an eyebrow, I opened and saw a small device with a glass screen across the front. Picking it up, it was lightweight and had a baby blue back. The word 'iPod' was stamped at the bottom.

"What is an 'iPod'?" I muttered in confusion.

Arabella outright laughed then.

"It's a device that you can do many things with." She pulled out another one only with a pink back and continued, "They can communicate with one another as well. Music can be added. You can play muggle games, read, watch t.v.. Anything really."



At my continued look of confusion, she sighed and said, "The boxes with the moving pictures you saw at my house."

Looking at the device in wonder, I asked, "I can watch the movers on here?"

She laughed lightly and stated, "Movie and yes."

Smiling, I put the iPod back in the box and set it down. Moving quickly, I hugged her and whispered thank you.

No one had given me such a thoughtful gift before. My parents got me books, which I loved, but that was about it. Gabrielle always sent me sweets saying that I did not eat them enough.

Flashback end …

I was pulled from my reminiscing by Gabrielle calling my name as they gathered around the floo that would take us Beauxbatons and to the carriage to get to Hogwarts. Taking a deep breathe, I walked towards them with one final thought … This was it.