Veela et Ange

Chapter 15

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Hermione POV

Thankfully, lunch ended without any additional comments from Lavender, but I saw her, Ronald and their little gang vanish quickly after Dumbledore dismissed us so I knew I would be on guard for the next few days.

The Ravenclaws seemed more than willing to give a tour to the visiting Beauxbatons; While the Durmstrang delegation, after a few choice words to the Gryffindors fanned out scouting out their new surroundings.

There was a large portion of the student body that seemed to gravitate towards me and lingered as I discussed with Fleur the options for the afternoon.

It was early enough that we would be able to talk alone and I would be able to show her the grounds before dinner took place.

As we stood to leave, Gabriella decided she wanted to see everything as soon as possible in order to decide where she could spend her free time. The smile on Fleur's face told me it would be more than just a place that she could relax this year. I decided I didn't really want to know and Arabella along with Luna and Kiyoko were dragged off to show her.

Fleur merely laughed as the three older girls were pulled from the Great Hall by the youngest member of the group.

We'd just reached the doors when Headmaster Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall appeared.

"Ms. Delacour, . I wanted to catch you both before you'd left. We were hoping to catch you before you retired for the afternoon." Dumbledore stated as he stopped in front of us. Before we could speak, he continued, "I'm sure you have a lot to discuss, but Ms. Delacour, we wanted you to know that any and all privileges that have been extended to Ms. Granger, do so apply to you and the Veela within your delegates."

"Thank you, Headmaster Dumbledore. I will be sure to advise them of this." Fleur stated with a smile.

Dumbledore opened his mouth to speak again, but Professor McGonagall stopped him with a simple wave her hand to get us moving.

With a small laugh, I wrapped an arm around Fleur and moved towards the Grand Staircase. When she moved to take the first step, I held onto her to keep her next to me, as she did, the staircase began to move.

At her gasp, I chuckled.

"They're known to do that. Most people believe it's at random and sometimes it is, but typically around lunch, they fall into a moving pattern and you can get turned around very quickly. I'll have a guide put together until you and the others figure it out." I advised and began to move up the first set of stairs.

We progressed this way for a few more minutes; stopping and going in order to avoid being dumped on some unknown floor.

When we finally came to the entrance of the Ravenclaw dormitory, I paused as a riddle appeared on the doorway and explained, "Each time you try and gain access to our dorms, it will generate a riddle. You'll have to answer correctly in order for the door to open."

"Really?" She asked amused, "And if I don't know the answer?"

I snorted and replied, "I'm not really certain. It's never asked me anything I couldn't answer."

"Hmm." She acknowledged and looked back at the riddle and read it aloud, "What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?"

With a smile, she answered, "A Man; Who crawls on four legs as an infant, walks on two legs as an adult, and walks with a cane as an elderly person."

The riddle disappeared and the door opened.

"Very good." I exclaimed and grabbed her hand to pull her inside. "This is the common room." I began as we looked around the grand room decorated in blue and silver. There were various tables scattered throughout the space and multiple couches in various sizes for people to sit alone or in groups. "Mostly used to hang out, do homework, or just relax inside. The stairs to the left lead to the girls dorms and the ones on the right lead to the boys. The doors underneath each staircase lead to the bathrooms." I pointed out as we looked around the large space.

"What do those doors lead to?" Fleur asked as she looked at the doors just right of the entrance.

"They actually lead to our destination … My room." I said as I pulled her over to the doors.

Right off, I felt the familiar magic wash over the both of us.

"What was that?" She asked.

"A type of blood magic. The wards that protect my room recognizing you." I replied just as the doors opened.

Fleur looked at me and back to the doors. I nodded toward them and she walked in. I walked in after her and the doors shut.

When she jumped, I reassured her that they were spelled that way. As she began to look around, a familiar pop sounded and Lucy appeared.

Having been looking forward to their interaction, I moved and sat in one of my chairs near the fireplace.

"The Lady! Yous be here! Lucy is so pleased to meet her Lady!" Lucy stated excitedly as she moved to stand in front of Fleur. Taking one of the gentle hands and placing it on her head, just as she did with me.

Lucy stood there shaking in excitement and Fleur stood there in stunned silence just looking at the little creature. I smothered the laugh that threatened to erupt as Fleur seemed to gather herself.

"It is nice to meet you as well, Lucy, was it?"

Lucy merely nodded her head as she kept hold of Fleur.

"Well, then hello. Your Lady? What does that mean, exactly!"

"I think that's something we'd better explain so that you and Hermione can get settled, mignon." My mother, Artemis answered.

Fleur looked away from Lucy and to the portrait above my fireplace.

Standing, I extended a hand and she immediately moved to grasp it. Putting my arm around her, we stood in front the fireplace.

"Fleur, I'd like you to introduce you to my birth parents. My mother Artemis and my màthair Gabrielle. Mums, this is my mate, Fleur Isabelle Delacour." I said proudly.

"It's nice to finally meet you, mignon." Artemis said as she took hold of her wife's hand.

"Likewise." Fleur replied before continuing, "You said you could explain what little Lucy meant."

"Yes, we can. As I'm sure you know by now, our Hermione isn't human. Like you, she is special." Artemis started. Fleur had a surprised expression on her face. Artemis chuckled and proceeded on, "Oh yes, we know of you, Fleur: Heir of the Delacour Clan and Princess of the Veela realm. Our kind have always been intertwined. Friendships and relationships going back centuries.

You and Hermione, however, are the first coupling between two royal members. That alone makes your relationship so much more treasured. Hermione is the only surviving member of the royal family. My brother passed away a decade ago. There are others out there; In hiding. That will soon not be the case, though.

Your reunion will be the start of the emergence of our kind and will rebuild our realm to what it was and even better. As the wards recognized that you were together, a kind of beacon was sent throughout our kingdom and they will return in knowledge that the royal family is prepared to guide and protect them. She is, or will shortly be, crowned the Queen of kingdom and as her mate, you will be known as the Lady. This title is just as important for the family as the public declaration that you are also referred to as Queen Consort.

Those within the castle, which is still vast and protected in our realm, will refer to you as the Lady as you will have as much power and say as Hermione. Your mating is one of equality for the angels as it is for the Veela."

Fleur was silent as she took this in.

"I am understanding all of this, but for one thing." Fleur questioned.

"Oh?" Artemis inquires.

"Hermione is 13. Surely this young to take on such a title. I know she is gifted and advanced. Though it may seem silly as you are all but gone, but such responsibilities should not rest on her yet." Fleur replied.

My mothers and I laughed. Then even more so st get annoyed expression on her lovely face.

"We don't mean to laugh at you, lass. You are correct. In this realm, she is seen as a 13 year old girl, but as she spent time in our realm for two years, we've already celebrated her 13th and 14th birthdays. She will in fact be turning 15 in a matter of days.

Still young, mind you, but she is in fact coronation age. We've already discussed her returning to our home in order to do so on her birthday." Gabrielle explain as we gathered control over our unexpected laugh.

Fleur looked at me for confirmation and I merely smiled and kissed her temple.

"Don't worry. I have been prepared for this. After we talk, you will be able to prepare as well. It's a very simple event." I stated as I pulled her up the staircase to the second floor. As we settled on the couch, I continued, "This is actually a great way to begin talking about what has occurred these past years."