Veela et Ange

Chapter 2

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Isabelle POV

I leaned back in my office chair with a sigh trying to figure out how so much time had passed already. It seems like just yesterday I'd meet baby Hermione and hoping that time would not pass too quickly. I guess you can hope for something, but you cannot stop the inevitable.

Fleur's training would begin in a few months' time and the separation between heirs would have to begin. I'd spent the last two years gathering everything I could on the lost angel and I knew she'd be even more powerful than I originally thought.

I couldn't put off talking to her for much longer. I knew she'd start to manifest and randomly sprouting wings is not something even wizards are equipped to see. Over the past two years, I have found out her origins and with the proof left behind, set up everything at Gringotts' so that by her 11th birthday, she would have access to the enormous fortune left to her. That gave me a deadline to explain everything about who, what and how she is who she is. I know myself well enough to know that I would continue to put it off otherwise.

Standing, I made my way out of my office to have a talk with Fleur first. She needed to prepare for the separation as much as possible or her Veela would go into a rampage as soon as her 5th birthday came.

"Fleur! Pouvez-vous venir ici? Il faut qu'on parle. " (Can you come here? We need to talk.) I called as I made my way to the stairs. I knew she was probably in the study downstairs working on her primary assignments.

"Oui, Grand-mère. Quelque chose ne va pas?" (Yes, Grandmother. Is something wrong?) She asked as she made her way up the stairs to me.

Extending a hand as she made it to the top. I turned, with her in tow, back towards my office and to the small, but comfortable couch in the corner.

Sitting down, I replied, "Non, pas nécessairement mauvais, mais nous devons parler." (No, not necessarily wrong, but we must talk.)

She nodded as she sat back against the cushions and asked, "C'est sur ma formation et mon compagnon, n'est-il pas?" (This is about my training and my mate, isn't it?)

"Oui, je crains que c'est. Vous vous souvenez de ce qui se passerait, corriger?" (Yes, I'm afraid it is. You remember what would happen, correct?)

"Malheureusement, je le fais. Je dois dire au revoir. Je ne sais pas comment vous m'attendez. De juste marcher loin? J'ai passé ces dernières années être avec elle tous les jours. Donc, pour que tout d'un coup juste rester à l'écart, je ne vois pas comment cela ne nuira pas à nous deux." She replied as tears began to fall from her beautiful blue eyes.

(Unfortunately, I do. I must say goodbye. I just don't know how you expect me to. To just walk away? I've spent the last few years being with her every day. So, to suddenly just have to stay away, I don't see how this won't hurt us both.)

I could not imagine the pain she's going at the thought. I met my wife well into my 20's and we've rarely been apart since. Though that was the case for a bond between Veela, we knew what to expect early on.

Wrapping my arm around her, "Je ne peux pas imaginer ce que sera comme pour vous, un doux, mais vous savez comme moi que ce n'est jamais arrivé avant. Je n'ai pas un précédent pour aller là-dessus. Je ne peux que faire ce que je pense est le meilleur pour vous et pour votre compagnon. Vous va se greffer, mais vous êtes aussi moins jeunes que nous devons penser à ce sujet aussi bien."

(I cannot imagine what this will be like for you, sweet one, but you know as I do that this has never happened before. I don't have a precedent to go to on this. I can only do what I think is best for you and for your mate. You will be bonded, but you are also so young that we must think about that as well.)

"Compréhension et sachant que vous avez raison ne fait pas cela tout plus facile. Je savais qu'il viendrait un temps où je dois rester à l'écart, mais je sens que je perds mon cœur, et nous ne parlons pas de l'idée de ce qui se passe. Pouvons nous pas accélérer la chronologie? Je dois faire quelque chose ou je vais passer toute pensée de jour du porteur de ballon pour elle!"

(Understanding that and knowing that you are right does not make this any easier. I knew there would come a time when I would have to stay away, but I feel like I'm losing my heart and we are only talking about the idea of this happening. Can we not speed up the timeline? I must do something or I will spend all day thinking of running back to her!)

I had a feeling this would happen. The thought of being apart from our destined one makes the Veela within us anxious, Fleur being so young, her impulse would be to just go back and stop the pain the simplest way possible. Distraction is the only way to deal with it. The angel within Hermione will feel the absence, so I'll have to speak with her parents to begin her training as well.

"Si c'est ce que vous choisissez, Fleur, mais sais une fois que la séparation commence, vous ne pouvez pas revenir en arrière. Autant que votre Veela voudront vous. Vous devez lui permettre de croître car votre Veela devra se développer afin que vous soyez dépendants les uns des autres."

(If this is what you choose, Fleur, but know once the separation begins, you cannot go back. As much as your Veela will want you to. You must allow her to grow as your Veela will need to grow so that you are not dependent on each other.)

She was silent as she thought about my words before standing and looking well past her 4-year-old self.

"Je comprends. Je dois en parler avec elle. Expliquer ce qui se passe. Je ne peux pas laisser cela à ses parents et nous devons obtenir le cadeau. Elle aura elle besoin autant que j'aurai besoin de savoir qu'elle a."

(I understand. I must speak with her about it. Explain what is happening. I cannot leave that to her parents and we must get the gift ready. She will need it as much as I will need to know she has it.)

"Bien sûr. Nous pouvons le faire dès que possible. Je vais vous expliquer à ta mère. Pourquoi n'allez-vous pas rest?" I recommended as I stand with her.

(Of course. We can do so as soon as possible. I will explain to your mother. Why don't you go rest?)

"Je vais." (I will.) She replied as she walks down the hall to her room and closes the door.

Watching her door close, I made my way downstairs to explain all this to my daughter. I knew Fleur wanted to just have the separation down, but I would give a few more months to enjoy her mate, even with the timeline in place, she would need these memories.

Fleur POV

As I closed the door to my bedroom, I could only imagine that being separate from my family will be the new normal for me. I can already feel it creeping in. The frustration of this is beyond what I can put into words and as fortunate as I to have my mate for these last few years, it is also the worst curse because I the time apart will be the ultimate test.

Laying on my bed, I tried to clear my mind and not think about Hermione and the fact that she is all over this room, over this house. As I'm looking around, I can only remember the memories of us in this room and how she would always curl into me when we laid in this very bed taking our afternoon naps.

Closing my eyes, I tried to think of the necklace I would design for her. I would be something that she would see and think of me. In accordance with Veela customs, it would be a link to me and react in temperature, depending on my mood. I could only envision the chaos if something were to happen to me and she not know.

Sighing, I tried again to clear my mind so that I could have at least some peace.

Hermione POV

I was sitting at the small desk in our family room working on my math workbook when I felt a sharp pain in my heart.

Grasping my chest, I tried to take a deep breath and power through it.

Sensing I was no longer alone, I straightened in my chair and looked at the doorway to see my mum standing there watching me.

"I don't know how you always know when someone is here." Realizing I was holding my chest, she walked towards me asking, "Are you okay, love?"

I quickly dropped my hand and answered, "Yes, I'm not certain what it was. I just felt that someone I cared for was in a great deal of pain."

"Well, your father and I are fine. Could it be Fleur?"

"It could be, but I've never felt her like this before."

"Isabelle said your bond would grow, especially with you finding each other so young."

"Hmm … That maybe it. It seems to be fading though."

"You can talk about it the next time you see each other."

Nodding, I realized she was probably coming to see me for a different reason.

"Was there something you needed, Mum?"

"Yes, just wanted to see if you needed any help with your work."

Looking back at my workbook, I saw that I had completed the last of the problems.

"No. I actually finished this workbook."

"The whole book? How? It included multiplication and division. We haven't even gone over that yet."

Shrugging my shoulders, "I figured it out. It wasn't that hard."

She continued to look at me seemingly speechless.

"I'm going to play outside until dinner, if that's okay."

Still dazed, she just nodded yes.

With a smile, I walked outside and laid down on the soft grass.

I don't know what it was about the sky, but I always envision being in the clouds. Surrounded by them, ever since I was a baby, I dreamed about being up there with these huge white and gold wings that would take me wherever I wanted to go. I had already figured out just based on appearances that the people I called Mum and Dad aren't my actual parents. I don't know where my actual parents are or how I came to be here, but when I sleep I know I'm dreaming about my actual home.

Closing my eyes, I feel the pain from earlier returning only more muted almost as if its' settling into me knowing it would be here for a while.

Something was about to happen that would change the course of my life and I knew it wouldn't be good. I could only hope that it would not last long as I knew I could not stop it from occurring.

Opening my eyes to look at the clouds, I notice there is only one in the sky.

It resembles a flower.

Time Skip … December 4th, 1981

Fleur POV

Today was the day. I would be saying good bye to mon amour today and I would not be seeing her again until who knows when really. Looking down at my hand, I see the necklace I created for her. It was what I knew would be my flowers. I remember the day they presented.

Flashback … November 20th, 1981

My Veela started to show signs today and I knew it wouldn't be long before she came in completely, but she was just giving me nudges towards certain things. See in Veela culture, we each had a flower. Some even had more than one. My Grand-mére told me that those with multiple have all been some of our most powerful. I didn't want to say anything, but I knew I had two. From the stories, my Grand-mére told me, they would eventually come together and would create a unique tattoo that would appear permanently once Hermione and I mated.

I was walking in the garden after my lessons and they were in bloom and my Veela made me go over to them. After I touched the first one, a little bud appeared on my left arm. It melted away like ink, but I knew it would be back. As I sat, another flower, a different one, appeared on my right arm and faded away on as well. I knew it would be the flower I used as the token to give to my Hermione.

I spent hours researching them both after that. I knew I had to understand them and how they would relate to my mate if I was going to impart a piece of myself, of the bond with Hermione into the protection she would need during our time apart. I would have to tap into something I didn't fully understand to create the gift for her.

After my research, I could not think of better flowers to symbolize our bond.

The first was marigold; From what I read, it is a typically not a good flower to bestow. Generally referring to despair or grief over the loss love, remembering and celebrating the dead. The first I understood immediately due to the keen sense of loss we would each feel from our necessary separation, but as I continued to research I learned it held hope. Symbolizing winning the affections of someone through hard work, promoting cheer and good relations in a relationship and creativity and the drive to succeed. All things I hoped would grace the life long bond Hermione and I were to share. The last things I learned about it, I knew were a direct correlation to the mysterious part of my mate for she was certainly the beauty and warmth of the rising sun that keep me taking each day in and a sacred offering to the Gods.

The second one that appeared was the lily, specifically the stargazer symbolizing wealth, prosperity, humility and devotion. I was elated when I read this as I knew that no matter the time we would spend apart, when we joined again, our relationship would be glorious.

It may seem like I'm reading a lot into how they would affect our relationship, but the flowers of a mated Veela pair were an indication of their bond. A symbol that all could see and if understand the meaning of flowers, would be the representation of how their lives would entwine not just with each other, but with the Veela community they are a part of.

"Fleur. Êtes-vous prêt à partir, chérie?" (Fleur. Are you ready to go, sweetie?) Maman asked pulling me from my thoughts.

Realizing I was still looking at the necklace, I raised my head and nodded as I walked over to her. I was not in the mood to speak with anyone. The last few days, I had only spoken when absolutely necessary, otherwise, I used nonverbal communication.

I knew my Grand-mére and maman were worried from their reactions, but I could not seem to bring myself to shake the sadness that had settled over me.

Taking my mother's hand, I felt the pull in my stomach as we apparated out and to the Granger's flat in England.

Hermione POV

December 4TH, 1981

I woke up today and knew instantly that it would not be a good day. The pain in my chest was worse today than it had been since it first appeared all the months ago. I knew I would find out today why it happened and hopefully I would be able to find out how long it would stay.

Looking at my dresser, I saw the gift I had purchased when the pain first came. I haven't been able to figure out why buying it was so important, but I knew it was for Fleur. I don't know when I was supposed to give it to her, but I keep the small box in my pocket every time I saw her just in case.

Standing, I made my way to get my clothes for the day. I wasn't sure what would happen, but I knew I could not put it off or avoid it. Making my way to the bath I knew my mother had set for me when she heard me moving around, I paused and waited for her to come back up from the kitchen where she would have been making breakfast.

We'd developed a routine over the last few years. Whether it was the time I woke or when she sat down for her afternoon tea as I worked on my studies.

"Morning, lovely." She greeted as we made our way into the bathroom.

"Morning, Mum." I replied as I always did.

That was as much of a talk as we had.

After I got out the tub, I walked back to my room to dress. As I finished, I reached for the small box as I did each morning, and opened the lid to look at the ring inside.

I wasn't sure what it was about the wings that were etched on the face, or the small yellow and blue diamonds that sat around the outline of them that made me feel so connected, but I loved it. I looked the small ring and was glad we went to a magical jeweler so that it would expand as Fleur grew older without having to worry about having it resized like muggles did.

The jeweler was even kind enough to spell it so that no one could take it from Fleur and added protection should she find herself in danger. He stated he no one should touch it aside from me until I gave it to Fleur because it would begin to recognize me the longer I kept it until Fleur would be able to use as a locater for me;essentially vibrating around her finger as I was near to her.

Putting into my pocket, I made my way downstairs and ate breakfast with my mum. Finishing quickly, I wanted to get my workbooks done as soon as possible so I wouldn't have any distractions from Fleur. Since I learned to speak last year, I started taking classes with her, until I started showing interest in math and English while she had taken an interest in Science and Art. Though we still found time while we were playing outside to talk about our favorite books.

Before I even realized it, I was done and a familiar pop was heard as Fleur and Apolline arrived.

Walking towards them, I faltered. The pain in my chest was back with a vengeance. It was radiating from Fleur. I knew today would be the day. Whatever this was about, I was going to face it head on.

"Bonjour, mon ange." (Hello, my angel.) Fleur greeted as always.

"Bonjour, mon amour." (Hello, my love.) I replied in kind.

She smiled softly, but not the one that usually reached her eyes.

Tilting my head, I asked, "What's wrong?"

Looking down briefly, I could tell she was steeling herself for what she was about to say.

"We need to talk about something." She said as she held out her hand.

I walked to her and intertwined our fingers. Before we could move, Apolline reached down and squeezed my shoulder. I nodded once in acknowledgement before I followed Fleur as she leads me outside.

Laying down on the soft grass, she keeps our hands connected and I say the only thing that I can think of that would have her this sad, "We're not going to be seeing each other anymore, are we?"