Veela et Ange

Chapter 9

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Hermione POV

I explained what happened last night and this morning to the girls. They had known I wasn't human, due to Luna's connection the her magical creatures. I had not explained what I was to them as I was still coming to terms with all of the changes that I knew would take place.

As we made our way down the staircase, Kiyoko advised me that people were talking about my sorting the night before; Coming up with theories about what the Sorting Hat meant when he called me the 'Long Lost One'. I knew that would cause some speculation and even more attention to me as a first year, but I would wait until something happened before I would concern myself with the small minded people I come to know many of the wizarding children were.

We'd just made it to the Great Hall and began making our way to the Ravenclaw table when I heard an unfortunate familiar screech of my name.

Turning, I came face to face with Ronald and his merry band of buffoons.

"Yes, Ronald?" I stated in the bland tone that had become my normal timbre with him.

"I heard you already getting special privileges here." He stated with a sneer.

"Oh? And with whom have you been conversing such things with?" I asked.

"Lavender. She stated she saw you coming out of a private room this morning as she was leaving your common room."

"And this concerns you or her for that matter, how?"

"You can't just be normal, can you?" Seamus stated in droll tone.

"Normal is boring, just like the likes of you. Where I am housed is not a concern for you or Lavender for that matter. I'm sure you all have something more productive to do than worrying about me; Like how you're going to actually pass your classes as I'm sure none of you have bothered to crack open any of your school books." I said with an air of finality and turned back towards the Ravenclaw table.

I had made it just a few steps when a hand reached out and grabbed my shoulder preventing me from going forward.

I looked down at the hand and then followed it to its' owner and came face to face with Ronald again.

"Was there something unclear about my dismissal of this conversation, Ronald?" I asked as I shrugged his hand off.

"We're not done here!" He exclaimed.

Sighing, I continued to walk away and advised, "If you wish to remain unharmed, I would suggest not encroaching my personal space again."

Kiyoko and Luna came back to my sides as we made it our seats.

They'd just sat down when I felt the air shift as I had become accustomed to with using spells.

I raised my hand and Protego charm erected around me and absorbed the spell.

I simply waved my hand and a gust of wind blew the four boys off their feet and they landed with a loud crash into each other.

Raising an eyebrow, I waited to ensure they were all down before I turned and sat between my friends. As I did, I heard the whispers immediately begin around me.

'She's a first year! Wandless / non-verbal magic takes a great deal of strength!'

'Why is she the only girl wearing the pants portion of the boys' uniform?'

'I told you she was weird.'

'I've been taking classes at the gym in London and she's always more advanced than everyone else.'

'It's a wonder the professors haven't said anything about this. None of them even tried to step in.'

Taking a deep breath, I reached forward to begin eating my breakfast. I was just trying to make it through the first day of classes and not even first period and I'm drawing so much attention.

Hopefully, I can get through the rest of the day without any additional incidents.

As I was finishing up my breakfast, I heard someone clear the throat. Looking up, I saw a girl sitting across from me was staring at me.

"Can I help you?" I said uncertain if she was going to cause me more trouble than I've had this morning.

"Cho Chang." She stated and extended her hand.

Reaching across, I shook her hand and stated clearly, "Hermione Granger."

"Yes, I know." She said with a smile before she continued, "I was just wondering why you had pants rather than a skirt as customary with the girls' uniform."

"I'm different. I was born with …" I started and hesitated as I didn't know how she would react.

"Hermione was born with a penis; So the skirt of the typical girls' uniform would have been very awkward." Luna stated in her airy tone.

I immediately heard Kiyoko say, "So sorry. You know how she is."

I just shook my head and looked at Cho and replied, "What she said."

The whispers erupted around me again and rather than stay and listen, I stood from the table and nodded before making my way out of the Great Hall and to my first class of the day.

Fleur POV

Yesterday was the start of my 3rd year at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic and I could the Veela within me grow more restless each day that we were without our Hermione. My Grandmère had come home a few weeks ago and told me about my Hermione's heritage and what she truly was. Upon learning that she was an angel, that was still taking some getting use to, and royalty no less.

My mate was essentially the last surviving member of the royal family to what was overall an extinct race. I cannot even begin to imagine how she must be dealing with that information. I can only be grateful for her parents sacrifice as I would not like to avoid the idea of war for as long as possible, but I also grieve for the amazing women they must have been for having giving their lives and never truly knowing Hermione as a daughter as much as I grieve for my mate to have never known her true family and the ways of her people as a babe.

Thinking of the time I spent with her makes me regretful of the memories Gabrielle will not have with me. I was never the big sister she deserved. I had been there, but not really all there. That actually describes every moment I've had since I was last connected with my Hermione those 9 years ago. The two years it was just me were spent with a wall around me and the rest of my family. I can remember Gabrielle being born and sticking close to her even as I stayed behind that wall.

Flashback … Gabrielle's Second Birthday

I woke this morning and couldn't help but make another sketch of my Hermione. As I look around my room, I see the many I've draw of her over the last several years. They littered my walls and I was thankful for having such a great memory as I was able to draw some of the best memories I had of her to look at as a tangible reminder that the separation would be worth it.

I was just concentrating on the sketch when a barely there knock sounded at my door.

"Fleur! Will you come and play with me?" the tiny voice of my baby sister called from the other side of my door.

Sighing, I laid my head back against the bed as I sat my sketchbook ontp the floor and replied, "Not now, Gabrielle. I promise I will come and watch you later."

"But it's my birthday, Fleur! Please?" she pleaded.

I concede that point.

Standing, I open my bedroom door and there was my tiny replica. Looking into her sweet face, so earnest in her desire to be with her older sister, I feel a pang of loneliness resonate within me. I was her age when I first met my Hermione.

I extended my hand to her and the smile I received in return was enough to make me fake a smile in return. Picking her up, I smiled a small genuine smile as she snuggled as close to me as possible and put her arms around my neck.

Placing a hand on the small of her back, I held her steady as I made my downstairs. Each step was a testament to my 9 year old will. I did love my baby sister. Having her around, even if it hurt me to be around her, was always special. Everyday she was doing something that she couldn't before; Something that had delighted my Hermione when she was able to learn something new.

Walking into our family room, I saw maman, papa and Grandmère sitting around drinking their morning coffee.

"Good morning, girls!" they all state with smiles as they usually did at seeing the two of us together.

I set Gabrielle down and she stood next to me happily. One of her small arms coming to wrap around my leg as she again smiled at me. I placed a hand on her tiny head.

"Happy birthday,mon petit." Maman stated but made no move towards us other than to slide forward on the sofa.

"Merci, maman." Gabrielle replied.

I moved my hand to her shoulder as I stepped towards the other couch. As I sat down, I pulled Gabrielle up and she snuggled back into my side. I had always tried to be affectionate with her even as I said very little. I did not want to think of my overall demeanor had anything to do with her.

My Veela loved and cared for her as I have always loved children so even as we were more subdued with our parents and even other adults in the Veela realm, I had always physically been there for Gabrielle. She had become my constant companion and it was unusual to see one of us without the other.

"How are you feeling this morning, Fleur?" my Grandmère asked.

"I'm fine." I replied. I saw my maman frown at the hoarseness of my voice. It had taken on a semi permanent attachment to my otherwise silvery voice. I continued on without allowing her the chance to comment as she typically did, "I'm sure the birthday girl would like all the attention today though."

Speaking of Gabrielle, I tickled her stomach and she laughed and wiggled next to me.

"Fleur! No! Stop!" she called as she tried to get away from me.

Finally escaping, she stood next to the couch and looked at me before declaring she wanted breakfast. Smiling, I stood and walked with her to the kitchens.


Later that afternoon, we sat outside together looking up at the clouds and I had a smile as I thought of the last time I saw Hermione and the ring that still sat on finger from where she placed it.

"You miss her, don't you, sister?" Gabrielle asked as she laid resting on my stomach.

"Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, since I had to leave her, little one." I replied.

"Will you tell me about her? I see the pictures in your room, but no one ever talks about her." she asked quietly.

"Grandmère, Maman and Papa do not wish to upset me that is why she is not mentioned. I was a rare case in the Veela realm. I met my mate before my Veela had awakened so things are very different for me and it is why I do not speak very often or to anyone in great detail aside from you." I began and then continued to tell her everything that occured from my meeting Hermione when I was the age she'd just turned to the truly lonely years where it was just me before I had her to distract me from the separation.

Flashback end ….

I believed it was telling Gabrielle that story was what allowed her to understand me better. If only I was able to find someone at this dreadful school who understood me as so.

Looking around the dining hall, I thought of all the people who only spoke to me because my Veela heritage or the Veelas who only spoke to me as I was the heir to European Clan.

Just as I was thinking that, someone sat next to me. It wasn't out of the normal, people at this school still haven't grasped the idea that I'm not interested in any of them. I was prepared to say no to whoever asked me out again.

Turning, I saw it was a African American girl, which in itself was odd, this was the south of France after all.

"Is there something I can help you with?" I asked so she would go away sooner rather than later.

"Your Delacour, right? Fleur Delacour?" she asked in with a British accent I had not heard in years.

"I am." I stated simply.

"Good. I'm Wellington. Arabella Wellington." She stated proudly and extended her hand to me.

This was the most any non Veela had ever coherently said to me.

Deciding to see where this went, I shook her hand and nodded.

"So I've been told you don't talk much and you're not interesting in dating, which is relief, let me tell you. I said to myself, 'Arabella, that is a girl you can befriend and not have to worry about.' And here I am."

Raising an eyebrow at her, I questioned, "Yes … And why is that exactly? As you've been told, I don't talk much. So why would you want to be friends?"

She smiled and answered, "That's a good question. If you don't talk much, that must mean when you do, it is actually meaningful and not just nonsense, right? So I would rather hang with you than with the other airheads that only want to discuss the boys."

Because what she said made sense to me, I turned back and began to put food on my plate. As I lifted my fork, I simply stated, "Welcome then. Let's hope you don't waste my time."

She laughed lightly and began to put food on the plate that appeared in front her.