Veela et Ange

Chapter 5

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Isabelle POV

Today is Hermione's 11th birthday. I've had to come to England for the first time in over 10 years. That may seem extreme, but seeing the toll the separation had on Fleur, I couldn't see how it affected Hermione as well.

Walking down the sidewalk, I come to a stop in front of her house. I know that this is the first real step to getting my petite fille back. With a deep breathe, I walk to the Granger's front door and before I even have a chance to knock, the door opens and reveals to me the very girl I've come to see.

"Isabelle, if my memory serves me correctly." Hermione spoke as she looked up at me.

"Yes, Hermione, that's correct. Though I imagine that you have a wonderful memory." I replied as I stepped through the doorway as she moved to let me in.

"That's my blessing and my curse." she muttered.

I know exactly why she said that and I couldn't bring myself to reply.

We stood looking at each other in the parlor before I heard footsteps coming closer to us.

"Hermione? Who are you talking to, lovely?" the woman said as she came into view. "Isabelle!" she exclaimed as she saw me.

Rushing forward, she wrapped me in her arms before she moved to stand with her daughter.

"Leila. It's wonderful to see you again. I know Apolline wanted to come as well, but I convinced her to allow me to share this information with you and your family alone." I said as I took in the woman who was like another daughter to me.

"Of course. Has something happened?" She asked as she lead us into the living room.

"No, nothing has happened, but I know that Hermione received her Hogwarts letter and over the years, things have happened that you could not explain. I thought it was time to share with you the details of Hermione's heritage and why the separation between them was necessary."

Hermione had been silent throughout this brief exchange. I knew she had begun to piece together some of her lineage. Her aptitude and willingness to research would be something she has in common with her kind even without having been raised by them.

"I'm not human, am I?" Hermione asked directly.

"What? Of course, you are, sweetie." Leila replied as she wrapped an arm around her daughter.

"No, I don't think so." Hermione replied softly.

"You are correct in your thinking. You aren't human. You are something that until I saw you that first night in this very room eleven years ago, I believed to be extinct, through no small feat, I assure you. You, my dear Hermione, are an angel."

Leila and Hermione were silent for awhile and then Hermione stood and walked to the back door. Not opening it, but simply looking out.

"I think I've always known. I mean, I dream of the clouds and the world as if everything was upside down, so I'm not really shocked." Hermione stated still looking out the back door. Without turning, she continued, "Does Fleur know?"

Leila gasped. I looked at her questioningly, but she shook her head not wanting to really interrupt.

Looking back at Hermione, I answered, "She has always known you weren't human, but no, I haven't explained to her what you are yet. I knew I would have to explain it to you and then give the option to explain yourself or I could do so. There is a lot to tell you and I wanted you to have this information before you went to Hogwarts and through puberty because your body and your abilities will be triggered."

"I've thought of her every minute for the last 8 years. Not really able to show the grief because it is so crippling that I'd do nothing else aside from what I've had to if it were really up to me, but I couldn't because I knew it would make my parents relocate. To move away from the one place that I can still see her in, because of the memories we shared in this house, in that yard.

I've thought of what I would say to her if I was to see her again, and I can't ever get words out. So I think if you explain to her this, it may be better so she knows." Hermione said as she leaned against the back door with her arms crossed, though it seemed she was talking to herself for the most part.