• If You Want Madness To Reign Among The Earth, Lelouch Is Your Guy

    Ashford Academy is throwing an important party, so Milly gives Lelouch a bunch of tasks. However, Lelouch fails and makes the school a madder place. Also, Lelouch learns that Shirley has been drawing artwork of him.

  • Mr And Mrs Granger

    Ron decides to plan a wedding for him and Hermione. This comes as a surprise to Hermione.

  • Eccentric Double Date

    Lelouch and C. C. go on a double date with Natsuki and Shizuru. In order to have a good time, Lelouch will have to turn down his wacky behavior.

  • Lelouch Wonders Who the Doctor Is

    Lelouch and C. C. go to London. While there, they meet Rose and the Doctor.

  • Don't Underestimate Lelouch's Lack Of Skills

    In order to make C. C. happy, Lelouch joins a pizza-related baking contest. However, Lelouch might not have what it takes to be a baker.

  • The Wrong Girl

    Professor Dumbledore has his staff and students celebrate Opposite Day. Harry tries to be the opposite of shy by giving his crush a kiss. However, he accidentally kisses the wrong girl.

  • Who's Getting Married?

    A rumor starts spreading about somebody at Hogwarts getting married. The rumor gets juicier when it turns out that Harry has been hiding a ring in his pocket.

  • Twilight's Date

    Twilight Sparkle tries dating Discord, but her friends feel weirded out about Twilight's new relationship with the master of chaos.

  • Madly Romantic Lelouch

    Lelouch is an eccentric, odd person, but when it comes to C. C., he's willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy.

  • Shirley Is There For You, Lulu

    Lelouch is a sneaky, mischievous guy who does a lot of questionable things. Shirley, who has a massive crush on Lelouch, is there to give Lelouch some real help.

  • The Doctor's Intern Problem

    The Doctor hires a new intern that acts cowardly and shy. The Doctor gets so upset about this that he attempts to get revenge on the intern. Rose will have to save the Doctor from getting himself into trouble.

  • C C, The Protector Of Lelouch's Heart

    Lelouch isn't the best at fighting villains so it's up to C. C. to be his hero.

  • Who Betrayed The Black Knights?

    Zero is under the impression that one of his teammates is working with Princess Cornelia. He does an investigation to find out who betrayed him.

  • Lelouch's Tricks

    In order to get what he wants, Lelouch takes advantage of C. C., Shirley and Suzaku's kindness. By doing so, C. C. and Shirley start to get fed up with Lelouch.

  • The Unplanned Kiss

    Hermione almost falls down in the hallway. Harry manages to save her falling, but in the process of doing so, he ends up sharing a kiss with Hermione.

  • Lucky Lelouch

    Natsuki and Shizuru make sure that Lelouch knows how lucky he truly is to have C. C. for a girlfriend.

  • Doctor, The Geass Of My Heart Needs Your Help

    In order to save London from Prince Schneizel, Lelouch and C. C. try to form a partnership with the Doctor.

  • Lelouch, The Lovable Fool

    Lelouch is quite the eccentric troublemaker. Whether it's on purpose or on accident, there's a good chance that Lelouch will find a way to mess things up. However, C. C. can't get enough of him.

  • Elsa Comes Out

    Elsa has started a personal relationship with Honeymaren. She used to deny her feelings, but she no longer feels like she can hide her true love.

  • Harry And Hermione Got Married?

    A newspaper article about Harry and Hermione getting married comes out. Most people don't believe it, but Ron becomes concerned. Harry and Hermione hope that they can explain what's really going on.