• Sonic And Blaze's New Feelings

    Blaze has started staying over at Sonic's house. Sonic and Blaze's friends start to suspect that Sonic and Blaze are in a relationship, but Sonic and Blaze feel a bit unsure.

  • The Return Of Blaze

    After being gone for a long time, Blaze returns to Sonic's home planet. She reunites with both Sonic and Cream. Cream wants Blaze to be her aunt, while Sonic wants Blaze to move in with him.

  • Beware Of The Master Of Fear

    Jenny Cranny is a young farmer's girl that is tired of leading a plain life. Her life starts to become more exciting, but not in a good way. Due to Jenny having an interest in fear, she becomes the Scarecrow.

  • Don't Be Ashamed Of Who You Are

    Charlie is the friendly, energetic daughter of the owners of a college. The college gets a new classmate, named Vaggie, who is a transgender woman. Charlie becomes determined to help Vaggie feel welcomed and appreciated.

  • Thank You For Making Me Happy

    Natsuki doesn't have an easy life, but Shizuru gives her special feelings of happiness.

  • The One Piece Of Love

    Nami has a crush on Luffy, but Luffy's become a grumpy, greedy captain.

  • Treasuring Love

    A cheerful Luffy starts flirting with Nami. However, his distracted heart leads to him making some reckless choices. Zoro gets mad at him, but Nami is there to protect him.

  • Who Is The Joker's New Doctor?

    The Doctor gets an unexpected visit from the clown prince of crime.

  • C C Meeting Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's meets C. C., a mysterious, immortal woman. He quickly becomes intrigued and wants to learn about her.

  • Unikitty And Star Butterfly

    Unikitty meets Star Butterfly. The two girls quickly become friends.

  • Mio And Azusa's New Relationship

    Mio and Azusa have been close friends for a long time. However, they had been hiding the fact that they have a crush on each other. One afternoon, the truth comes out. Mio and Azusa decide to start being more than friends.

  • Charlie Meeting Vaggie

    Vaggie is an uptight demon who plays by the rules. She meets a mysterious, bubbly troublemaker, named Charlie, that quickly becomes interested in her. Despite Vaggie having doubts about Charlie, the two women start working together.

  • Jessica's New Job

    Jessica's drinking has made her life a lot more difficult, so Trish and Malcolm try to encourage her to get her act together.

  • C C's Breakdown

    Lloyd has been going out of his way to give C. C. a hard time. Thankfully, Lelouch is there to give her love and comfort.

  • The Hogwarts Beach

    Professor Dumbledore has purchased the world's greatest beach, so he has Harry, Hermione and Ron come by a visit. They all want to have a fun time. However, Voldemort shows up and challenges Harry to a surfing contest.

  • Voldemort's Date

    Voldemort might be the world's evilest wizard, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have a heart. The villainous wizard starts developing unexpected feelings for Bellatrix Lestrange. Voldemort tries to work up the courage to take Bellatrix on a date.

  • Hermione's Bad At Relationships

    Hermione wants to celebrate Luna's birthday by taking Luna to the movies, but she doesn't want it to seem like a date. Also, she keeps getting herself into awkward encounters with Harry. As for Ron, he just makes everybody's relationships more complicated.

  • Hermione's Proud Of Who She Is

    Hermione has a secret that she's been keeping from everybody at Hogwarts. One morning, she blurts out her secret to Harry and Ron. After learning the secret, Harry and Ron support and comfort Hermione. Draco, who overheard the secret, has a trick up his sleeves.

  • Harry Potter The Cheater

    Ron sees the test answers paper on Harry's desk, so he snitches on Harry. If that wasn't bad enough, Ron catches Harry telling Hermione he loves her, even though Harry has been dating Luna.

  • Elsa's New Home

    Elsa has moved to the Enchanted Forest. Honeymaren is there to help Elsa adjust to her new surroundings. The bond between the two of them quickly grows.