• Twilight Sparkle's Birthday

    Discord attempts to help Twilight Sparkle's friends celebrate Twilight's birthday.

  • Twilight's Date

    Twilight Sparkle tries dating Discord, but her friends feel weirded out about Twilight's new relationship with the master of chaos.

  • Star's Birthday

    Instead of celebrating Star Butterfly's birthday, Toffee and Ludo want to take her wand.

  • Star Butterfly's Future

    Star Butterfly's curiosity about the future leads to her having a nightmare, where Toffee returns. Marco tries to help Star get over her nightmare.

  • We Belong Together

    Adora tries to convince Catra that the two of them should live together and begin a newer, better relationship.

  • Hermione's Bad At Relationships

    Hermione wants to celebrate Luna's birthday by taking Luna to the movies, but she doesn't want it to seem like a date. Also, she keeps getting herself into awkward encounters with Harry. As for Ron, he just makes everybody's relationships more complicated.

  • Adora And Catra's Future

    Adora and Catra are in a loving relationship, but Shadow Weaver's interference stands in the way of their future.

  • Rise Of Zero

    Lelouch Lamperouge wants to save Japan. With an alternate identity, a group of teammates and the power of geass, Lelouch thinks that he has what it takes to be the hero that he needs to be. However, Lelouch's childhood friend, Suzaku, and his boss, Lloyd, have plans that get in the way of Lelouch's goal.

  • Twilight Sparkle's Chaotic Date

    Twilight Sparkle tries dating Discord, but her friends feel weirded out about Twilight's new relationship with the master of chaos.

  • Crazy Trouble Or Crazy Fun?

    Star and Janna accidentally get Marco in trouble. Meanwhile, Ludo still wants Star's wand.

  • Star's Play Date

    Star and Janna are planning on going on a date. Ludo wants to get Star Butterfly's wand, so he hangs out with them.

  • The Joker's Hero

    Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy hire Anarky to get rid of the Joker. It's up to Batman to save him.

  • Can Zero Be A Hero?

    Zero starts wondering if he has what it takes to make a positive difference. Also, Cornelia wants to seek vengeance on him.

  • Who Betrayed The Black Knights?

    Zero is under the impression that one of his teammates is working with Princess Cornelia. He does an investigation to find out who betrayed him.

  • Two Thumbs Up Even Though Unikitty Doesn't Have Thumbs

    Unikitty and Master Frown become critics. Unikitty likes to judge others with kindness, while Master Frown is ready to be a harsh judge.

  • Turn That Frown Upside Down

    Unikitty wants to make everybody happy, but Master Frown is a true challenge.

  • The One Piece Of Love

    Nami has a crush on Luffy, but Luffy's become a grumpy, greedy ship captain.

  • Treasuring Love

    A cheerful Luffy starts flirting with Nami. However, his distracted heart leads to him making some reckless choices. Zoro gets mad at him, but Nami is there to protect him.

  • Lelouch And C C's Shared Happiness

    In the comfort of Lelouch's home, Lelouch and C. C. share comfort, support and happiness with each other.

  • Lelouch's Shy Classmate

    Lelouch is the most popular student at Ashford Academy and he's tired of all the attention and Milly's teasing. Ashford Academy gets a new student, named C. C., who has autism. Lelouch tries to comfort her, but she tries to avoid him.