• Lelouch's Shy Classmate

    Lelouch is the most popular student at Ashford Academy and he's tired of all the attention and Milly's teasing. Ashford Academy gets a new student, named C. C., who has autism. Lelouch tries to comfort her, but she tries to avoid him.

  • Natsuki Got Kissed

    Natsuki considers Shizuru to be her best friend, but after Shizuru gives her a kiss, she starts questioning things.

  • Technically, I Like You

    While at an auction, Maud meets someone new that she quickly becomes smitten with.

  • Technically, I Love You

    While attending a rock show, Maud meets a pony that she can relate to. This new pony, named Mudbriar, quickly takes an interest in her.

  • C C's Second Home

    Lelouch convinces his girlfriend, C. C., to come over to his house. While there, he tries to make C. C. feel as comfortable as possible.

  • The Ghost Of Stars Hallow

    Rory and Paris have been extra happy together, but things are from easy. A person that's dressed like a ghost starts haunting Rory. Rory and Paris think that the ghost is either Jess or Dean.

  • Rory's Secret

    Rory has been dating Paris for almost six months. However, she hasn't told her grandparents about it. She's nervous to do it, but Paris wants Rory to be honest with her loved ones about their relationship.

  • Lelouch, The Guy Of C C's Future

    Lelouch tries to help his autistic girlfriend, C. C., come out of her shell and make friends. C. C. tells Lelouch stories about her failed attempts at making friends.

  • C C's Hero

    Lelouch has bonded with his new girlfriend, C. C. Although the two clearly love another, C. C.'s autism slows down their progress on having a real relationship. Lelouch thinks it's time that he takes her on a date.

  • Baby Lelouch

    C. C. is thinking about a baby. Lelouch is nervous about this, so he goes to drastic measures to change C. C.'s mind.

  • The Engagement Ring

    Ron attempts to get a ring for Hermione, but that's easier said than done.

  • Adora Saves Catra

    Shadow Weaver has made Catra's life stressful, but Adora is there to give Catra the comfort and happiness she needs.

  • Lelouch, I'm Pregnant

    C. C.'s news puts her and Lelouch into an awkward, confusing situation. C. C. hopes to forget about the situation, but Lelouch has something else in mind.

  • Rose Meets The Doctor

    When the Doctor goes back in time, he gets another chance to introduce himself to Rose.

  • The Clown Princess Of Crime

    Jerry Jester is a young woman that has been bullied and treated with disrespect ever since she was a kid. After going to college and meeting someone who supports her, Jerry decides to stand-up for herself and get revenge on her bullies. She becomes a female version of the Joker.

  • Maybe I Can Be Happy After All

    After losing Charlie, Vaggie fears that her life won't be the same. However, she finds newfound happiness with someone new.

  • Natsuki's Rescue Mission

    Natsuki wants to have a nice time with her girlfriend. However, a master criminal has been stealing airplanes that Yuuichi has failed to protect.

  • Why Would I Go On Vacation When I Already Live In Paradise?

    Natsuki and Shizuru have a wonderful relationship with each other. Shizuru plans on going on vacation, but her plans get cancelled. Natsuki plans on giving her a more heartwarming type of vacation.

  • Trixie's Chaotic Problem

    When Discord scams Trixie, most people don't believe Trixie, but Starlight Glimmer is there for her.

  • Take Two For Rory And Paris

    Rory and Paris used to not get along. However, they have become friends and have started working on a college project together. At first, things don't go well, but they get a second chance to reveal their true feelings about each other.