Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 10

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Chapter 10.

Eleanor was waiting for Hermione in the common room. Hermione was getting stressed and who could blame her? Snape was doing of potions a horrible class and Malfoy was annoying her every time. Eleanor was still mad at her brother, and he probably would be even more mad at her when he figures out that she has detention, again.

"You ready?" Hermione asked Eleanor, coming from their room.

"Yes, let's go to Transfiguration or Professor McGonagall is gonna get mad at us again," Eleanor said, and they left the room.

"Are you and Harry okay?" She asked her, while they were walking to the classroom.

"No," Eleanor said, coldly. "Because of him I have detention with Snape for three days, and he doesn't want to admit it."

"I see," Hermione said, rolling her eyes. "It's gonna be a nightmare today in detention."

"Yes, I know," Eleanor said, opening the classroom's door. "Harry and Draco can't see each other without yelling insults," Eleanor said, and they took seat, waiting for McGonagall.

"Good morning, students," McGonagall said, getting inside the classroom. "As all of you know, I'm Professor McGonagall, and I teach Transfiguration," McGonagall started and the minutes passed until the end of the class.

"Thanks God, I'm tired," Eleanor said, when they got to the patio. "Have you seen Harry?" Hermione shook her head. Just in that moment Harry and Ron appeared.

"Hi girls," Ron said, taking seat next to Eleanor. "We've been looking for you."

"Same here," Hermione answered, smiling. "Ron, I think that we should go to uhmm the Great Hall."

"What? Why?" Ron asked, confused. He stared at Hermione and she shook her head to Harry and Eleanor's direction. "Oh, yes, uhmm see you later." He said, and they left.

"Harry, I think that we need to talk," Eleanor started, inviting him to walk with her.

"I'm sorry, Eleanor, for everything," He said, putting a hand on Eleanor's shoulder. "It was my fault, but I was too mad that I didn't see it." Eleanor nodded and gave him a small smile.

"Are we okay now?" Eleanor asked him, they got to a big tree.

"Yes, sis," Harry said, and they hugged. Eleanor looked around and froze. "What is it?" Eleanor stepped back.

"There's a read head woman, she…She looks like our mother," Eleanor said, and Harry turned to see where his sister was looking at.

"Is that her?" Harry asked, shocked. Eleanor didn't answer and started to run to where the woman was. She was hidden behind a wall. "Eleanor, wait!" Harry yelled, and followed his sister.

"Hey!" Eleanor screamed. She was getting closer to the woman, but the woman started to run away. "Damnit Harry, hurry up!" Eleanor yelled, staring at her brother. When she turned to see the woman, she crashed against someone. Eleanor fell to the ground and stared at the person.

"Professor Snape," Eleanor said, standing up. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you."

"Eleanor! You're okay?!" Harry asked Eleanor, worried. Eleanor nodded.

"Be careful, Ms Potter," Snape said, and left. He made his way to his chamber. "Lily?"

"Oh my god, Sev, they almost caught me!" She said, hugging him. "I just got bored and I wanted to be outside, I don't' like to be alone."

"I know and I don't blame you," He said, stepping back. "Just be careful, Lily." Lily nodded and smiled at him.

"I'll be back at 11 pm," Severus said, going to the door. "I have detention with-" Severus stopped.

"With who?" Lily asked, worried. "Sev, don't lie to me."

"I have detention with Eleanor and Harry," Severus said, staring at her. Lily rolled her eyes.

"It's their first week and they already are in detention!" Lily said, upset. "What happened?"

"Nothing, it's not important," He said, opening the door but Lily stopped him.

"What happened?" She asked again, staring at him.

"I heard them talking about me," Severus said, avoiding her gaze. "they were insulting me, actually."

"That was Harry," Lily said, staring at the floor. "Eleanor is not like that." Severus nodded. Lily kissed him on the cheek and he left.

Great Hall- Lunch time.

"Finally," Hermione said, when Harry and Eleanor appeared. "You're back."

"She was like a crazy," Ron said, laughing. Hermione hit him in the arm.

"I was worried, that's all," She said, serious.

"My dear students," Dumbledore started. "I know that important information's are in the night, but I need to share some news with all of you," He said, smiling and everybody was staring at him, even the masters.

"We've got our new Defense Against Darks Art teacher," he said, and everybody applauded. Severus stared at him in shock. Dumbledore knew how much Severus wanted that job. "Narcissa Malfoy, our new DADA teacher."

Still alive?