Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 20

PS: I'm not following the book. I'm just using the Quidditch idea ;).

Chapter 20.

"And the game begins!" Eleanor heard a girl's voice and everybody was flying. She froze for a couple of seconds before catch Harry's eyes on her.

"C'mon Eleanor!" Eleanor nodded and flew. It felt amazing. She felt so free. She saw Hermione, she was with a bat, waiting for the Bludger. Hermione hit the Bludger and Eleanor felt so proud of her friend. She smiled and started to look for the Quaffle. Fred and George were the other two Chasers and one of them was holding the Quaffle. She followed them and Fred threw her the Quaffle, she flew to the Slytherin goal hoops. The Slytherin's keeper, Pansy Parkinson was giving her a wicked smile.

"C'mon Potter," The girl said, laughing. "Let me see you fall." Eleanor ignored her and threw the Quaffle. Pansy avoided it.

"Nice try!" Eleanor heard when she flew to catch the Quaffle. The twins were faster and threw it again to the Slytherin goal hoops.

"10 points for Gryffindor!" The girl's voice said and Eleanor smiled. She felt glad that Gryffindor was wining, but she felt disappointed because she couldn't score it. Eleanor stared at the public and she saw a red head woman. She was next to Snape. "Mom?" Eleanor thought.

She didn't notice that a Slytherin was flying towards her. He pushed her and Eleanor almost fell from her broomstick.

"What's wrong with you!?" Eleanor asked him, mounting her broomstick again. It was Draco Malfoy.

"I'm so sorry! I didn't see you, Eleanor," Draco said, worried. He couldn't see her. It was cloudy and rainy. "Are you okay?" Eleanor nodded.

"Yes, it's okay." Eleanor replied. Draco nodded and flew away. Eleanor saw that the Quaffle was going to her so she caught it. She made her way to the Slytherin goal hoops and threw it. The keeper avoided it.

She ignored the girl's laugh and flew to where George was.

"I suck!" She said, frustrated.

"Of course you don't!" George said, smiling. "It's your first game and you're nervous. Just relax and-" A Bludger hit his broomstick and George was falling to the ground.

"George!" Eleanor screamed and followed him. She wanted to help him, but it was too late. He was already in the floor.

"Eleanor! He's gonna be okay, come back to the game!" Hermione screamed at her and she did.

Harry was staring at his sister and trying to catch the Snitch. Malfoy was following him so he had to hurry up. It was rainy, so it was hard to see the Snitch.

The Snitch was playing with him. One second it was next to him and the next one it was gone. Harry stared at Malfoy and the Snitch was next to him. Malfoy saw it and almost caught it.

"Stay away, Potter!" Malfoy yelled, following the Snitch. Harry ignored him and flew to where the Snitch was. It was really high, so Harry and Draco almost froze trying to catch it.

Eleanor was trying to catch Fred, but a Slytherin's Chaser stopped her. It was the mysterious girl, the one from DADA's class.

Eleanor tried to avoid her, she flew as high as possible. It was just her and the Slytherin girl.

"What do you want?" Eleanor asked, worried. "We're in the middle of a game."

"I just wanna warn you, Eleanor," the girl said, getting closer to her.

"How is that do you know my name?" Eleanor asked her.

"I know a lot of things, Potter," the girl smiled and grabbed Eleanor's broomstick. "You don't know me, but you will soon."

Eleanor was scared. This girl wanted to hurt her. Eleanor took out her wand and pointed her.

"Stay away from me! I won't ask twice." Eleanor said, coldly.

"Easy, I don't wanna hurt you," the blonde girl said, smiling. "At least not yet."

"Who are you?! If you don't answer, I won't control myself!"

"I'm Delphini Riddle," the girl said and Eleanor stared at her confused and scared. Delphini laughed and pointed at her with her wand. "Obliviate!" And then Eleanor stared at her, smiling.

"Nice to meet you, Delphi Mort" Eleanor said and came back to the game. Delphini smiled at herself and came back to the game too. Eleanor wouldn't remember their little talk.

"Where have you been? The game is over!" Hermione yelled at Eleanor.

"I'm sorry, I got distracted," Eleanor replied, confused. "Who won?"

"Gryffindor, of course," They smiled and came back to the castle.

"I talked with Delphi," Eleanor said, when they were in the Great Hall. "She's really nice, Harry," Harry blushed and started to eat.

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