Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 39


Chapter 9.

"Draco! Help me!" Hermione called him, and he got closer to the two on the floor. "Oh my God!" she yelled when saw the Gryffindor's sword between them. Draco stared at it, but didn't touch it. They needed to help Eleanor and Ron first.

"Wake up, Weasley," he said, calmly shaking him. Hermione was trying to wake up Eleanor. "I warn you, Weasley. If you don't wake up I'll curse you," Ron seemed to have heard those words because he opened his eyes and looked around and then stared at Eleanor.

"Eleanor!" he yelled and got closer to her, shaking her. "C'mon!" Ron didn't notice that Hermione and Draco were there until Hermione threw herself to him.

"Hermione!" he said, surprised. "What are you doing here?" Draco rolled his eyes.

"We're on a mission, do you remember, Weasley?" He asked him, sarcastically. Ron set himself free from Hermione's arms and turned to Draco.

"Malfoy!" Ron couldn't believe what he was doing. If he had known he would've killed himself before doing this. He hugged him. Hermione was open-mouthed. Draco froze. "I-I'm sorry,"

"It's okay, Ron, you're happy to see us and so are we!" Hermione said, smiling and went back to Eleanor. "Why isn't she waking up? What happened?"

"We were in a forest and she saw a Patronus, and we went to a lake and we found the sword," Draco was standing next to Hermione. "And then we got into the lake and a Death Eater caught us," Hermione grabbed Draco's hand. "I grabbed the sword and Eleanor's hand and here we are,"

"It was a translator,'' Hermione said, staring at Ron. He nodded. "I'm going to try a spell, so I can wak-" Eleanor's eyes opened. She looked around and found the three of them staring at her. Hermione and Ron hugged her. "Thank Goodness you're fine!" Hermione cried out.

"Where are we?" She asked them, and Hermione freaked out.

"Draco! We are at the woman's office! How long have we been in here?!" Draco stared at the watch in the wall and looked back at her.

"Half an hour," Hermione walked to the door, trying to hear footsteps and she did. "Blimey! Someone is coming!" she muttered, and Ron and Eleanor shared a confused look. Hermione was standing next to the door. Draco was hiding behind a book shelf. Hermione indicated Ron and Eleanor to hide themselves under the desk.

"I know what he's up to," the pink woman said, sharply to someone outside the office and then closed the door.

"Stupefy!" Hermione hurried to cast before she could even notice the four of them in there. The woman fell to the ground. "Take it!" she said to Draco. Draco nodded and walked toward her. He knelt next to her and froze. He knew her.

"Did she see you?!" Draco asked, coldly. Hermione shrugged.

"I don't know…I don't think so. Why?" Hermione asked, curious.

"She's Dolores Umbridge and she works for the Minister," Hermione covered her face in shock. "Do you know any spell that implicates a memory modification?" she nodded. "Good, because we will need it. Take Weasley and Potter, we're leaving after this," Hermione nodded and walked toward the other two. Draco hurried to take the necklace and then got closer to the others.

"Let's go," he muttered and all of them held hands, disappearing.

"Where are we?" Harry asked her, worried. Delphini and Harry were in an empty but big living room. It was dark and cold. Delphini knew where they were.

"We're at the Malfoy Manor," she whispered. Harry stared at her in shock.

"Why?! I said Hogwarts and clearly this is not Hogwarts!" Delphini stared at him, annoyed.

"I know that, Potter!" Delphini raised her voice. Wrong movement. They heard footsteps coming closer and Delphini couldn't think of anything better than to hide herself under the table. Harry followed her.

"What are we going to do now? We can't have a cup of tea with your mommy and you know that," Delphini rolled her eyes and hit him in the arm. Someone opened the door.

"Bring her here," Bellatrix's voice ordered. Two Death Eaters were holding an unconscious girl. Bellatrix was left alone with the girl. "Wake up, mudblood," Harry and Delphini stared at each other.

"Bella," another woman's voice came from the hallway. It was Narcissa Malfoy and in the moment she opened the door she saw them hidden under the table, and some way they knew she would help them. Bellatrix turned to her sister.

"Cissy!" she said, shocked. "I thought you would be playing your part next to Dumbledore, what are you doing here?"

"The Dark Lord wants to see you there…He said he needs your opinion about something but he didn't tell me what it was about," Bellatrix smiled and nodded.

"Take care of this one," she said, pointing at the girl and Narcissa nodded. Bellatrix walked to the door and closed it. Narcissa took a look around and saw no one but Harry and Delphini under the table again.

"Go to the castle and look for the Room of Requirement," she said, while the kids were standing in front of her. "For God's sake don't leave that room until you see one of us,"

"How did you know that we'd be here?" Delphini asked her, scared.

"Dumbledore. Now, leave, and please be careful," she said, serious. They nodded and Delphini was walking next to her when Narcissa stopped her and hugged her. "I love you, Delph," the girl nodded and tried to don't cry. Harry grabbed her hand and they were about to disappear when four familiar faces appeared in the room.

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