Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 26

Chapter 26.

"I-I'm sorry," She said, nervous. Harry walked towards her and stared at her deep in the eyes. "I tried to amend my mistake, but it was too late… I truly am sorry."

"Because of you and your family he's dead!" Harry yelled, and took his wand out. " You're just like them… You're a murder, a Death Eater."

"I'm not a murder!" Delphini yelled back. "And yes, I'm a Death Eater and I couldn't be prouder." She lied, showing him the Dark Mark.

"How could you be proud of that? Do you really think that being a Death Eater is something to be proud of? Power isn't everything." Harry said, confronting her. Delphini stared at the floor.

"I had to do what I did…" Delphini said, slowly. "I-"

"That's how it works, right? You have to do what they tell you, doesn't matter if you're hurting someone else…what a lovely life," Harry said, sarcastic.

"I didn't ask for this!" Delphini yelled, again and Harry laughed. "My father died because of you! I wanted revenge." She confessed and Harry froze. "We wanted to kidnapped you, but then your sister came and I had to take her too…"

"I could kill you, you know? I know the killing curse but I won't. Your life is miserable enough," Harry said, cold. "You should be grateful that you're in Slytherin, it must feel like home after all. They don't know courage, kindness, they're arrogant and cowards. Like I said, they're like you."

"Stop," Delphini said, staring at the floor. She didn't want this. She wanted a better life, she wanted to change. "Please, stop."

"You deserve this and more, Delphini. But I won't get my hands dirty because of you… You aren't worth it. You're gonna end up like your father… You're gonna be hated because all you care about it's you and only you."

"That's not true!" She said, trying to control tears. Harry stared at her and smiled.

"Did you care about my sister when you took her to the Malfoy Manor? Did you care about me? About my godfather? He was an innocent man! And now he's dead! But you don't know pain, you don't know love…. You'll never be able to have love in your life and I pity you." Harry finished and left.

"I've known pain, Potter," Delphini whispered.

Eleanor met Hermione in DADA's class. Ron was late, just like Harry. Narcissa got inside the classroom and greeted her students.

"Good morning," she said and the students greeted back. "Today we're gonna see the Expelliarmus spell," She said, staring at Hermione and giving her a smile. Hermione smiled back and avoided her eyes.

The class was normal, until someone knocked the door. It was Lily Evans.

"Yes?" Narcissa said, when the door opened.

"Professor Malfoy, I need to talk to m- Harry and Eleanor Potter," She said, nervous. Narcissa nodded and told the guys to go with their mother.

"What is it?" Harry asked her, confused. Eleanor was staring at her but she didn't say anything.

"I wanna apologize," Lily said, while they were talking through the corridors. "I haven't acted like the mother I should be… I'm sorry." Eleanor raised an eyebrow and ignored her.

"It's okay… It's been a difficult year for all of us," Harry said, hugging her. Lily smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Eleanor?" Lily called her daughter, but she didn't turn to see her. Harry stepped back and stared at his sister. "Are you ok-"

"How can you ask me 'are you okay?!' I've been missing you a lot! And I've been sending you letters but you never answer! I'm so mad at you! I wanted to see you in my first Quidditch game, but you didn't even congratulate me! You've change, you're not the sweet mother anymore!" Eleanor yelled, with tears in the eyes. "All you care about it's you… You don't care about us! About our father! He's in Azkaban and you're here, you're not even trying to rescue him!"

"Don't you dare to say that I don't care about you two, Eleanor," Lily raised her voice. "Try to understand! Your father and I aren't together anymore," Lily said, staring at her children. Harry stared at his sister and then to Lily. "Things weren't working out between us."

"Are you getting divorced?" Harry asked, shocked. Lily nodded. "When did that happen?"

"After you left everything changed," Lily said, slowly. Eleanor was wiping tears and sitting in the bench. "And it's not your fault. Our feelings changed."

"Why is he in Azkaban?" Eleanor asked her, serious. "We need answers, mom." Lily took a deep breath and started.

"You're right. You deserve to know the truth…. He hexed Professor Snape with the killing curse. I stopped him before he could finish the sentence,"

"What?! Why?!" The children asked, confused.

"Severus and I…. We've known since we were children… We were friends but in 5th grade our friendship finished," Lily said, staring at the floor and then to her children. "You have to promise me that you won't hate him for what I'm about to say," The kids nodded. "He called me the M word, but now it's all different. We're okay…. I forgave him years ago and I'm telling you this because tonight we're having dinner… With him."