Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 44


Chapter 14.

"Did you really think that we wouldn't find you?" A Death Eater asked, walking toward them. Severus turned to him. Narcissa was recovering and making her way to Lily and the kids.

"Who sent you?" Snape asked him, but the man didn't answer. Instead he showed him the Dark Mark on his arm. "The Dark Lord,"

"Yes," he said, smiling. "and this time we're not failing," he pointed Lily, but Severus stood between his wand and her.

"Kill me," he said, and Lily covered her mouth. "kill me instead her,"

"I can't. The Dark Lord wants you alive, and he doesn't care about her. Alarte Ascendare!" The Death Eater casted, and Snape couldn't block it. In fact, he was shoot high into the air. Lily stepped in front of her kids while taking her wand out.

Narcissa watched the scene and chose to interrupt it. "Expelliarmus!" the Death Eater's wand left his hand, but when she thought that it was over, four Death Eaters appeared. It was the end for some of them.

"Lily, take the kids and disappear!" Severus yelled, once he realized what was happening. Lily was about to disappear when someone grabbed her wrist.

"Going somewhere, Mudblood?" It was Bellatrix. Lily stepped back and casted some spells, but the witch blocked them all. "Because of you my daughter is dead and trust me, Mudblood, if the Dark Lord hadn't asked me to bring him your kids alive, they would be dead as well," she casted spell after spell until Lily couldn't run anymore. She was stuck between the wall and the witch. Harry and Eleanor were trying to defeat the Death Eaters, but they were too young to duel them.

"Harry! What do we do!? We must do something. Hermione! Do you know any spell?" Eleanor asked, desperate. Hermione looked around and closed her eyes.

"I know the unforgivable curses, but I haven't cast them before. I have no idea of how to do that! We could go to Azkaban!" she said, scared. And she was right. They could end up in Azkaban but what else could they do?

"It doesn't matter right now," Harry said, walking away to help his mum. "Crucio!" he casted to Bellatrix, whom turned to see him and blocked it. Lily stared at him in shock and then took a chance and casted the same curse to Bellatrix now that she was distracted. She didn't have the chance to block it.

"Avada Kedavra!" A woman's voice casted to Bellatrix and the witch was gone. Lily realized that it was Narcissa.

"Harry!" Hermione yelled, and ran to him, hugging him. He hugged her back and smiled. "I was so scared she would do something to you!"

"I'm okay, we're okay," he said, looking at her and couldn't help but realize how beautiful she looked. "We need to fight them, Hermione," the girl nodded, stepping back and then she didn't move. "Hermione?" he asked her, curious. She looked at him for some seconds and then something unexpected happened. She kissed him. The kiss didn't last much because Eleanor's voice interrupted them.

"Harry! Hermione! Watch out!" the girl screamed, while her brother and friend moved and realized that a Death Eater was pointing them.

"Avada Kedavra!" he casted and they didn't know how to block the spell, but luckily someone ran to them and pushed them, taking their place. Lily Evans was hit by the green light.

"NO!" Eleanor screamed and ran to where her mother's body was. Harry didn't know what was happening until he looked around and watched the scene. Hermione was in shock. Harry stood up from the floor and ran to his mother. Hermione followed him.

"MUM!" he screamed, while kneeling next to her. "Wake up! Please!" he started to cry, and Hermione couldn't help but sob.

"She's dead, Harry!" Eleanor screamed, looking at him. "She's dead!" the girl cried along her bother and Hermione.

"No, she can't be dead!" Harry said, shaking her mum's shoulder. "She must be alive…She can't leave us!" Hermione stared at them and it broke her heart.

"Harry," she said, slowly. "she's gone…The killing curse hit her and I'm so sorry!" she finished and cried again.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?" James Potter said when he found the scene. "Lils!" he screamed and then looked around trying to find the responsible. His eyes found Snape and his anger took control of him.

Severus didn't realize what was happening because he was busy trying to win the duel against three Death Eaters, but James made his presence clear when he casted a spell behind him and hit him.

"She died because of you!" James screamed. Eleanor, Harry and Hermione turned to see what was happening. Harry knew his father and he knew what he was capable of. He looked at his mother one last time and kissed her on the temple.

"I-I love you, mum and I'll always love you" he said, while kissing her and some tears fell from his eyes to her temple. He stood up and went to his father.

"It's not his fault! It's yours! She died because of you!" Harry yelled, wiping his tears and staring at him.

"Harry, who died?!" Severus asked, confused. He looked around and saw his daughter next to a redhead's body. His heart stopped. "Lily," he muttered, and was about to ran to her when James casted the "Crucio" curse. Harry ran to his father and pushed him.

"If you ever loved my mum, help us," Harry said, serious. James stared at him and Eleanor.

"Forgive me kids, but there's something that must be done," James said and went to where Snape was lying.

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