Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 25

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Enjoy the last chapters... I'm sorry and thank you for reading.

Chapter 25.

"Are you alright?" Ron asked Harry, when they got to the Great Hall. Harry's mind was in another world. He was thinking about his Godfather's death. He sacrificed himself for all of them. He kept wondering what Snape was doing there. What was Professor Malfoy doing there? He needed answers. "Harry?" He stared at his friend and nodded.

"You're lying," His sister said, rolling her eyes. "You're hurt and confused."

"You should be too. He was part of the family," Harry said, serious. Eleanor stared at her food. "I need answers." He said, standing up. Hermione, Eleanor and Ron followed him with the gaze but no one stood up.

"He needs space," Hermione said, playing with her hands. "We all do." She whispered, and Eleanor stood up. She couldn't handle it. She left the table and walked through the corridors. Her father was in Azkaban, they've been kidnapped, and she lost Sirius (not to mention that her mother was ignoring them). She got into the patio and stared at the sky. It was cloudy and there was wind. She loved this kind of weather.

"What are you doing here?" Neville's voice brought her back to reality. He sat next to her and Eleanor stared at him.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him, serious. She wasn't in the mood.

"I asked first," Eleanor rolled her eyes and gave him a sad smile.

"I wanted to be alone," Neville nodded and avoided her gaze. " but apparently that's not possible."

"I'm sorry… I didn't want to bother you," Neville said, and started to leave. Eleanor stood up and grabbed his wrist.

"Forgive me, I'm not in the mood," She said, and Neville smiled.

"Can I stay?" Eleanor nodded, and they sat on a bench. "Why did you and Harry disappear yesterday night?"

"Don't you know?" Eleanor asked him, surprised. Neville shook his head.

"McGonagall said that you were with your parents… Is that true?" Eleanor laughed.

"My parents… It's funny you know? They don't care about us and it supposes that I was with them," she said, laughing. Neville stared at her confused. "Can I trust you?"

"Of cour-"

"What are you two doing here?" They heard the unmistakable voice of Severus Snape. He was standing behind them, and he looked angrier than ever. Neville and Eleanor stood up as fast as possible and stared at him.

"W-We uhm," Neville said, staring at Eleanor. She was acting normal, as if she didn't care about their professor.

"We wanted to be alone," she said, coldly. Severus' heart stopped. 'We wanted to be alone' he wanted to scream at her and ask her to do what, but of course that he couldn't do that.

"You wanted to be alone…" Severus repeated and stared at Neville. If looks could kill, Neville would be dead right there. "May I ask why do you want to be alone?" He said, staring at both of them. Neville was blushing and sweating and Severus couldn't help but step forward.

"No, you can't," Eleanor said, and grabbed Neville's hand. "Excuse us, Professor," Eleanor said and they left. Severus followed them with the gaze and tried to control himself. His little girl was growing up and he needed to accept that.

Harry was sat in the floor, staring at Moaning Myrtle. She was flying around the room and asking him what was wrong but he was ignoring her. He was about to stand up and leave, when he heard that someone was opening the door. He entered to one of the baths and closed the door.

"What are you doing here?" Myrtle asked someone.

"I needed to be alone," It was a girl's voice. He hasn't heard it before. "But I know that I'm not the only one here."

"Of course not, I'm here too duhh," Myrtle said, flying over Delphini's head.

"I know that someone alive is hiding here," the girl said, and Harry tried to think about that voice. He was sure that he heard it once, but he couldn't remember.

"Show yourself, now!" The girl yelled and Harry opened the bath's door.

"You," He said, shocked and staring at Delphini Riddle. The girl put her wand down and stared at him.