Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

4 Privet Drive.

"What is it, Lily?" James asked his wife. She was holding a letter from Hogwarts.

"It's Dumbledore. He wants to see us tonight," Lily said taking seat on the couch. James followed her. "It's about the Order of the Phoenix" Lily explained.

The two of them knew what it meant; You-Know-Who was coming back. The Order of the Phoenix's propose was to protect Harry and Eleanor, it was like an Army against him. If Dumbledore was calling them, it means that he's doing something against all of them.

"That's not good" James said, worried.

"I know," Lily said putting the letter on the table. "We have to meet in Hogwarts at 11pm," She said, standing up, and going to the kitchen.

"It's 7pm, we still have time" James said, going outside. He was working in the garden.


It was dinner time in Hogwarts. Eleanor walked through the Great Hall until she saw her brother and their friends.

"Hey," She said taking seat next to Ron. All of them were quiet. No one answered. "Are you guys okay?".

"Ask Hermione," Harry said, hiding a smile. Eleanor rolled her eyes and stared at her friend.

"Before you ask, no, I'm not okay. I hate Astronomy!" Hermione said, almost screaming. "It's so boring!".

"Calm down," Ron said, laughing. Hermione rolled her eyes and threw him a piece of apple. "What the hell!?".

"I'm sorry." She said, looking at her food. "I'm just too stressed. I'll go to bed" Hermione stood up, but Eleanor stopped her.

"No! Stay here, I have something to tell you." Eleanor said, grabbing her wrist. The three of them stared at her.

"I found a diary, but it is not a normal one." Eleanor said, smiling. "It's magic!". Harry stared at her worried.

"Show me!" Ron said, excited. Eleanor looked around and found that Malfoy was staring at them.

"Not now," She said, staring at the High Table. "Let's meet at 10pm in the library." Eleanor said, and all of them nodded.

"Severus," Dumbledore said, to the man sat next to him. "Tonight at 11pm in my office". Severus nodded, and kept eating.

"How was your class with Harry and Eleanor?" the old man asked again, but he didn't get an answer. "Don't ignore me, Severus". Snape raised an eyebrow, and looked at him.

"Good," He said, standing up leaving the Great Hall.

"Snape is gone," Harry said, confused. "He should be there with the other masters". No one answered, and they left to their rooms. It was bed time after all.


"Where are they!?" Eleanor whispered to Hermione. They were in the library waiting for Ron and Harry.

"I have no idea, but if they don't hurry, we're leaving," Hermione said, upset. Filch could catch them anytime. Eleanor nodded.

"Sorry, we're late." Harry said, showing up along Ron. The girls rolled their eyes.

"Never mind. Come here guys," Eleanor said, getting near a table. She took the black dairy off her robe, and put it on the table.

"How do you know that it's magic?" Harry asked to his sister. Eleanor rolled her eyes, and opened the diary. Nothing was in there until she wrote something.

Hi, T.

These are my friends: Ron, Hermione and my brother Harry.

"Who the hell is T?" Ron asked her worried. Eleanor told him to look at the diary. The words that she'd written were gone showing new ones.

Nice to meet you guys, I'm T.

"Oh my God," Hermione said, covering her mouth with her hands.

"What are we gonna do now?" Harry asked, staring at the diary.

"We're gonna keep it!" Ron said, excited.

"Fine, bu-" Hermione stopped. Someone was in there. Before they could say or do something, Malfoy came in.

"Interesting…two Potters, a Wealsey and…" Malfoy turned to see Hermione with disgust. "A Muldblood". Harry got closer to him, to punch him, but Hermione did it first. She punched him in the face.

"I'm going to speak with McGonagall!" Malfoy screamed before leaving the room.

"Damnit! We're in big trouble!" Ron said, scared. Eleanor and Harry stared at each other.

"Let's go to McGonagall before he does," They said at the same time. The four of them ran to the Professor's office. They were almost there, when they heard McGonagall's voice.

"She did that to you?" She asked, surprised. Hermione rolled her eyes, and hold Harry's hand. When she was scared, she used to do that. Harry gave her a little squeeze. They were hiding behind a wall.


Severus Snape was walking to the Headmaster's office, when he saw four students behind a wall. Potter, of course. He thought. He was going to ask them what the hell were they doing, when he saw her. He froze.

Her red hair, her beautiful bright green eyes, his Lily.

"Lily," Snape said, shocked. He stared at her just some seconds before notice that the students were staring at him.

"Sev," Lily said, shocked and nervous walking towards him, hugging him.

"Mom?" Harry and Eleanor asked surprised.

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