Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 29

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Chapter 28.

"Good evening," Lily said, when Severus opened the door. "Come in, children." Harry and Eleanor got in and waved at Snape. Snape nodded and Lily kissed him in the cheek.

"Dinner is ready," he said, inviting them to take seat on the table. Lily stopped and turned to him.

"If you smile it won't hurt, you know?" Lily said, and Severus rolled his eyes. "Come on, Sev," Severus gave her a small smile and she laughed. "Thank you." She gave him a fast kiss in the lips and went to the table.

The dinner was awkward. Not one of them said anything, and Snape knew that Eleanor and Harry didn't want to be there. And it became even more awkward when Lily started to speak.

"Guys, we wanted to have this dinner because we have something important to tell you," Lily started, searching for Severus' hand. Harry made a disgusting expression and stared at his sister. "After watch Sirius' death I understood that I have a new chance to love… And I wanna take this chance with Severus," Harry and Eleanor stared at them shocked and Harry stood up. "Sit down now, young man."

"You've got to be kidding me! Are you dating the man that makes of my life a miserable one?! How is that possible? You divorced dad and you're already in love!" Harry yelled, and Lily stood up. "You can't be serious, mom!"

"Yes, I'm serious! And it's my life, my second chance and I won't waste it, Harry," Lily said, trying to not raise her voice. Severus and Eleanor were sat, staring at Lily and Harry. "Try to understand… You can be so selfish, Harry," Harry stared at her and then to Severus.

"Mom, it's my potion's teacher the one you're talking about… He's hated me since I got into Hogwarts… I'm not being selfish, but why do you have to put your eyes on HIM?" Harry asked, pointing at him with his finger. Eleanor stood up.

"Harry, mom is right… This is her second chance and she needs to take it. Our parents aren't in love anymore and I know that it sucks, but if she truly loves him… We can't do anything but accept it," Lily smiled at her and Harry stared at the floor.

"Thank you, sweetie," Lily said, and Eleanor smiled. They sat again and Harry apologized to his mother and teacher. "I know that's a surprising news the one that I told you… But there's more," Lily said, taking a deep breath and staring at Severus. He nodded.

"You aren't pregnant, are you?" Harry asked, serious. Lily shook her head and Harry nodded.

"Eleanor, I… We don't know how to say it but uhmm, listen, sweetie," Lily said, and Eleanor stared at her, confused.

"What is it, mom?"

"Your mother and I have met for years and… We were starting something when I called her the M word and everything changed, but then, when I heard that she was getting married and that she was expecting her first child, it broke my heart and she wasn't in the best moment, so she came to my house and we… We said goodbye… 11 years ago…" Severus said, slowly and Eleanor stared at her brother.

"I'm not understanding," Eleanor said, confused.

"You… You're Severus's daughter," Lily said, nervous and staring at her daughter. Eleanor smiled and shook her head.

"It's not funny," she said, staring at her mother and Severus. "It's not." Lily stood up and walked towards Eleanor. She took her hands on hers.

"It's not a joke, Eleanor… Severus is your father," Eleanor stared at her mother with tears in the eyes and then stared at Severus.

Snape was serious and looked at her back. Their eyes met and she knew that it was true, that the man in front of her was her real father.

"It can't be," Eleanor said, standing up. "You had an affair with him! And I'm the result of that…Oh my god, it can't be!" Eleanor said, touching her head with her hand and wiping tears from her cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Eleanor, but it's true…" Lily said, trying to hug her but she stepped back.

"Don't touch me," Eleanor screamed and Lily stepped back. Eleanor made her way to the door and Snape stood up, calling for her.

"Eleanor, please, listen to your mo-" Eleanor turned with tears in the eyes.

"Don't. You. Dare. To. Talk. To. Me," she yelled but Snape ignored her.

"We have an explanation for all this!" Snape raised his voice, and Eleanor turned to him.

"I DON'T CARE! I NEED TO BE ALONE RIGHT NOW," Eleanor yelled and opened the door, staring at Lily and Snape, and then closing it giving a slam. Eleanor turned to Harry.

"Harry," Lily said, walking towards him, but he stood up and made his way to the door. "Please…Where are you going?"

"To see my sister," he said, staring at her and closing the door behind him. Lily turned to Snape and they shared a hug.

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