Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3.

"Well done, Eleanor!" Hermione told her, when she got to the Gryffindor's table. Harry hugged his sister, and after Professor Dumbledore's speech, they started to eat.

"Harry," Percy said, serious "I don't want you in trouble, is that clear?". Harry nodded, and kept eating. He looked at the High Table to see his new Potion's master.

"He's not there, Harry," Hermione told him, following his gaze "I've been looking for him too, but I can't find him".

"I guess that you're talking about the new Potion's Master?" Percy asked them, raising an eyebrow. "Professor Snape is right there". Harry and Hermione turned to see him. He was excusing himself to Professor Dumbledore, and taking seat. He was pale, very pale, and tall. He had shoulder-length, greasy black hair, and a large, hooked nose. He was wearing black robes.

"Professor Snape?," Hermione asked Percy. He nodded "He's pretty young to be professor".

Eleanor stared at Snape, she was curious about him. He wasn't like the other teachers. He was younger, and he looked sad, almost depressed.

Severus Snape was looking around the Great Hall, specially to the Slytherin's table. His eyes found Draco Malfoy's eyes, and he shook his head, waving him. Snape and Draco's father had been friends since Draco was a baby, since Lily and he had fought, actually. He was Draco's godfather.

Narcissa Malfoy, Draco´s mother and he became closer when Hogwarts was over. In fact, she asked him to become Draco's godfather. Severus keep looking around until find Gryffindor's table. He had heard that the famous Harry Potter would be there. He must be an arrogant, just like James Fucking Potter. Severus thought. He noticed a young lady staring at him. She was from Gryffindor, and he froze. She looked just like her, like Lily Evans.

Eleanor hold Snape's gaze for some seconds. He stared at her like if she were some kind of…Dementor. He was impressed she could say that, but why?. She raised one of her eyebrows, and looked away.

"What is it?" Harry asked her, worried.

"That teacher was staring at me." Eleanor said, rolling her eyes to where Snape was. Harry stared at him, but Severus wasn't staring at them anymore, he was focused on his drink.

"Severus, nice to see you" A thin woman with large glasses, and innumerable chains and beads hung around her neck said.

"Professor Sybill Trelawney" Severus said, looking at her nervous "Nice to see you too".

The last time he spoke with her, was when she told him about the prophesy. After he heard the prophesy, he ran to Dumbledore and told him to protect the Potter's, and he did.

"Defense Against the Dark Arts' master, I guess?" Trelawney said drinking from her glass. Severus rolled his eyes.

"Potion's master, actually" He said, and Trelawney gave him a nervous smile.

Headmaster's office.

"You didn't tell me that Lily's daughter was coming this year," Severus said upset, walking through Dumbledore's office.

"Calm down, Severus," Dumbledore said, slowly "Take a seat." He invited him to take seat in front of him.

"I don't want to," Severus said, coldly. "I have to protect Potter, and now I'll have to protect another Potter." He said, touching his forehead.

"Voldemort is gonna come back, and those kids need protection," Dumbledore stood up, and got closer to his Pensieve. "We have a-" Snape stopped him.

"We have a deal, Dumbledore, and I'm not regretting" Snape said, nodding "The Dark Lord keeps sending me messages, he wants me on his side".

"If you become a Death Eater, you could spy them for me…But he'd kill you as soon as he figures out that you're betraying him," Dumbledore said thoughtful "It's too dangerous, Severus".

"This is going be one of my worst years, Albus," Snape said leaving the office, going to his chamber.

He was upset at Dumbledore. He knew that Harry Potter was in the school, but he didn't know that Lily's daughter was here too. He should had known. Besides that, The Dark Lord wanted him to become a Death Eater, so he could spy Dumbledore's side. He couldn't become a Death Eater, he promised that to Dumbledore, that way the Headmaster would protect the Potter's.

Suddenly, he felt that someone was following him. He stopped and turned to see who was it.

"Godfather," Draco said nervous. Severus rolled his eyes, and got closer to him. "My dad wants to see you".

"Don't call me 'Godfather' here, Draco. I'm your professor" Snape said coldly "I can't see your father, now. We're at school".

"He told me that you'd say that," Draco looked at the floor "He said that you should think about something, it could be good for you," Draco said confused "I don't know what does that mean".

"I do. Now, go to bed, and see you tomorrow," Snape said, and turned to leave.

Once inside his chamber he checked his class schedule, and sighed.

"My first class of the year with Gryffindor. Great".

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