Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 45


Chapter 15 – LAST CHAPTER.

Eleanor and Harry shared a worried look and tried to stop their father, but they couldn't because the man casted the stupefy spell over them. Hermione went to Narcissa for help, but no one could help her, all of them were too busy trying to survive.

"That's enough," A cold voice said, and all the Death Eaters including James stopped their curses. Hermione turned to find a tall and thin man. His eyes were red, and his nose was as flat as a snake's, leaving small incisions for nostrils. It was the very first time she saw Voldemort and she couldn't be more scared.

"My lord," James said, doing a bow. "we didn't know you'd be here," Voldemort walked toward him.

"I was told that my daughter and Bellatrix have died, is that true?" he asked, staring deep in his eyes. James nodded.

"I'm so sorry, my lord," he said, looking at the floor and trying to control his fear. "I wasn't here to protect them. Please, do forgive me," he knelt in front of him.

"Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort casted and then James was gone. He looked around and found Snape kneeling next to Lily. "I'm sorry, my dear Severus," Snape turned to see him.

"Why couldn't you just kill me? She would be alive," he said, clearly heart broken.

"It's never too late to join me," he said, smiling.

"I would never join you!" Snape stood up and faced him. Voldemort stepped back and gave him a death glare.

"You can join me and live…Or you reject me and die," Snape looked around and saw his daughter and Harry standing next to Hermione and Ron.

"I reject you, Voldemort," he said, and the man in front of him took his wand and was about to hex him to death when someone else appeared. Albus Dumbledore.

"Stop it, Tom," he said, and Voldemort turned to him. Their eyes met and something in Voldemort's eyes changed. He was afraid.

Voldemort took his wand out and pointed Severus. Albus smiled and put himself between Tom and Severus. "I won't allow you to hurt them," Tom stared at him and then casted some curses against Severus and Albus.

Voldemort's followers started to hex every witch and wizard they could. Harry, Eleanor, Hermione, Draco and Ron wanted to help, but they couldn't and so they had to hide under the invisible coat and wait for the duels to be over. Draco was worried about his mother, but she was an amazing witch and she could take care of herself. Lucius Malfoy was dueling Remus Lupin, his mother needed to keep playing her spy character, so she was dueling someone from Voldemort's followers. Snape was tired of this. He didn't want to keep fighting when the love of his life was gone, but then he reminded himself of his daughter and Harry. He wouldn't give up.

"Let's finish this, Tom," Dumbledore said, pushing Severus and using his place. Voldemort casted curse after curse, but Dumbledore was better and blocked them all.

"I'll destroy you," Voldemort spoke for the very first time and casted the killing curse. Dumbledore blocked it and it was his turn to cast the killing curse, Voldemort blocked it. James was trying to kill Severus as well, Voldemort noticed it and casted the killing curse to him. He wanted Severus alive. James was gone. Severus turned around and looked for his kids.

"Find them all and go away," Dumbledore yelled, and Severus obeyed. He called for Harry's and Eleanor's name and once they found each other, Snape took their hands and before disappearing, his eyes met with Narcissa's and she nodded. Before disappearing, they took once last look around and heard the killing curse between Voldemort and Dumbledore.

"Where are we?" Eleanor asked her dad. Hermione looked around shocked.

"This is my house! What are we doing here? Why did you bring us here?" she asked, confused. Snape sat in the sofa and covered his face with his hands. Severus Snape was crying. Eleanor shared a look with Harry.

"Are you alright?" the girl asked him. Severus didn't answer. Eleanor sat next to him and put her head on his shoulder. "I miss her too," she said, wiping tears from her cheeks.

"So do I," Harry said, sitting on his left side. "but we're together now and we're a family," Severus wiped his tears and stared at them before hugging them. Hermione joined them while Draco and Ron looked around the house.

"Professor," Hermione said, recovering from the sadness. "I still don't understand why you brought us here,"

"It was the safest place to bring you all, Hermione. Your parents are traveling, and the Death Eaters wouldn't think of this place, nor even in their nightmares," he said, and stood up walking around the house.

"What are you doing?" Eleanor asked him, confused.

"He's casting a protective spell," Hermione said, excited.

"He's dead, Severus. The war is finally over," Albus Dumbledore said, appearing from nowhere. Snape looked at him and smiled.

Time passed by and even though things have changed, it didn't stop Harry, Eleanor and Severus to be a family. He bought a house for the three of them in Hogsmeade and from time to time they would go to have dinner with the Weasley's, Granger's and the Malfoy's. Everything was working out for all of them and with the Dark Lord dead, they knew that a brighter future was waiting for them.

The end.

Thank you all for being part of this story. I enjoyed writing it and I hope you guys enjoyed reading it! Forgive me if this is not the happy ending you were waiting for, but this is how I want to finish my story…Thank you all for joining me in this adventure!

I love you all! And again, thank you so much for being part of this!