Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 8

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Chapter 8.

"You knock, thanks to you we're here!" Severus heard from his desk. He was waiting for the Potters on his office. "Harry! Don't be a silly and knock!" Eleanor was yelling to her brother.

"I won't! It was your fault, Eleanor," Severus rolled his eyes. "If you had told me that he was there, we wouldn't be here." Eleanor rolled her eyes, and hit his brother on the shoulder.

Severus stood up and walked to the door, opening it. Harry and Eleanor stared at him, and Severus invited to come in.

"Welcome to your first detention day, Mr and Ms Potter," Severus said, closing the door. The kids took seat in front of Severus' desk. "Ms Potter, you're gonna help me to check some potions," Severus said, and Eleanor smiled at him. "Potter, you're gonna clean the caldrons." Harry opened his mouth to protest, but Severus' face stopped him.

"Yes, sir." Harry said, and took some caldrons from the shelf.

"Potter, I want you to warm your friend, Ms Grnager," Severus started, while he and Eleanor were checking potions. "If she talks to me like that again, she's gonna be here with you two." Severus said, looking at Eleanor and Harry.

"Okay, sir" They said, and kept doing their jobs. Severus got back to his desk and took seat. Potter was holding his wand.

"Not magic, Potter!" Harry stared at him, and saved his wand. Eleanor laughed.

"What's so funny, Eleanor?!" Harry asked to his sister. She was laughing at him. Oh, no, here we go. Severus thought.

"Nothing, brother," Eleanor said, putting a potion on the table next to her.

"Do you think that it's funny to clean caldrons? Why don't you come here and we switch our jobs?" Harry said, upset.

"It won't be a problem for me, Harry," Eleanor said, staring at him.

"Okay, then!" Harry added, and they were almost switching jobs when Severus stopped them.

"What's going on? You're not switching jobs," Severus said, and stood up. "Mr Potter, you suck at potions," Eleanor smiled at his brother. "Ms Potter, you're doing a great job there." Harry rolled his eyes.

"Now, if I hear one of you talking again, you're gonna have another day here," Severus said, and got back to his desk. "Is that clear?" They nodded.

Severus didn't know why, but he was being too soft with Eleanor. She looks like her, maybe that's why. He thought and came back to his books.

"Professor," He heard Eleanor's voice. "May I ask you something personal?" Severus raised his eyes from the book, and stared at her.

"How do you know our mother?" Eleanor asked him. Severus wanted to scream to her, but he couldn't.

"You should ask that to your mother, Potter," Severus said, coldly. "Get back to your job." Harry was going to ask him something, but that wouldn't end good. Snape would give me another day here. He thought and went back to his job.

"Mr Snape!" Someone was knocking the door. It was Filch. "Mr Snape!"

"Come in, Filch," Severus said, and the man came in. He was holding his cat. "What is it?"

"Mrs Lily," Filch said, taking a breath. Everybody could say that he was running in a marathon. "She wants to see you."

"What?" Snape asked him, confused.

"She is waiting for you on the Headmaster's office," Filch added, staring at the kinds in there. "She's not doing well."

Severus stared at Harry and Eleanor, and then to Filch. "Stay here with them until 11 pm," Severus added and started to leave the room. He could hear the kids' voice asking him about their mother.

"Professor!" It was Eleanor, she was running behind him. "I'm not leaving you!" Severus stopped, turning to face her.

"Go back to the office," Severus said, slowly. "And. Finish. Your. Job. NOW."

"No!" Eleanor screamed at him. For some reason, she wasn't afraid of him.

"Eleanor," Snape said, trying to don't scream to her. "If you don't go now, I'm taking 100 points from Gryffindor and you're gonna stay in detention for one month, not just checking potions, but cleaning caldrons and you're not going to pass Potions," Severus said, upset. "If that is not enough, add some miserable life in potions for Potter, Granger and the other guy." Eleanor stared at him for some second and left.

Severus kept walking to the Headmaster's office. He opened the door, and there she was. She was sat in the sofa, in front of the fireplace. Her head was on her knees and her arms around herself.

"Lily," Severus started, slowly. "What happened?" He asked her, carefully.

"She's sleeping, Severus," Dumbledore said, behind him.

"What happened to her?" Severus asked him, worried.

"I'm afraid that she has to tell you that, Severus," Dumbledore got near the fireplace, staring at him. "All I can say is that she's staying here for a couple days."

"Why?" Severus was so confused. Potter. He thought.

"She needs you, and you need her," Dumbledore said, and started to walk to his desk. "It's time to sleep, take her to a chamber next to yours and go to sleep." Severus nodded, and held Lily on his arms, she was still sleeping.

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