Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 24

Chapter 24.

Lily, Severus, and the kids appeared in the dark and small room. Narcissa was sitting in the floor, holding Hermione. Ron was staring at them from the corner of the room. Lily hugged her children and cried. Sirius was dead. He sacrificed himself for all of them. They weren't best friends, but he was Harry's godfather. It affected her, not only because of that but because she couldn't say sorry to him. She felt guilty.

"What's wrong?" Narcissa asked Severus. He was just standing there. "Severus?" Snape raised his gaze from the book and stared at her.

"Black is dead," Narcissa raised an eyebrow, confused. "He sacrificed himself for us." Sirius was Narcissa's cousin. They didn't love each other but they didn't hate neither. They were just cousins.

"Let's go to the castle, it's not safe here." Narcissa said, and she helped Hermione to stand up. Narcissa took Hermione and Ron's hand and they disappeared. Severus took Lily and the children's hand and they disappeared.

"I wanna sleep," Harry said, wiping tears and staring at his mother. "Can I go?" Lily nodded.

"I love you, Harry," Lily said, and the boy nodded. She kissed him in the cheek and he left. "You should go to sleep, Eleanor," The girl nodded. She's been crying and Lily wanted to comfort her, but she couldn't. "I love you." They children left the room and Lily turned to Hermione.

"Are you okay?" She asked her, and Hermione nodded. She was in pain, everybody could see that. "Let me see your arm." Lily said, and Hermione showed it to her. "Mudblood" Bellatrix wrote that awful insult on her arm. To be honest, Lily wanted to kill that bitch…. But she was better than that.

"I wanna go to sleep too," Hermione brought her back to reality. Lily nodded and hugged her. "Goodnight professors." When Hermione left, Narcissa turned to Severus.

"She killed him, didn't she?" Narcissa asked him, coldly. Severus nodded and she hugged him. "She must be happy now… She hated him! But w-we were cousins, we were family! How is that possible?" Narcissa didn't know that she was crying until she felt tears falling through her cheeks.

Lily was watching the scene from the corner of the room. Narcissa looked so weak in Severus' arms. 'The woman has a heart' Lily thought. She couldn't help but feel jealousy. Severus was her friend, her daughter's father, hers.

"Goodnight Lily," Narcissa said, stepping back and staring at her. "Try to rest." Lily nodded and got closer to Severus.

"Are you alright?" She asked him. He's been acting weird since they left the Malfoy Manor. "You can talk to me, ya know?"

"I know. It's just that," Severus stopped and stared at Lily. Her eyes were red and her cheeks wet. Her hair was a mess and she looked as beautiful as always. "I realized that I don't wanna waste time… I realized that you only live once and I wanna enjoy my life. Life is too short to waste chances."

"What does that mean?" Lily asked, surprised and confused. He was feeling the same way that she was.

"After watch Sirius' death, I realized how much I cared about you… I was scared, Lily," Severus held her hand and Lily squeezed it.

"I was scared too, Sev," Lily started, slowly. "I was scared of losing you, of losing my children… Of losing a second chance to love." Severus smiled and hugged her.

"You know that I'm not good at expressing my feelings, but my feelings for you were… Are real," Lily stepped back and touched his cheek. "I've been in love with you since we were kids, then I thought that I had forgotten you, but I never did and I never could." At this point, Lily was crying. She couldn't believe this.

"I thought that marrying James was the best. After our fight, I thought that you didn't care about me, that you were happy with the Slytherins, with the pure blood," Lily said, staring at him deep in the eyes. "But I knew you better, I knew that you were in pain as much as I was… And I'm sorry for have acted like a bitch, I was conf-"

"Hey, it's okay, we're okay," Severus said, grabbing her chin softly.

"Are we?" Lily asked, smiling. Severus nodded. "Even after know that I kept your daughter from you?"

"Yes. You had reasons to do it and I'm not gonna lie, it still hurts but I understand. Really."

"Do you forgive me for everything? I need to hear it." Lily said, serious. Severus smiled.

"I do, Lily. I forgive you if you forgive me," Lily nodded and they shared a smile. Lily got closer to him and Severus kissed her. It was a special kiss, it was a real one. The kiss was sweet and honest. They stepped back when they needed to breathe.

"That was amazing," Lily said, taking a deep breath. Their foreheads were resting against each other. "But we should go to sleep, Professor Snape."

"I agree, Ms Evans," Severus said, stepping back and walking to the exit door.

"Are you leaving without saying goodbye?" Lily asked him, raising an eyebrow. Severus smiled and turned. Lily walked towards him. He kissed her with passion and love.

"Goodnight, Lily," He said, closing the door and smiling.