Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 27

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Chapter 27.

"Excuse me, but I think that I just heard you saying that we're having dinner with Snape?" Harry said, standing up from the bench.

"Yes, you did," Lily said, serious. She knew that it wasn't going to be easy, but she was doing her best to fix things. "We're going to have dinner with him and you two are gonna be nice."

"But mom! He hates me!" Eleanor said, upset. "He hates us! We can't go and have dinner with him."

"You can and you will," Lily said, raising her voice. "After I watched Sirius' death, I realized that I wanna fix my mistakes and that I wanna start a new life."

"Do you wanna start a life with him?!" Harry asked, confused. "You're crazy!" He said, stepping back.

"Harry James Potter if you or your sister talk to me like that once more, you're gonna be in detention with Filch for two months!" Lily screamed and the children stared at her. "I'll pick you up at 7:30 pm. Be ready and be nice." She said, before leaving.

"Did you hear her?" Harry asked Eleanor. Eleanor nodded.

"We're having dinner with Snape," Eleanor said, slowly. "Harry, kill me, please." Eleanor said, and Harry laughed.

"You have to kill me first," Eleanor laughed and then they made their way back to the classroom. "I can't believe it…. Our parents are divorced and mom wants to start a new life… With him?!"

"I don't think so, Eleanor. They're friends, that's all," Harry said, thinking about his mother and Snape. "It's disgusting." Eleanor nodded and they knocked the door, no one opened.

"What time is it?" Eleanor asked her brother. Harry stared at the watch and jumped.

"Dammit, it's 11:30! We have potions and we're late!" Harry yelled and they ran to the Potion's classroom.

"Don't you remember what Snape said last week?" Eleanor asked her brother, while they were running. Harry shook his head. "He said that he wasn't going to open the door to the ones that were late. We're screwed, Harry." They got to the classroom and the door was closed, and they weren't the only ones late. Delphini Riddle was there.

"What are you doing here?" Eleanor asked her, coldly. She didn't understand why she was at Hogwarts after what she had done.

"Dumbledore said that I could stay because I tried to fix my mistake when I realized what I was doing…" The girl said, avoiding Harry's eyes. "I wanted to apologize, for everything." Eleanor stared at her and rolled her eyes.

"I need facts, not words," She said and sat far from her. Harry followed her. "Why didn't you say anything to her?"

"I already did," Harry said, remembering their meeting early. "I told her everything." Eleanor stared at him and to her potion's notebook.

"I'm pretty sure that you screamed at her…" Harry ignored her and took his sister's book.

"Maybe I was too rude," He said, opening the notebook to find a letter. "What's this?" Eleanor raised her gaze from the floor and stared at the paper.

"Give it to me!" She said, but Harry opened it and read it. "Harry!"

"hugs, Neville," Harry imitated Neville's voice and stared at his sister. "What's your relationship with him?"

"None of your business," Eleanor said, trying to catch her letter, but Harry wasn't helping.

"Do you like him? You're not ready to have a boyfriend," Harry said, serious. "Just saying." He gave her the letter and Eleanor rolled her eyes.

10 minutes later, the door opened. The students started to leave the classroom and Harry and Eleanor waited for their friends to come out.

"Where have you been!?" Hermione asked them, when she found them in the bench. "I was worried sick!"

"Sorry, after our mother called us we got late and we knew that Snape wasn't going to open the door, so we waited outside," Harry said, serious. Hermione nodded and they made their way to the Great Hall.

"Are you sure about this, Lily?" Severus asked, confused. Lily nodded and got closer to him.

"I want to start my second chance with you, Sev, and my kids need to know it," Lily said, and held his hand.

"I understand, but what about Eleanor? She needs to know the truth," Severus said, serious. Lily stared at him and played with their hands.

"You're right and we're telling her tonight," Lily said, serious and Snape froze.

"It's too soon, Lily," Lily nodded, and stepped back.

"I know but I can't hold this lie anymore," Severus nodded slowly. "See you later." She said, kissing him.

"Having dinner with the Potters… Lovely," Snape said, closing the door behind him.