Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 43


Chapter 13.

Lily's eyes met Bellatrix's and panic invaded her. She was about to die, and no one could stop it, no one could help her. She wouldn't be able to see her children grow up, she wouldn't be able to live a happy life with Severus. She didn't want to die, not like this.

"Please," she muttered to Bellatrix, once she could speak again. Bellatrix laughed and pointed her with her wand.

"Are you scared, mudblood?" Bella asked her, smiling. Lily's eyes were watery. "Beg me for pardon," she said, enjoying each second of the scene. Lily stared at her and then Severus.

"I-I love you, Sev," she whispered, while watching Severus trying to win his duel against James so he could help her, but it seemed impossible. The rest of the Death Eaters followed her kid and the others. She thought of her children; when she found out she was pregnant, when they were born and Severus, the love of her life and the happiness that he brought her as she closed her eyes waiting for the killing curse to hit her, but it never came. Instead, a man's voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Avada Kedavra!" It was Remus Lupin's voice. He pointed Bellatrix, but the witch blocked the spell and disappeared. James turned to find him and imitated Bella.

"Sev!" Lily yelled, crying and hugging him. "I was so scared! I thought I was gonna die!" Severus wiped her tears and kissed her "I love you, Sev, I love you,"

"I love you too, Lily," he said, trying to stop his tears. She turned to Remus and hugged him.

"Thank you, Lupin, thank you!" she cried again. Remus hugged her. "Harry!" she called him, and the boy appeared from beneath his invisible coat along the others. "Baby, I love you so much!" they shared a hug and suddenly, Delphini pushed them away as a green light hit the girl. Harry turned to her and their eyes met. The life from the girl's eyes was going away, just like hers.

"I'm sorry, Harry," the girl muttered, while a tear left her eye. Harry looked at her in shock and then knelt next to her in the floor and Draco joined him. Lily turned to see who it was and realized that it was the girl's mother, Bellatrix.

"Harry, let's go now!" Lily shouted to him. Lily as a mother just like Bellatrix and she knew how she would react… Bellatrix would go mad. "Now!" Snape and Remus joined her and took Harry from the girl's body.

"M-Mom, I can't just leave her there!" Harry said, trying to wake up from this nightmare. "She changed for me and I can't abandon her!"

"Go away!" Draco screamed, while walking toward her aunt. Harry didn't want to but he did. "You killed my cousin," Draco said, when the others left. "Don't you know what's right from wrong!?" Draco's sadness disappeared, and anger took its place.

"I KILLED HER," Bellatrix screamed, still shocked. "I killed her because of the mudblood…But NOW I'M GONNA DESTROY HER!" she took the wand from the floor and made her way to the hallway.

"Aunt, hold on! You're not thinking right. Take a break," Draco said, following her. Bellatrix didn't stop, she wanted revenge and revenge she would get. "please, stop it!" Bella stopped and turned to him. Draco stepped back as Bellatrix corralled him between the wall and herself, pointing her wand to his throat.

"You are with me or against me, Draco. Make a choice now!" the woman was crazy. Draco stared at her trying to think of an answer. "Remember Draco that if you are against me, you're against The Dark Lord too,"

"I'm tired of running, of hiding and not taking my own choices! And I choose to stick with them. I'm doing the right thing and I'm not scared of what people might think!" Draco pushed her aunt away and the woman pointed him with her wand. "If you're gonna kill me, do it now,"

Bellatrix stared at him and laughed. Draco didn't how to react. Was she going to kill him? After some seconds, the woman changed her mind and disappeared. Draco ran away.

Harry, his mom, Snape and Remus got into the Room of Requirement and found Narcissa there. They didn't know how to tell her about her niece, so Severus walked to her and they moved to a private space.

"Where's Delphini, Sev?" she asked him, looking around. Severus stared at Lily whom nodded and then at Narcissa. "Sev?"

"Cissy," Severus started, slowly. "Delphini helped us to survive…she sacrificed herself to save us," Narcissa stared at him in shock. Snape stepped closer, but she stepped back and shook her head. "Cissy,"

"W-Where were you to protect her?!" she asked him, with tear in the eyes. Severus tried to hug her, but she didn't allow him. "Who killed her?!"

"I'm so sorry, Cissy, I truly am," Sev said, looking at the broken woman in front of him.

"WHO KILLED HER!?" She asked again, this time getting aggressive.

"It was…It was Bellatrix," he said and Narcissa's mouth fell open.

"What?" she asked, not believing him. "My own sister, her own mother killed her!?" Snape nodded. "Oh my God!" she covered her mouth with her hands and started to cry. It broke Snape's heart and so he hugged her, but it didn't last too much because she started to hit his chest.

"Everything is gonna be okay," he said, calming her down. "I'm here now," Snape said, still holding her between his arms.

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