Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Everybody kept quiet, even the Slytherin table. Eleanor stared at Dumbledore and then a beautiful tall, thin and very pale, with blue eyes, long blonde hair woman walked through the Great Hall. The Slytherins applauded and Narcissa smiled at all of them. She made her way to the High Table and sat next to Severus.

"Now, students, enjoy the food," Dumbledore finished, taking seat again. He smiled at Narcissa and Snape stood up, leaving the table.

"You didn't tell him," Narcissa said, coldly. "He's gonna be mad at me, Headmaster." Narcissa added, taking Severus' chair next to Dumbledore.

"I couldn't tell him," Dumbledore said, staring at the woman next to him. "I should be going. He must be in my office." Albus said, and stood up.

"I'm going with you," Narcissa said, and followed the Headmaster to his office.

"What are you doing here, Narcissa?!" Severus asked her, when they got into Dumbledore's office.

"I'm the new DADA teacher, Severus," She started, slowly. "I couldn't tell you. It was a secret."

"A secret?! I'm your friend, it supposes that you can trust me!" Severus wasn't just upset but hurt.

"It's not her fault, my boy," Albus said, going to his pensieve. "Come here, Severus," Severus followed him and got lost into the pensieve.

"Do you really want me to be the DADA teacher, Albus?" Narcissa asked him, confused and he nodded.

"Yeshe. I know that Severus wants to be the DADA teacher, but you know that I can't give him that," Dumbledore said, getting closer to Narcissa.

"How do you know that you can trust me?" Narcissa was teasing him. Dumbledore smiled.

"You're not a Death Eater, and I know pretty well that you care about everybody's safety, Narcissa," Dumbledore started, and Narcissa stared at him. "You could betray me, telling Lucius about my plans against Voldemort, but you won't."

"Why are you so sure about that?" She asked, curious.

"Because you want to protect Draco." Narcissa nodded slowly and walked around the dark room.

"What am I gonna say to my husband and to the Death Eaters?" Narcissa asked, worried.

"That you're gonna be their spy," Narcissa nodded. "They wanted Severus as the spy, but I won't allow him to that. I offer you my protection to you and Draco, if you become the DADA teacher and," Dumbledore stared at her before add "if you help me to protect Lily's children."

"Why would I do that?"

"I can't tell you, Narcissa. You'll know when the time comes." Dumbledore said, serious. "Do we have a deal? Are you gonna help me to protect the Potter's?"

"If you protect my son and I," Narcissa said, slowly and Dumbledore nodded. "Then we have an Unbreakable Vow, Dumbledore." Dumbledore nodded and they held hands.

"No one can know it, Narcissa,"

"You see why I couldn't tell you?" Narcissa asked her friend, scared. Severus nodded and walked to the door.

"Thank you." Severus said, and left the room.

Great Hall

"Is that Draco's mother?" Eleanor asked, confused. Hermione, Harry and Ron nodded. "She's really pretty!"

"I don't get why she's here," Harry said, confused staring at the High Table. "Dumbledore, Snape and Narcissa are gone."

"She's a Death Eater!" Ron said, scared. "I think that Dumbledore's lost his mind"

"Of course not, Ronald," Hermione said, rolling her eyes. "He knows what he does."

"Harry, once you told me that this woman hates people…you know," Eleanor said, staring at her food.

"Like me," Hermione said, smiling. "It's okay, Eleanor. I don't care."

"Hermione, if this woman dares to humiliate you," Harry said, serious. "I'm gonna shut up." Hermione smiled.

"Same here," Eleanor and Ron said in unison.

"Thank you, guys" Hermione said, and smiled at all of them.

"What do we have now? " Eleanor asked her friends.

"Potions," Hermione said, upset. "I'm pretty sure that Professor Snape is gonna be lovely today." All of them laughed.

Severus' chamber.

"Everything is okay?" Lily asked him, worried. Severus ignored her and sat on the couch. "Sev?"

"Narcissa is here," Snape answered, coldly. "She's the new DADA teacher."

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