Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 17

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Chapter 17.

"Guys!" Hermione screamed. The branch hit her in the leg. She jumped and grabbed the branch. She was flying, literally.

"Don't let loose!" Harry yelled, stepping back and grabbing his sister's arm. " Eleanor," Harry said, staring at Hermione over the branch. "When the branch gets here, I'm gonna take Hermione and you're gonna wait for us right there." Harry pointed to a far place. Eleanor nodded.

Eleanor went to the safe place and Harry was waiting for the branch. Hermione was screaming. When the branch hit the floor next to him, he grabbed Hermione's arm and tried to take her away from it, but he couldn't.

Both of them were on the branch. Harry fell to another branch and tried to take his wand out. It fell. Eleanor stared at them and ran to the Boxing willow. The branch that had Hermione hit her leg and she fell to the ground. Just in that moment Hermione fell to the ground too and lied next to her.

"Are you okay?" Hermione asked her, trying to stand up. Eleanor nodded. "We need to help-" Someone pushed her and fell to the ground again. It was Harry.

"Girls, let's go. Now!" Harry yelled and they ran from the Boxing willow.

"Let's go to that lake," Eleanor said, pointing with her illuminated wand to the lake. They nodded. Eleanor, Harry and Hermione sat next to the lake.

"You're bleeding!" Harry yelled to her, pointing at her leg.

"It's okay," Eleanor said, putting her injured leg into the cold water. "You two are bleeding too." Harry's nose was bleeding just like Hermione's lip. They used the water to clean their injuries.

Eleanor raised her gaze from her leg and stared at the stars in the sky. They needed to find their dad as soon as possible. It was too dangerous to be there without any protection.

"Shit," They heard Hermione's whisper. "Guys, we're in trouble." She pointed around them. There were like 40 dementors. The three of them stood up and pointed at them with their wands.

"Expecto Pratonum!" They yelled at the unison. Eleanor's wand hit some dementors with a silver light. She was proud of herself, but it wasn't time for that. They kept casting the charm until Hermione fell to the ground. 3 dementors were attacking her. Eleanor turned to help her but another 2 dementors started to attack her. Harry tried to protect them, but there were more and more dementors.

"Expecto Patronum!" Lily's and Severus' voices casted, and their Patronus hit the dementors.

"Are they okay?" Severus asked her, worried. He stared at Eleanor for the very first time and noticed that she had his pale skin and his straight hair. Eleanor opened her eyes and found Severus staring at her. She raised an eyebrow and held his gaze. She has my eyes. Severus thought. And got lost into her dark eyes.

"Lily," Severus said, when he opened the front door. It was midnight and she looked scared. "Come in." Lily got into the house and he closed the door.

"I'm sorry," Lily said, walking towards him. Severus held her gaze. "I've missed you so much." She hugged him and he froze for a moment. Her arms were warm and his were cold.

"I've missed you too," He whispered on her ear and stepped back. Lily stared at him and at his lips. They got closer and their lips met. The kiss was ful-

"Professor," Eleanor's voice brought him back to reality. She was staring at him. "What are you doing with our mother?" Snape stared at her and then to Lily.

"What were YOU doing here!? You almost died, the three of you!" Lily yelled, when the three of them were awake. "What the hell were you thinking!? I knew that you weren't going to sleep so I followed you, but I got stuck with Dumbledore, then I found Sev- Professor Snape and he helped me. Harry and Eleanor, if you don't give me a good explanation, I'm going t-" Eleanor stopped her.

"We were looking for our dad," Eleanor said, staring at her mom. Lily shook her head. "We thought that he would be here, but he wasn't."

"Eleanor!" Harry yelled, and stared at his mom.

"If we hadn't found you, you would be dead! Don't you see that?!" Lily was paranoiac. "And Hermione! Why didn't you warn them?" Lily turned to face Hermione. Hermione blushed and stared at the lake.

"I'm sorry, Mrs Potter." Hermione said, ashamed. Lily was like a mother to her and she had betrayed her.

"Let's go to the castle," Severus said, standing up. The children stood up and they made their way to the castle. They heard Lily's speech about how dangerous it was all the way to the castle.

"Go to bed," Lily said to the three of them. "And I mean it!" They nodded, and said goodnight. Lily turned to Severus.

"Thank you," She said, slowly. Severus met her eyes and nodded. "I'm staying with Narcissa tonight. We need to keep distance."

"Good night, Lily." It's all Severus said and made his way to his chamber.

"I'm sorry," Lily whispered when he was gone.