Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 16

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Chapter 16.

Lily turned to face him. She was scared but deep in her heart she felt glad.

"Dad is what?!" Harry exclaimed, walking towards Filch. Filch stared at Dumbledore confused.

"Headmaster, I didn't know that you were having company," Filch apologized, and Dumbledore nodded. "What are you two doing in here, by the way? You should be sleeping!" Lily stared at her children and told them to go to sleep. They kissed her in the cheek and they left the room.

"Harry, are you thinking about-" Harry stopped her.

"About going to look out for our dad? Yes," Harry said, while they made their way to the common room. They needed to change their pajamas into their robes. "Meet me here in 5." Harry said, and Eleanor nodded.

Eleanor changed her pajama and got into her robes, she was leaving when she felt that someone was staring at her. She turned to find Hermione sat over her bed.

"Where are you going?" She asked her, serious.

"I can't tell you and you can't come with me." Eleanor said, coldly. She opened the door and made her way to the common room.

"Don't you dare to think that I'm not coming with you," Hermione said, changing her pajama into robes. "Where are we going?"

"I'm going, you're not."

"If you don't take me with you, I swear to you, I'm gonna scream and everybody will be here in 10 seconds!" Eleanor rolled her eyes, and kept walking.

"We're going to rescue my dad," Eleanor started, slowly. Hermione followed until the fireplace. "The dementors are taking him to Azkaban."

"Why?" Hermione asked, confused. Eleanor was about to answer when Harry got there.

"We don't know, but we have to hurry." Harry replied, and Eleanor and Hermione followed him outside the common room.

"I thought that Ron was coming with us." Eleanor said, staring at her brother's face.

"He's sleeping," Harry answered and they got outside the castle. "I knew that Hermione wasn't going to stay there knowing that we were here." Hermione smiled.

"If I were our dad, I'd be in the Forbidden Forest." Eleanor said, staring at the dark forest.

"And that's exactly where we're going," Harry said, taking his wand out of his pocket. "Lumos!" Eleanor and Hermione made the same and they started to walk to the Forbidden Forest. "Eleanor, any idea of why our mom is here? She said that things were hard in house, but-" Eleanor stopped him.

"She's hiding something, I know," Eleanor said, and Harry nodded. "We have to be careful, it's the Forbidden Forest." Eleanor added as they entered the forest.

It was dark and cold. There were spiders and a lot of insects. Eleanor was looking around, trying to find any sign of her father. Harry and Hermione were talking about what happened in detention with Draco and Snape.

Suddenly, everything got cold and sad. Harry stopped and held Eleanor's hand. It could mean one thing; a dementor. Hermione stared at Harry as he pointed everywhere.

"Watch out!" Eleanor said, pointing to a flying and tall shape, almost human. It was covered in dark hooded cloaks of long, ripped, and black cloth. Eleanor stepped back and Harry stepped in front of his sister and the dementor. "Expecto Patronum!" Harry casted the charm, but nothing happened. Harry stared at Hermione.

"Remember what professor Malfoy said!" Hermione yelled, another dementor was coming. "Remember something cheerful!" Harry stared at the dementor, and tried again.

"Expecto Patronum!" It worked. A silver light hit the dementor. Harry smiled and casted the charm again.

"Expecto Pratonum!" It was Hermione's turn to cast the charm. Eleanor was trying to, but it wasn't working with her.

"Run!" Harry yelled, and the three of them ran to another place, one without dementors. Once there, Hermione smiled at Harry.

"Well done, Harry," Harry smiled back.

"You did it great, Hermione," They shared a smile and kept walking. They arrived to the Boxing willow. "Oh no! We have to go!" Harry said, when the willow's branch started to move. Eleanor was scared. It was her first year here and she didn't know about it.

"What is that!?" She asked, scared.

"That's the Boxing willow. It hits everything that moves," Harry said, avoiding a branch that almost hit him in the arm.


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