Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 14

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Chapter 14.

"You ready?" Albus Dumbledore asked, when the members of the Order got there. "We're going to Hogsmeade. Severus, you're going along Narcissa, Sirius and Thonks are gonna be next to McGonagall behind a store, Arthur is going with Lily, and when James get there, he'll join Sirius. Lupin is already there along the others," Dumbledore said, serious. "Good luck, and if something happens, just hide and stay alive, we'll find you. Let's meet here at midnight." They nodded before disappeared.


"Are you alright, Severus?" Narcissa asked him, worried. They got to Hogsmeade and hid behind the 'Three Broomsticks'. Severus nodded.

"I'm just worried. Do you think that Voldermort is coming?" It was dark, so Serverus couldn't see his friend's face.

"I don't know, but the Death Eaters are coming," Narcissa said, looking around. "I can feel it."

"Cissy," Severus said, while they were walking. "I won't let you down." Narcissa was about to speak, but a woman's scream stopped her. Lily. Severus thought and ran to where the screams were coming from. They got to a dark hallway and there she was. Lily was trying to stand up by herself and Bellatrix was pointing at her with her wand.

"Bellatrix!" Severus screamed, and Bellatrix turned to face him. "Leave her alone."

"Or what?" Bellatrix asked, walking towards him. "Hey, Cissy," Bellatrix waved her sister.

"Please, Bella. I don't wanna hurt you," Bellatrix laughed and stared at him.

"You wouldn't," Bellatrix said, touching his cheek,

"Stupefy!" Lily screamed and Bellatrix couldn't block the spell. She fell to the ground.

"What the hell?!" Narcissa asked her, when the three of them started to run. "Why did you hurt her?"

"Cissy, it is not the right time to discuss this! Not when we're in the middle of a fight!" Severus said to her. They kept running until they got cuaght by three Death Eaters.

"Well, well, well," One of them said, staring at each of them. "A Mudblod, a traidor and Professor Malfoy," the man laughed. "I pick the mudblood." The man said, and pointed his wand to Lily. The other two pointed at Severus and Narcissa.

"Expelliarmus" Severus attacked his opponent. The Death Eater lost his wand.

"Impedimenta!" Lily casted the spell and throw the Death Eater away.

"Cruccio!" The Death Eater casted the curse to Lily. She fell to the ground and started to scream.

"Sectumsempra!" Severus casted and the Death Eater started to bleed. Narcissa ran to the Death Eater and took his mask off.

"Antonin Dolohov," Narcissa said, shocked. She came back to where Severus and Lily were. "We need to leave! I'm pretty sure that there are more!"

"We need to take Lily to the castle," Severus said, holding her on his arms.

"Not too fast," Another Death Eater appeared, but before he could do anything Severus and Narcissa casted the sectumsempra spell.

They hid inside a store and Severus put Lily in a safe place. Narcissa was walking around trying to think on what to do.

"Snivellus!" James Potter was screaming in the street. Narcissa hid behind a table, and stared at Severus. "Come here, coward!" James screamed again.

"I'm coming," Severus said to Narcissa, standing up. "If he doesn't shut up all the Death Eaters are gonna be here." Narcissa grabbed his wrist.

"Be careful," Severus nodded and made his way outside the store. Before Snape could say anything James casted the Cruccio curse at him, but Snape blocked it.

"What the hell!? We're in the same side, you idiot!" Snape yelled, casting spells.

"I'm going to kill you, Snivellus!" James screamed and casted the curse over and over again. Severus blocked all of them, except one. He fell on his knees and tried to don't scream.

"Sectumsempra!" Snape casted, but James blocked it.

"Having fun without me?" Sirius Black joined the game.

"Nox!" Severus casted and everything got black. In that moment Sirius and James were casting the Lumo spell.

"Stupefy!" Someone casted and Sirius fell to the ground. James turned to see who did it and ran to where Snape and the man were. The man grabbed Severus' robe and they disappeared.

Store in Hogsmeade

"Are you alright?" Narcissa asked Lily. Lily was still in pain, but she could manage it. Lily nodded. "Good, because your bloody husband was hexing Severus outside!"

"Oh my god!" Lily said, standing up. "We have to find them!" Lily went outside and found Sirius lying on the floor.

"Sirius!" Lily said, hitting him in the arm. Sirius opened his eyes. "What happened?!" Sirius ignored her and stood up, looking around.

"Where is James?"

"Where is Severus?" Narcissa asked him, upset. Sirius stared at her and rolled his eyes. "Trust me when I tell you that you don't wanna see me upset!"

"Sirius, please!" Lily said, upset.

"He's gonna tell him, Lily," Sirius started, staring at her. "And he's gonna kill him." Sirius smiled and Lily stepped back.

"Damnit James!" Lily said, running away.

"Cruccio!" A man's voice casted the curse. It was Lucius Malfoy. James blocked the curse. "Expelliarmus!"

"Petrificus Totalus!" James casted and Lucius fell to the ground. James made his way to Snape and saved his wand. "I'm not gonna hex you, Snivellus. At least not yet." James said, and punched him in the face. Severus grabbed his wand but James took it and threw it to the other side of the street.

Snape hit him in the face and then in the arm. James lost control and fell to the ground next to him. "Accio wand!" Snape said, and the wand got to his hand. Snape turned to see Potter.

"Expelliarmus!" James' wand disappeared from his hands and got into Severus' hand. "What's your problem, Potter?"


"We're in the same band. We don't have to fight," Snape said, trying to control himself. He didn't want to hex him.

James smiled and got closer to him. Severus pointed him with his wand and James kicked his hand. His wand fell to the ground and James grabbed it.

"Do you know Lily's secret? Do you know why we broke up!?" James screamed at him and pointed Severus with his own wand. "I'm gonna tell you now, Snivellus. But before I need to hex you, I need to see you suffer. Cruccio!" The curse hit Snape for a second time. His nose started to bleed and James smiled.

"Well, Snivellus. I know that you slept with my wife," James started, staring at Snape. "Eleanor, she…" James stopped and all what Severus saw on his eyes was anger. Severus tried to stand up, but another hex hit him.

"She's your daughter, Snivellus," Severus stared at him in shock.

"What?!" Severus asked, confused. James rolled his eyes and pointed him with his wand.

"Enough," James said, smiling. "Avada kedavr-"

That was the last words that Snape heard before everything went black.

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