Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 18

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Chapter 18.

Severus made his way to his chamber and lied on his bed. All the memories coming back to his mind.

Lily kissed him and he answered the kiss. He knew that they needed to stop but no one of them did.

"Lily," Severus said, between kisses. "What are we doing?" Lily stepped back and stared at him.

"I need you, Sev," Lily said, kissing him again. "Since our fight in Hogwarts I've changed. I realized that I care about you and that I've always have." Severus smiled at her.

"Why did it tke you so long?" He asked her, curious. "I heard that you were seeing the mad Death Eater…"

"And…?" Severus asked, confused. Was she jealous? No way. He thought.

"Are you seeing her?"

"Not in that way." Severus answered and stared at her.

"Forgive me for being an idiot in 5th grade," Lily said, kissing him.

"Forgive me for being an idiot too," They laughed and the kissed again, going to his bedroom.

The next morning, Severus woke up with a beautiful redhaired on his chest.

That was the last time they met and nine months later, she was pregnant.

Severus opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling. When he learnt about the news about Lily being pregnant, Severus sent her an owl asking her if the baby was his. Of course, the answer was no. He didn't believe at first, but then he heard that the baby was just like James. It broke his heart, but deep in his heart he knew that happiness wasn't for him. He was upset at Lily, but he couldn't blame her either. She told him her reasons about her hiding their baby, and she was probably right. She was James Potter's wife. She needed to be perfect.

He's always loved her and he still does, but she hurt him. Again. A voice in his head said. Severus closed his eyes and tried to fall asleep. It's all about timing. He thought before falling asleep.

Next morning.

"What do we have now?" Eleanor asked Hermione.

"DADA," Hermione answered. They were leaving the Great Hall. Hermione couldn't help but notice that Severus was staring at them. "Professor Snape is acting weird."

"Like always," Ron replied and they laughed. They got into the DADA's classroom.

"Who is that?" Harry asked, when they sat waiting for their teacher. There was a blonde girl with blue streaks in her hair. She was in the last desk of the classroom.

"I don't know," Hermione said, and Eleanor and Ron turned to her, surprised. "I don't know everything, you know?"

"She is an Slytherin." Eleanor said, staring at her. The girl was staring at her notebook in front of her. They sat and Harry kept staring at her until their teacher got in.

"Good morning, class," Narcissa said, staring at the Slytherin and then to the Gryffindor. "Today we're gonna practice the Patronus Charm. I know that some Gryffindors know it very well, am I right Ms Granger and Potters?" Narcissa asked, smiling. They nodded and blushed.

"What is she talking about?" Ron asked Harry, when the teacher started to talk about the charm.

"Uhm it's a long story." Harry whispered, writing on his notebook.

"Why wasn't I there?" Ron asked, upset.

"Mr Weasley," Narcissa said, walking towards him. "Do you remember my rules?" Narcissa asked him, raising an eyebrow. Ron got nervous, the woman was in front of him with her blue and cold eyes focus on him.

"Y-yes, Professor Malfoy," Ron said, slowly. "I'm sorry." Narcissa nodded and kept walking around the room until her eyes met the new girl's eyes. Narcissa froze for a moment and made her way to her desk.

"Are you sure about this?"


Narcissa wrote in a piece of parchment. A black owl got inside the classroom across the window and took the parchment. A few moments later it came back with a parchment.

"Yes. It's a secret and you know how to play your part. Take care, C."


Narcissa apologized for the owl and kept talking about the charms, never leaving the girl's eyes.

Who is this girl?

Find out in the next chapters! xx