Love, secrets, and potions

Chapter 35


Chapter 5.

"There's no revenge if there's not sacrifice by both sides. Phoenix and Eaters, we all have a weakness and his was her…until now," Hermione repeated it over and over again. "Eater comes from Death Eater, that's obvious, but Phoenix? That's a bird, that's-"

"Dumbledore's bird!" Harry yelled, staring at her. Hermione raised an eyebrow. "I went to Dumbledore's office a while ago and he had a Phoenix, Its name is Fawkes or something like that,"

"But we still don't know who this person is…" Ron said, from behind them.

"It must be someone evil," Eleanor said, staring at the diary again. "We better call Professor Dumbledore, " Hermione agreed and they left for the Headmaster's office.

"I'm telling you, Albus…He's planning something big, and this time there won't be a happy ending!" Narcissa Malfoy yelled from inside the office. Hermione and Eleanor kept quiet, listening to their discussion. "They still trust me, and they want to attack you and the school…It's not safe here."

"My dear," the Headmaster said, calmly. "I insist, without a signal I won't alert The Order of the Phoenix," Eleanor and Hermione shared a gaze.

"Then what? We wait until he shows up to kill you, to kill us, and then we act?" Narcissa raised her voice. Hermione covered her mouth with her hands. Eleanor stared at the door. "He wants you and each integrant of the Order DEATH!" Eleanor couldn't hold anymore and opened the door. Dumbledore was sitting in his chair and Narcissa was yelling at him from the front of his desk. They turned to see her.

"He had sent a message, professors," Eleanor said, nervous. Hermione walked in and stood next to her.

"How long have you two been listening?" Narcissa asked them, giving them a worried but death glare.

"It does not matter because nothing's going on," Dumbledore said, standing up and walking toward them.

"There's no revenge if there's not sacrifice by both sides. Phoenix and Eaters, we all have a weakness and his was her…until now," Hermione repeated the sentence. Narcissa and Dumbledore stared at her.

"Do you believe me now?" Narcissa said, sharply. Dumbledore walked to the door and closed it.

"Who else knows about it?" He asked them, taking the pensive from his furniture and putting it above his desk.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione and I," Eleanor said, getting nervous. "What does it mean, sir?" she asked.

"Don't worry, Ms Potter, there's nothing to be worr…"

"It means that we cannot pretend that there's nothing wrong, because there is! Guys, bring Potter and the other guy, please," Narcissa said, getting a desperate gaze from Dumbledore.

"Don't alarm them, there's nothing going on," repeated Dumbledore, ignoring the girls' shocked faces.

"But sir," Hermione said, stepping forward. "If what Professor Narcissa is saying is true, we need to be ready, we need to fight!" Hermione stared at Eleanor whom nodded and then turned back to him.

"Ms. Granger, I appreciate it, but stay calm, The Order of the Phoenix will take care of that," Dumbledore said, smiling. "Now, please, go back to your classmates." He said, and Hermione nodded. Eleanor was about to discuss, but she didn't. They left the room and walked in silent to where Harry and Ron were. Hermione and Eleanor told them everything.

"Blimey!" Ron yelled, staring at Eleanor and then Hermione. "We need to do something!"

"Hold on," Hermione said, slowly. "If Dumbledore hasn't said anything it means that nothing's wrong. I trust him!"

"How can you say that!? Haven't you seen what the diary revelated? Something big is coming, Hermione!" Harry yelled, exasperated.

"And what if it is true!? We CANNOT stop them, Harry! We are nothing to them! They would kill us in count of three!" Hermione and Harry were standing inches apart. Ron and Eleanor didn't say anything.

"But we can warn The Order of the Phoenix! They can do something!" Harry kept insisting and Hermione's temper was almost gone. "Think about it!"

"They wouldn't believe us! They trust Dumbledore with their life! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?" Hermione's cheeks were pink as the anger kept growing.


"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Ron yelled, standing between them so they couldn't scream at each other's faces anymore. "We aren't getting into troubles UNTIL we get any other clue!" Eleanor nodded and stared at Harry and Hermione. They stared at each other and then looked apart. "Is that clear?" Hermione gave him a death glare and grabbed her backpack, her notebooks and papers fell to the ground, but she didn't care. She left without saying a word. Harry stared at her and did the same thing.

"Something is wrong with them. They used to fight but not like this," Eleanor said, and Ron nodded.

"Where's the diary, Eleanor?" Ron asked her, looking around. They looked for it, but it wasn't there. It was gone.

Delphini was in the corridors, reading the diary that was abandoned in the grounds. She knew the handwriting and she knew what they were up to. She heard footsteps and turned to find Hermione walking to the bathroom.

"Granger!" She yelled, but the girl ignored her. "Hermione!" she stopped and turned to face her.

"What do you want?" Hermione said, sharply.

"I found this," Delphini said, showing her the diary and Hermione stepped back.

"I don't care. It brought me a lot of problems, so please, keep it," Hermione replied, annoyed.

"Listen to me, it's important! I would talk to Potter, but he wouldn't listen to me," Hermione tensed at Harry's name.

"And what makes you think that he'd listen to me?" Hermione asked her, starting to walk away.

"He will because this is the final wizarding war. This is not a game, Hermione. It's happening, and it's real," Delphini said, staring deep in her eyes.